Saturday, December 17, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3

mbahahaha..yeah, i know.
as if~
this is so temporary, no worries. whats with my bunch of long-lost friend in there
of course i'd reactivate it.

God, life for the past 6 months have been way different from ...the 6 months before that. (Lol. So much for English HL, huh. Can't even get my vocabs right)

I tell you; KMB is so much different from what I thought it would be.
Nope; the classes are not in big halls with adjustable seats and mapel flooring bla bla..
and the hostel is not air conditioned with personal bathrooms for every room or so.
oh no
KMB is basically a school.
Yep, a school renovated, upgraded, re-labled into a ..WORLD SCHOOL ie COLLEGE
Which is...Not so bad.
Trust me, I've had it worse.

It must have been the countless group discussion and the hectic schedule that somehow made life there very very enjoyable. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. KMB, Sem 1, was a blast.
I've learnt a lot of things about human there.
Especially myself. My weakness. My strength. God, things were so obvious.

During my high school years, we have this sharing-whatever-we-know session every night after Al-Mulk which will usually take place around 11.30 to 12.00 pm (it usually drags because everybody would be busy doing other stuff like last minute laundry, ironing, supper at the dining hall, etc).
So, what we do is basically recite the al-mulk, then the last few verses of al-Hasyr, then, according to rotation of turns (sod my vocab, will ya ^^), one person will be conducting the sharing session. We'll listen to Hadith quotes or a normal friend-to-friends piece of advice, current issues and relating it islamically, peronal opinions, history of the prophets etc..
Boy, those were good times.
it was somewhat cliche to hear a friend going "you know, whatever you say today, you'll be tested on that in the future. Like that thing you're not agreeing with, well, who knows you'd be the one doing that so...well, beware."

and so, you can pretty much guess what our reaction would be like.
We were...slightly demotivated, confused and couldn't help agreeing to fact.

Some of us silently nodded in agreement,

some raised their own opinions, saying that "we better well share it now than never"
some'd go "well, no one's perfect. We're humans. We'll forget whatever we use to share"

Most of the people in the room, I remembered, would then, hesitate with their words. Or they'd cover up their end of the speech by saying.."I'm just saying this because my friend told me to pass it on." (ngee~)

I remembered one of us, then, giving us the story of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
He was Prophet Muhammad's bestfriend.
And because of his love towards Islam and da'wah
he didnt wait long to spread, to share, to tell people of what he know.
As soon he was told by the Prophet to start his da'wah
he didn't wait to become a perfection
he immediately went out and dealt with his duty.

As I encounter one thing after another at KMB,
I soon realized
that the cliche phrase was right. No matter how...demotivating it sounded. It's fact 101.
We'd be tested.
I mean, of course, we'd be tested.
But what do we do to the tests is the question.

Sure, you can share millions of advices.
And sure, you'd forget as time passes.
But then; the question is,
if it's the rules of Allah, how can we ever forget?
If our princips are based on what He sketched..
then it won't have to be manipulated; it won't have to be purified in one way or another just so as to derive ourself from the guilt.

Everybody will be tested.
And no one can fail from questioning their moves and actions
Things have consequences.
And if you don't know where you're going, you can easily be misguided.

My senior told me that if you wanna know if what you're doing is right or wrong
Take a few seconds, reminding yourself that Allah is watching
If you feel uneasy
Leave whatever it is that you're doing.
But if you feel okay,
Then take control.

Human is...weird
You can make millions of school rules, thousands of job application terms and hospital and bank regulations.
They'd complain, make a fuss, but at the end of the day,
they'd obey.
Because they want what they want.
Or they are afraid of the consequences, the fines, jail, court, everything.

Allah made simple rules.
Why can't we obey?
And are we not afraid of what He promised?

He gave you sunshine today.
He could have very well take away you life while you were asleep.
But He loves you.

Everyone will be tested. Make a choice.
by: Tested and forever will be, FaithHana.

*sem 2 oh sem 2....
Rancho Chanhad says...umm...dang, I'll have to watch the movie again. LOL.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The meaning of Eid al-Adha.. redefined.


Oh wow! Look at the date of my last post, it's been like.. like.. 4 months ago! Even my first semester in my new college has already finished.. Since I haven't been here for quite a while, allow me to share some updates about my life since I was away~~ (I put them in bullets and numbers because I thought it'd look cool like that >.<)

Update #1
I've enrolled myself in INTEC, Shah Alam. Which means I'm no longer a high school student.. which means I had advanced into a whole new level of education.. which also means I already used pointers for all my subject grades!

Update #2
(I think Ive grown taller by a few inch since I last checked my height.)

Update #3
I dont know what else is new about me. (or Im just too lazy to write them down.) Update #1 and 2 basically conclude it all.

So, like many other friends my age I have, college and university life had shown us a whole new perspective of life and the real world; and man, I gotta say, it's a tough world we got out there. Like for me, the competition I face in INTEC is crazy! Everyone else is so good that sometimes I wonder whether I belong there with the rest of them. Nevertheless, the past 3 months was a fantastic journey; doing things Ive never done before (or things I never thought I would do).

So life has changed.. how? Ive been observing myself and some of my college friends, and this is what I can conclude. To prove how one can really change over time, let me give you a few examples.. As I grew older, I no longer found that Harry Potter is interesting (as a proof, Ive never even watched the second part of the final movie. Yeah I know, I'm so outdated!) I used to go crazy over the books, the movies, the whole thing! I used to do a scrap book about everything HP, typed, printed, and neatly decorated. I used to pretend I was a part of the casts, and I would scream 'Experliamus' or 'Impedimenta' at trees and cars. And I think you certainly wouldnt wanna know what happened to my mom's (Nimbus 2000) brooms.. -.-

Changes occurred to some college friends also; boys would tend to be more serious in their studies (not!).. And girls would develop that little sense of fashion they got deep down underneath themselves (handbags and wedges.. I'm just not there yet lol)

College life changes a person too you know..

Everyone I know from INTEC have grown thinner due to hunger and they're too lazy to go out and spend money on expensive food even in mamak restaurants.

And some even drive everyday to college (oh so cool!)

And I just knew recently that staying up at 4 in the morning to finish off assignments is a pretty normal thing college kids do. Especially if you do things in the nick of time. Lecturers dont go to class asking you to hand in your homeworks like school teachers would.. If you submit, you're a good student and they would keep that in mind; and if you dont, there goes 30% of your final CGPA. Scary, huh?

I gotta say, life is much more enjoyable when you're no longer in school. No offense, high school, but you give us tough time with your overloaded homeworks and strict rules. But I know they are all there to 'teach me lessons' and 'make me a better person'. And when you go to college, and some kids (apart from yourself) take advantage of that freedom; terrible things resulted, and you'd wish there are certain rules at the first place. So rules are not all bad at all.

So since Faith is currently busy with her final exam and stuff (Kolej Maha Busy indeed..), and since Im having a 2-month-semester-break (ahhhh bliss), I'll be updating stuff on this blog so people who read this wont think the authors are a couple of nerds with alzheimer's-ish brains that forgot all about the existence of this blog. So here goes..

Since we just finished celebrating Eid al-Adha a few days ago, I think it'd be just right to post something about that. So my eid went like it normally would; waking up early in the morning to help my mom prepare food (*cough* but this year she was done with everything without my help because *cough* I woke up a bit lat.., she woke up too early *cough*), having a nice clothes to put on, and walking to the nearest surau for the eid al-adha prayers. And like my usual eid would go by, I would rush back home and never stay to watch the cows being slaughtered as the sacrifice ritual. Instead, I would wait anxiously at home for anyone to bring back the parts of rib and meat so my mom can cook us delicious 'sup tulang' or 'kari daging' for the next few days..

Then I played with my nephews and went online. And you guys can guess what happens next and the rest of the day..

So basically that was how my day went. Poof! Just like that.

But then, after a few years having that kind of routined-celebration-day, I started to wonder just recently: is this how it is supposed to be celebrated at the first place? By going online day and night? Is this how I suppose to feel about the whole sacrifice made by prophet Abraham thousands of years ago? The meat and the ribs distributed for the whole community, is it just another households-sharing-deed kind of stuff, and nothing more?

Then, two days ago, I kinda had a light bulb moment all of the sudden. It made me think, define and redefined the meaning of eid al-Adha altogether, and for a moment there, I enjoyed the pleasure the thought.

Two days ago, my mom was visited by a refugee from a country-at-war. She always comes to our house to sell some home-made sambal, and my mom would always be a regular customer. Mom would buy it from her in a very large scale, then mom would distribute it into packs so she can sell them to her friends. This way, the refugee can earn money the right way.

So that day, my mom's workplace had a gotong-royong for the cow-slaughtering ritual. As requested, she received quite a lot of meat and rib parts. And when she got home, she asked me to help her distribute those meats, for the refugee would come and visit us afterwards. And when she did come, we handed her a very heavy bag of fresh cow parts, waiting to be cooked and served. Instantly, she had a very happy face on her. And she kept saying 'others would love to have this, others would love to have this', which is because she promised my mom that she would distribute the cow parts some more to others from a refuge center. That day, she left our house early because she was very enthusiastic with what she had and with what she was going to give out to others.

Seeing all that happening right with my own two eyes made me all tearful and touched. I did not just tell the story because I was trying to be boastful for what my mother did, though I do find that what she did was truly inspiring. But my point here is that perspectives can be very interesting at times. How one thing can be taken lightly by some people, but for others, it meant the world to them. How eid al-adha for some people was celebrated with so little meaning, but for others it's a day that they would always cherish. How a simple beef rib soup can make me full for the day, it can make others not go hungry for the whole week.

Sometimes we would brag over small things that we feel incomplete in our life. We want perfections and only perfections in everything that we receive. We whine and complain when we have to face drawbacks at some points of our life. But little do we know that there are others who would fight to live a life like ours. Others whose life are far worse and incomparably more painful; yet they are so determined to make the best of what they have.

These are the people who truly deserve to be happy on eid al-adha. And it gives me a clear reminder also; to always be grateful for the life that I have. And each and every one of you that are reading this should too..

"I cried because I have no shoes.. until I saw a man with no feet."

signing off,
cokelat chip

p/s: I cant believe Im saying this, but I think Im hating holidays. They are so plainly boring and unproductive. (see what I did there, I just complained again!)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Human hearts

Salam alaikum. OH MY GOD! *Rereading my last post----sneak peak on the date..OMA~ It couldn't have been that long, could it? I mean, I know I haven't blogged for long but dehhhh...medical check-up was ages ago.

Well, anyway, updates about my life and Cokelatchip's...well, we're settling down alright. Note that we're finally at different places taking different courses, so yeah..., it has been a while since we last met. And so, the blog indirectly became a sayonara for quite some times too... *susah kot hidup besfren dok jauh... uhuks

Many things have happened since. Life. College. Friends. Music. Fun. Ramadan. Eid. Ramadan...~

Let me tell you something; KMB is so dang cool, they let us free by Wednesday. I was baffled when that was announced coz I've really set my mind that I'd only be home after the Jumaat prayers and tada, there it was, one early gift for Raya from the college.

So, I went home and come that night, my family and I, including my very old grandma went to Masjid Negara for terawih paryers.
*Yeah, its quite far from where we lived but the mosque have become somewhat the family tradition since me and siblings were kids so...

As I step out of the car and make my way to the gate of the mosque, I couldn't help but to give a small giggle at the sight of small kids running around, racing up the stairs and poking each other's head. *So childish, I thought. G solat terawih laa budak2....It's the last 5 days ponn..

But then again, that was me when I was what, six? No, ten?
I couldn't remember exactly when was it that I started tagging along to Masjid Negara to actually pray. Somehow or other, my parents just didn't force us to join in the terawih when we were kids. We'd pray isya' with the jemaah, *then mumble and complain between us siblings that the imam's recitation was way too long for our little legs to bear, so terawih was just not possible. LOL. So much for excuse.
Other times, it would be because some elders were trying to seperate us with our mum by saying we were not old enough to be together with her at the first line, so..."Pray at the back, please" *We'd make faces and decided to play hide-and-seek instead, just to show our rebellious side. And that's where we'd find new friends, play cards at the back of the mosque, play hide and seek until we get totally lost and scream out for the whole mosque to hear... boy, those were good times.
*And suddenly I was tempted to join the kids. haha. nahh...

Looking at my grandma alone was enough to give me reasons of why I was there at the mosque to pray. She was over seventy. Her legs are not as strong as it have been. She had to hold onto me for support and took one step at a time to climb the stairs of the mosque *tangge masjid negare tinggi woooohhh.

There'd be times between the climbing of the stairs where she'd stop for a while, give a tired laugh to me and claim that she's sorry she's holding me back.
And during the prayers, I know that she's dying to pray sitting down but, somehow, she just doesn't want to. She'd bear it all...until one day, the imam (I think he's from Egypt or somewhere) was reciting the Qunut during the Witr and boy, the Qunut was around 20 minutes. So, my grandma just sat down.
All in all, she's a superlady. She and all the other old women and men that came to the mosque on the last ten days.
And did 21 rakaat.

Seriously, that amount of strength you give to do what it takes to let Allah see your effort; that, that is admirable.
And woha!, this year is a whole new record for Masjid Negara. I have never seen such four full lines on the fifth final days of Ramadan.

Usually, at the end of fasting month, people just don't bother to go to the mosque anymore. It'd either be terawikh at home, or going back to their respective villages or well, trading the time of terawikh to bake cookies or whatnot..everybody have their own responsibilities and agendas..
Me, myself, included. And the number of saff lines at the mosque will automatically just become lesser as days passed but... not this year.
You should see the 25th night.
And the 27th.
And the final Ramadan night.
things've changed...
When I was six, the final days would be cool becaus
e we get to be in front even if we arrive late and at that time, Masjid Negara was not equipped with air-conditioning system so, only those at front would get the standing fan.. And plus, there will be no elders to shove us at the back of the line. Because it was a single line anyway. And we'd be at the end of it, so, no trouble. But this year....
We arrived even before the Isya' azan and the lines of the praying hall was already tripled. And that's the women's. The guys in front...I just couldn't count the lines (not that it was uncountable, I just couldn't count it from the back, okayyyy)

And it just got me thinking suddenly. Sure enough, the world is getting worse day by day. People are getting wilder, teenagers are more daring, Islam is seen as terrorism....what's haram is seen as open-minded, what's halal is manipulated..what's pure is outdated. Yeah, sure. That's the world. but, human hearts, ....
if we want it, we want it. And if He's guiding the path...nothing can stop Him.

There was a saying that Islam will be on top again when the number of teenagers coming to early morning (suboh) prayer at the mosque increases.
well, why suboh?
because it's a fight between obligatory ond desire.

Terawikh, ova here, is not an obligatory. It's a sunnah. One can do it, there are a lot of benefits, a lot of deed, still it's not compulsory. People come to the mosque, people do it at home, muslims around the world were appreciating the Holy month to get in touch with The Creator, Allah the Almighty.

if the lines tripled this year; there's a good chance that there will be more lines next year. With more teenagers, He wills it.

sometimes, when we stress too much at the downfall of islam, we get easily demotivated. And when we see things like this only do we realize that negativity is a way of hitting us back to reality, but it's not so much of spirit-building. You see people worshipping disco balls and concerts, dump babies on dustbins and do all these madness and the only thing you can think of is that this is it. It's the end of the world. There's not much you can do except for trying to stay away and not get tempted. *Ingat senang ke? concerts..~ T_T
Yeah, its almost like the end.

When in fact, it's never the end.
Until you die.
Islam is rising again. Sod the TV, the exaggerating propaganda from CNN, they know nothing of human hearts. One that He and only He controls.

The lines are tripling.
by: FaithHana

p.s: rendang dan lemang; n oblong burger from RAMLY tolonglah....kenape anda bertige mesti sedap sangat? saye ade karnival sukan lepas bukak cuti dehhhhhh-.- sorry megatron.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you. you're not suppose to be here. let me kill you.

Salam Alaikum all,

Okay, so the medical check up was settled for. The shopping-almost done. And the registration form, yep, it's getting there to completion. And so, thinking that maybe, hey, I do have some time to spare right now, let me just blog on a few things, okay.

So, I read the scripts and I thought,, how on earth am I gonna blog about it? The words were so nicely put in Bahasa ( Bahasa Melayu is such a wonderful language, okay) that if you turn it to English (being me and only me with such limited vocabulary), it'd sound less interesting.
But I'll try anyway, squeezing in my thoughts and the way I like to put things into prespective. See; if you like it. We're starting slow here, okay. I dont wanna dump everything on one post, haha.

Palestin- The land of prophets.

So, you wake up everyday, listening to the news, pondering over the facts , open up a newspaper, rant on a magazine content, discuss with your friends and all... I'd say that 99% of the things that you are actually aware of and would love to be aware on are the current issues, right? I mean, come on, it is, as a matter or fact, the nature of humans to want take precaution with what's happening in the world and how they will be able to pave their way to move forward from there on, isn't it? And there's nothing wrong with that, really. There isn't. It's good to know what's up and what's down and be alert and all...

but sometimes, you have to look back.
I don't believe in Hakuna Matata.. and if you do, no offence,'s what I think. I do think that 'sometimes bad thing happens in the past, yes, but there's always a way for you to make a difference at present for the future of it.' Espescially if the past was manipulated.
Hakuna Matata means no worries.
And I think, if we live in no worries, we stop living.
There are things to be worried for, in life. Like your bloodpressure, your parents health, your academical future, your country's safety, your responsibility..
and yes, by responsibility, I know you know what I mean.

So, if you have to look back on the history and see it for yourself that the present is wrong, then do it. For today will be gone, but there's always tomorrow.

Going through history, Israel was said to be founded on the year of 1948 and since then, the brutal actions that they took, be it illegal or have somewhat caught the global attention, was simply tossed aside to not be further lamented by anyone in this earth. They'd do something cruel, they'll kill, they'll bomb, they'll rape, they'll attack an innocent ship, they'll do whatever, but they were able to remain doing what they do until today.

So, herm, what are their so call reason to be doing all this? What could be so massively important that they have to take the life of even women and kids and people not in the armed forces to realize this dream of theirs?
Well, when asked. This is what they say.

"There were no such thing as Palestinians. They simply did not exist."

And with that, they made it loud and clear, they claim that Palestine was totally theirs. Every inch. Every scrap. They said that, by generation, it was supposed to be their land. The claim was that King David (which is prophet Daud a.s) was a man of the Bani Israel decedent and during his time which was around 1000 B.C or so, he have a built kingdom centralized at Jerusalem, and after that, it was passed down to King Soloman (prophet Sulaiman a.s). So, what Benjamin Netanyahu laknatullah was telling the world is that the zionist mission is to bring back the kingdom that were built by King David long time ago. And they have their rights to kill because the people that lived there were just not supposed to be there.

Ironically, King David and King Solomon (Daud and Sulaiman a.s.) were also prophets in islam. And in the Quran, it was stated that David and Soloman built an empire, a kingdom that worships Allah s.w.t, inherits the teaching of Moses (Musa a.s) and not, as claimed, a secular and a racist kingdom. It was even stated in the history itself that there were numerous evidence that the people of the kingdom consisted of people from different tribes and races.

And therefore, this gives no reason whatsoever for the Zionist to claim that the land was simply theirs and that people coming from different races and religion at Palestine should be just abolished and destroyed. But, being arrogant, superpower and all, here's what they did. On the previous 17th of April, statistic has it that around 750,000 (that's one 1/3 of the people was Palestine) has been recorded since 1967 to have been abducted and arrested. And the polls included 12,000 women, almost ten thousands or more of children and old people.

There were also the Gaza incident, where a total of 1,300 people was killed. And then there were the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp slaughter tragedy where the number raised up to 3,000 to 3,500 people including babies, children and women all died in the most inhuman way possible. Be them raped and killed instantly or their guts get thrown over and their inside organs are all scattered around in pieces, it was totally unimaginable of what the Palestinian had to face.

And no, they didn't keep quiet about it. The zionist was proud to announce that they were going to continue to the program they called "Ethnic Cleansing"

And "Ethnic Cleansing" involved invading homes, property, lands, yards, everything. And one of the biggest agenda of invasion of the regime was to bring down Al-Aqsa, the holy Mosque of the muslims. Yes, that al-aqsa. That one that Prophet Muhammad told us that we have responsibilty towards. That very one, that he mentioned in his hadith that if there were no oil to burn the lamp so as to light the place, it is then, our duty as muslims to go and aid over for it is our responsibility that will be asked in the hereafter.

Today, the mosque have been attempted to being burnt down a few times, there's a tunnel underground currently being digged so that the base will part and bring the whole structure down to the earth. And what is the plan afterwards? Well, they're gonna build a temple on it. A temple where they will worship Satan and show their true side to the world. Them being zionist and freemasonist and all that.

Everyday, we hear on the news that peacekeeping were being held, United Nation is doing their best, America namely Obama, was trying to lead humanity and sanity back into the world and at the end, this all goes down to nothing but more killing.

There are zionist in United Nations and there are zionist in American political board.
and Why are we counting on them, again? err...
What,? They have the power?
No-we have the power.
We're muslims.

So, I figured it out, answering to all the questions that you guys asked me before,
well, today
I may not be able to make a change as much. I'm nowhere as close to be aiding the Palestinians, to be riding on trucks and handing out medical cares or u know, stuff, I'm also nowhere close to any stage to unite the Muslims to care, I'm also far far and far away from any highty-mighty political board of the any nation in the world. But you know, there's a cycle in life. Abraham Lincoln might want to hold America for as long as the earth remains but he died, anyway. Todays people will also die. And if He wills it, I'm gonna be somebody in the future. And you reading this, you're gonna be a somebody too. You'll be replacing people today.

Now, the difference that if so much that this blog can offer for the same pose of Dr. Ir. Mr. Dato. Tan Sri. Datin Paduka. YB, the awareness of the responsibility.
And by that time, it's no longer a group of people just watching from afar, praying hard...
I believe. Do you?

by: FaithHana

there will be further evidences from historical view on the upcoming few posts. something that touches prophet yaakub (jacob), yusuf (joseph) and all. laters. stay onboard with the spirit. yeeha~
cokelatchip, saya lapar, penat menaip~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

upcoming documentary...yeeha!

Salam alaikum all,
Imagine you woke up at 4am this morning to the noisy sounds of sirens and gunshots in the air. The atmosphere was thick and dusty almost as if a sand tornado was present. Breathing was difficult it almost felt like asthma, no; worse. There were blinding flash of lights rotating around your home, some got penetrated through your bedroom window and hurt your eyes so much you had to look away. You rubbed your eyes a few times, knowing that it couldn't have possibly been anything worse than just a dream. You coughed a few times, one rougher after another. There were ongoing sounds of familiar screams that you recognized. There were shouts of names that you knew by heart. A heartbreaking cry of your neighbours' baby swelled in between of the mixed up chaos.
You peeped through the windows and a sudden chill ran through your spine.
(just something to get the mood going. .)

Oh God.
My stuff-to-do list have lengthened so much these days, I don't even know what to think. There's the medical check-up to be settled, the shopping for necessary stuff, still on the line the registration forms to be filled out completely...others..(I'm so exeggarating, I know).
The thing is, I'm not exactly sure if I am really ready to bring the college life on. I mean, I've always been the school-kinda person, not taking things seriously and let it lay back till the last minute stuff~...
Well, you gotta move on when you gotta move on..huh?
so, yeah, lets face the music, shall we?

And like what Cakelatchip have mentioned previously, yep, after 7 years of being at the same school, we'd be going to different places after this, taking different subjects, different course and being in totally different environment.

So, lets just cut the chase. Man..I'm pretty good at telling my own life updates, huh. ^^ I could go on and on easily. Like yesterday, my Mum and I went to this very cool place called the....
okay, no more.
Palestine. Palestine.

So, here's the real thing. A few months ago, one of my very very close relative came over to me and asked if I could help him to type up a paperwork for a TV documentary proposal that he had roughly drafted and was thinking of getting aired on the month of August this year. So, being totally unoccupied with studies and all, I said 'sure'. And only when I did type the proposal do I realize that it was a documentary about Palestine. Wow, I thought, this is cool~

A few weeks later, the proposal was accepted and so, the real work began. Come meetings and discussions all..things started to slowly shape up. And then, it was final. With the courtesy of CIMB bank as the main sponsor , Astro OASIS has agreed to air the documentary during the month of Ramadan this year. The documentary has 30 episodes and will be aired in Bahasa throughout the fasting month, that is..29 to 30 days.
The airtime would also most probably be around 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm so as to make it flexible for people to actually watch it.
And, the best part is, the 30 episode will cover all you need to know about the issue of Palestine since the time of Prophet Abraham until today.

So, if you are still, you know, clueless like I am and still finding answers of why exactly Palestine was attacked, where does this group of Israel came from, why do they want Palestine so badly they won't give it up? goes the a visual form, easy enough to be digested for everyone that knows Malay. There would be exclusive interviews with the experts, the priests to comment on the Bible's content regarding the issue, the contradictions of Israel's claim..and the painful reality that we all have to start taking action against and prove that we care. Or at least know about.

So, once the promotion is out and all, could you guys please like...spread it around to all espescially Muslims, asking them to watch this documentary while waiting for the Maghrib prayer? Because, somehow or other, this is like, one of the best method to let EVERYBODY understands. because, haha, everybody watches TV right?

And, well, the other day, while I was...whatever, I kinda had a look on the scripts for the voice overs and the narrator part for the documentary and it just hit me that hey, I could make those scripts my reference to blog, right? haha..and, for people that are thinking that they'd wanna watch the documentary, it would be no harm if I could lay out a thing or two from the episode just so that they could get the early picture before they watch the whole thing...ngee~

So, that's what I'm gonna do. I'll read the copyright material (with consent, of course) and blog about it when i have time. yeah, sure...

so, lets start.

by: FaithHana

p/s: oh, and I do hope all the Muslims in Malaysia are gonna watch the documentary.
Alamak...x smue org ade astro...aiya...~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just when you think a post couldnt get anymore random..!


Quick updates about my life, Alhamdulillah, most of my peers already enrolled in various matriculations and universities. Up down left right, they're everywhere!

And for others like me, I still havent moved on from the habits of 24-7 channels-surfing and over-sleeping. Both Faith and I are available at our homes until the end of this month, (yeay!) and we both are going to different places afterwards. (after seven years sharing same school names and adress, Im sure we'll be missing each other badly.. AWWW)

Sorry it took me so long to post sth (as if anybody was waiting for any post from me pffftt), but when youre stuck at home for months and barely step out into the world, your mind could go blank, literally.

These seven months of holidays have been the least productive months of my life..! Well, to describe how unproductive it was, if time is comparable to the sky, and the beneficial things of every day life were the rainbows and the stars, then my sky is pitch black, with moonless night. Absolutely no exaggeration here.

While I was trying to recall and list some of the things I've done for the past few months, I feel like.. like.. it was simply a simple repetitive routines. When I got a full free internet access at home to myself 24/7, I was.. unstoppable. And the days just went by so smoothly that sometimes I found myself couldnt care less about other things. Things like.. like this blog.

Upon opening a new tab in Google Chrome, is always more preferable than alaqsaarmy.blogspot. And yes, even for me.

When it comes to getting a handful of information from the internet, looking up for blockbuster movie release date sounds a lot more interesting than searching for the date of the first intifadah.

When YouTube could offer latest music videos of beautiful gorgeous K-Pop stars, why would I bother to watch sad documentaries about the life of people in where the towering Wall divides the land. And where armed watchtowers, military checkpoints and barbed wire are filling up the place.

Sometimes, I am so proud to be the first among my friends that is kept updated about a movie star's controversial scandals, but I never feel it'd be something laudable to keep updated with what is happening in Gaza.

I can memorize the lyrics of a tongue-twister Japanese songs in no time, but I always fail to master even a line from the Quran mentioning the obligation to free the land of Baitulmaqdis.

I'm perfectly imperfect.

If I could go through everything and spend the precious moment to entertain myself, why couldnt I do the same for some more serious matter.


since we came across some stuff about the media, lets jump into a new related topic.

Since I was little, my dad loved to make me read the newspapers. He's a real genius when it comes to political issues or this country's latest policies and all that sort of boring stuff. "This world needs more 18-year-old knowledgeable girls who know exactly what is happening in this galaxy.. Not just what happens in the celebrities' world.." (he said when I was struggling to pull out the star's Show Biz section from the rest to be read first)

But the reason why I hate to read or watch the news so much (despite the fact that I am too lazy to cram the words into my brain) was because news from the mainstream medias is corrupted. Bias. Full of lies. And deceiving.

Flip the world newspaper now, you probably would notice that when a guy who happens to have a Muslim-Middle Eastern background commits a crime, we would read headlines like 'Middle Eastern Burglary' etc etc. Well, I never saw headlines that read Anglo-Murder or Caucasian-Rape, have you? Such media bias was obviously trying to make it looks like the guy's background/religion has anything to do with the crime he just committed.

And same thing happens when a group of Muslim-extremists perform a deadly act that kill hundreds of civilians. The world is told about how the act was a part of Muslims' obligations to do jihad. But we should know better that most of the facts were twisted and exaggerated. And even if they were real, it is not what Islam teaches the Muslims, at all. We dont attack UNLESS we were attacked. Period.

So yeah, dad. I hate watching the news. Sorry.


Sorry if this post has been so random.
I didnt plan to write about certain specific topics. And I got sick having to edit this post for the umpteenth times, so here's what went down. Of utmost importance is that I get my points across and my views heard.

"You've got enemies? Good. That means you actually stood up for something in your life."

Till then,
Cokelat Chip,
signing off


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

well, people said that words are sharper than swords, ^^

Salam alaikum;
Hallo there, people.
As you can see- ^^- from the left tab below, ^^, the number of followers ^^ for this particurlar blog ^^, have somehow, miraculously ^^ adds up to...^^ more than 100!!
Ha-ha. Which is, well, nothing to brag on exactly, considering the fact that there are millions of people out there whom have two or three blogs and all of them manage to score more than a thousand followers in one single post in one single day.
So, 100 for the blogging world would be..umm...well, nothing much.

But, being immature and all, Cokelatchip and I was over the moon with this achievement. For us, being able to actually reach the three digit is a, well, you can call it a success, we even went out celebrating with Kyros Kebab and all (actually, she just wanted to return my books she've been borrowing for weeks, but who cares?)
Reminiscing back to the days on how this blog was actually formed, I came to realize it was pretty drastic exactly. It all started back then to a day where Cokelatchip and I was in this one classroom, discussing about random topics bla bla bla, and like fate or something, we started talking about Palestine. I couldn't remember what it was about but, I knew for sure, that it must have been pretty heartbreaking as there were tear flows along the with the line of words we formed.
And came exactly that night, we created a blog. The first post was in Malay, or rather bahasa rojak kinda Malay and the terms we used to address ourselves in the posts were ana, antum (LOL!) which totally goes beyond the way we really are. With one posts after another, the ana antum vanished and so does the Malay words..(not that we have anything against it, okay...)
We just became ourselves, and the posts became sincerer that way. We felt more attached to some of the things we voice out, and did our best to put thoughts into words. Man, it was hard.
Because somehow or other, we're not genuinely bloggers ourselves. We're not the kind of girl that posts on a daily basis and know how to exactly string a word together in less than a minute. Unlike, some of my friends, (total salute to them) of course, they blog almost everyday and their every words are addictive; you crave to know more. Some people, they blog one once a week. And for us, however, well lets just say, Cokelatchip and I didn't set up a timeline on when exactly do we have to post. And so, the blog doesn't become a burden but just merely a place where we could actually voice out our opinions to humankind of all ages that possess the internet line.

And yes, sometimes, having such blog becomes an issue in your life. Cokelatchip once asked me if I was feeling what she felt; hypocritical.
Well,.....-.-" of course, I do. I feel it all the time I write down a post. Like, there I was, posting on how the next generation is going to make a change, how Islam shouldn't be mistaken as a religion that promotes terrorism, how Allah is looking at the effort of the muslims and all and yet; undeniably, there are times that I doubt whether or not I am actually the ideal person to be writing about such topic. Honestly, if you know me, you know me. I'm 'that' compared to ..'that' (with angelic cues on the background noise).
So yes, I do feel pretty hypocrite sometimes. ^^

And there would be times, when people would just dare to give you negative remarks straight on to you like it didn't actually matter how you'd feel (not that I was any dramatic about it either). I remembered a friend of mine saying out loud about her opinion on people who loves to exaggerate the big stuff and forget to look at the small, miniature things we often neglects. I didn't get her at first, but when I did, it hit me like a big slap on the face. Her words were pretty glassy. It goes like.

"Kite Palestine sane, Palestine sine, pom pang sane, pom pang sini, yang orang dalam Malaysia sendiri marane, kite tak kisah pulak. Ade orang tak cukup makan, tak boleh pergi sekolah..Ade yang hidup merempat, tu kita tak nak crita."

which simply would have meant (honestly, I just dont do direct translation), "Why can't we just sometimes look at the situation in our own country where there are also people at the verge of dying? There are people here in Malaysia with no food, no education, no home and yet, we don't even talk about them."
(roughly, the Malay version sounded glassier)
And at that time she was saying it, I was just right there feeling OUCH..that hurts. Eventhough, of course, she must have not mean to like offend me or anything.
Not that I was much offended or demotivated at all, because, yeah, she has a point, somehow.

And there were times where I, personally, would also take this blog pessimistically. It usually happens when I blogwalk (which is a term used when you jump from a blog to another one based on the link provided from one or few of the other blogs you opened earlier). I would be reading posts after posts of what a person do in his or her life and I'd be very much amused by how interesting and fun their days always seems to be. Even if, you know, like they don't do anything much but some of their relatives just happen to drop by or something, I'd love to read it anyway because their link says I-AM-ROCKING-COOL-MAYBE or S.E.C.R.ET Diary of a PRincess or HARDCORE girl in DILEMMA which all to me, sounded, wow~catchy
And here I am, having ALAQSAARMY and PALESTINE..OURSLike, who'd read that?
*bangs head on the table, giggles alone*

yeah, maybe we should change it TWO ROCKING COOL GIRLS'S SECRET DIARY DILEMMA, then we might actually have more people reading the posts ^^..Oh God~

..will the blog's header look likes this?

So, yes, creating this blog has been quite a something that fills in our life.
Then again,
We don't write in this blog to show how much we know (which exactly isn't that much) or to brag on our concern or to potray to the world the kind of girl we are (I've told you how I am not yet 'that good girl' I should have been). Nor is it because we don't care about what's happening in our own country (we do, for God sake, we do!) or that we lead an extremely boring life that no one would read even if we actually make a blog about it (hey,hello...).

It's true that we're not that exactly perfect enough to be typing down things that are rated islamic and religion and most importantly, Palestine, but the thing that kept us going was the fact that we know that>> we're never gonna be perfect. And if we wanna wait till that one day where we have some PhD or u know, a few qualifications from the world that says we're good enough, it would take forever and we don't live 'forever'. Come tomorrow marks another day, and I doubt it that I'd be better everyday. I may get worse. I may lose interest, I'd get busy or I don't know...the point is,
I chose today because I live today.
Being me and only me, a person who is still learning.

Sod the fact that we don't memorize every verse of the Quran, or that we can't quote a Hadith without making a mistake.
There will always be something that we lack of and if we choose to stress upon our weak side, we ain't going anywhere.

And I'm telling you, that's the biggest reason why Palestine can't be free until today. The mindsets of Muslims at this era is so different from how it was years and years ago. Today, people would give excuses all along, like "it's not my thing yet" or.."i'm not good enough" or.."well, i dont wanna be seen as an extremist, coz i'm not"...and all..
and I don't blame them. I've felt pretty much the same all the time.

I'm a human too.
I crave for what human desire and I crave for human's blessing. Often times, I'd look at what human would think than what Islam would.
Often times, I compromize~
And I regret that, of course.

So, if Cokelatchip and I are not perfect enough and we claim to have a super-duper interesting life, then why do we write in here? Why Palestine?

Because it's the least we could do.
And the least we could answer to Him. For the time being.
If I would love for the opression to stop, for Palestine to be free, for Islam to unite, I might as well do something than just lay behind my back, doing nothing.
We may be not good enough, but at least, we're trying.

I'm 18. Cokelatchip's 18. And we might die at 18. We don't know.

by: FaithHana. (A real post on Nakbah Day coming soon, sorry ^^)
Thanks again to the followers! You guys might not know this but by that simple click of public following, you have boosted our spirits like totally zooommm! thanx yo!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ignorance is not bliss

Salam alaikum,

Yep, the holiday is getting to an end alright~
(Should I put a smiley there at the end or what? No, I guess, no.)

I mean, come on. Who can deny that this has been the fabbest holiday ever? You wake up in the morning with sunshine (ehem..), you get to finally learn how to drive (yippie!), you can actually roam around with your friends and have real fun not having to worry about the upcoming exam by the time the holiday ends...(double yippie!) and you get to learn stuffs you thought you'd never be able to have the time in the world to.. (yip..yip..-.-").

holidays are just too fab for words..and well, I bet one to ten that you guys have been reading blogs after blogs of holiday adventures of other people out there, not to mention the number of spaghetti bridge MARA interview experiences (yep, like thousands of them) , reviews of the royal wedding bla bla bla...
so, dear blogwalkers,
let's now get down to the isolated issue, shall we?
One that people (and sometimes I) would prefer, to ignore.
One that well, we know it's important, but we just...(this is the time you lay out 50 excuses. go on, start..)
One that has no catchy songs, breakdances or plasticsurgery actors in it..
But for most of all, One that is reality.

The ongoing issues of Palestine.

Sounds like some pick-up line from an old history book, right? Well, yeah, I know. I mean, come on, I'm a teenage too okay. I know what it feels like to read an article of some hot gossips on one famous celebrity on a hollywood stand. I know the twinge of excitement you get as you discuss dramas and the rush you feel when you hear goood, touchy songs. And I
know that once you see, alaqsaarmy.blosgpot, you'd thought, this one's heavy...

And, bingo!
You're right. It is heavy. This issue is kinda hard to digest and I don't blame you if you feel so much uninterested by the topics laid upon by me and Cokelatchip. Hands now, no offence taken.

But, well, lets face it shall we. We can't run away. Sooner or later, the happy days are gonna be over. One day, if God wills us to still be alive, we are all gonna be grandpas and grandmas and old people with wrinkles and go senile between words, we don't even notice we're talking craps. We're gonna have to sit at a corner and watch the generations after us do all the business and see things unfold slowly. And at that time, it might not be too late to make ourselves fell in love with the issue, but to make a change like we all dream for, now that that takes energy and
well, wrinkles and energy are sadly not parallel.

So, why don't we just, you know, get to know it little by little. I mean, I'm not asking you to be an extremist hard-core or anything. Cokelatchip and I are barely hardcore ourselves. We just happen to know some stuff, to want to give some of our own personal opinions and to want to dream big. That's it. We don't write down letters to Obama or Benjamin; no..we're not yet to that stage (hakhak..). We're just sharing around the message and hopefully, one day, by all means, people could actually be aware that there's this piece of land here in this world starting with a P and ends with a ALASTINE that as stated in the Quran as well as the Prophet's Hadith is the responsibility of the Muslims to take care of. And right at this minute as I'm typing this, it is slowly disappearing to....less than even 1% of the original area.


And, I know it;s something that everyone knows. In fact, the world knows about it. How the Israelis soldier are dead cruel and how the oppressions are beyond human rights and all, but, well, when you hear that only once a year, it sounds almost less important than it should have been.
What's more important in the eyes of the world is..
something like, 9/11 maybe...

I mean, okay, I know, it's a big deal. It's sad. Innocent people just died suddenly. And until today, well, espescially today, since they come up with news that they've killed Osama bin Laden and all, people just couldn't stop talking about it. I watched Oprah with J.K Rowling episode once and they mentioned 9/11 and the bizarre incident where the two towers of the WTC just collapsed. I watched Yuna Inspired on and even that had a segment on which they talked about 9/11 and all the fear that wrapped New Yorkers on that day. I watched an episode of The Good Wife and...(okay, now I do sound like a potato couch..)...T_T

It's 2011 and it has been nearly ten years since that incident happen. And I don't have to tell you how many experts have come up with the revealing proofs that it wasn't like what the news said it was. It was also nothing subjected to terrorism and unsurprisin
gly, it was also not planned by the Iraqis as it was claimed to be so.

And yet, years later come today, and today, as soon as they announce that the leader of the al-Qaeda is dead, they go on harping again about islamic terrorism and how everybody that wear scarves have bombs under their blouses. -.-"

Well, I have no comment regarding Osama coz I don't even know if he did really exist, let alone, died. And whatmore, from the moment they announced it on the news that he was dead, I 've practically stayed away from CNN coz I could already guess what's gonna come up on the screen and the big fat lies all up ahead for the million viewers worldwide...
And I can't help but to think...

that yes, 9/11 is a huge, humoungous issue.
It's they put it, totally unfair, its a grief and all..
and I have to admit, listening to the stories of the witnesses and families of the deceases are also pretty much heartbreaking..
you know...

today, there's no bombing at New York. And there are no walls surrounding the city. Nor are they oppressed under any other powers that were just supposed to be the neighboring country. 9/11 remained 9/11 the way it was. no further addition.

And if you just look at Palestine today, you can't help but to wonder, if it was just you, or the world is really weird at some point.

Palestine have been oppressed for 50 years until today and the disastrous happenings are much much worse that the falldown of World Trade Centre in 2001.
The houses are being bombed constantly, the roads are filled with checkpoints and armed soldiers, the women are raped, the guys are shot unnecessarily, the educations are banned, the technologies are as much limited, the food are not enough, the medication is even worse and when they fight back it's called terrorism..

I bet if the New Yorkers stood up for protecting their rights, they won't be called terrorists, huh.

Palestinians faced five times the horror of WTC collapse..EVERYDAY~
I take it that there were no twin towers in Palestine, big enough to be bombed and collapsed down to the earth. And even if there were the same, exact twin tower collapsing at Palestine today, no one would know. And even if we do know, it's not America or U.K, it's a middle-east country, so why bother.

Yep, media~ screw you, media.
Like, hello..
Islam is not a religion of terrorism.
Israel have been killing and slaughtering and raping and all, and still people don't call the jews terrorist. why? because the media never writes that down.
so, see?
they control, we follow.
But we're smart, aren;t we? and we're the next generation. that hopefully, started today, passing the so call-heavy message on from one to another and tomorrow, we might be able to get back what's our responsibility in the right way.

And like I've mentioned before in one of my previous post, we're media ourselves...
we write down blogs, we note down status in fbs and twitters..

It's entirely up to us, basically. To be in the game. Or to go against it.
We can make a difference. We're the next generation.

May Allah bless the journey. Amin..

It's 3 a.m sharp (^O^). good night, everyone.

By: FaithHana

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lets get smart, smarty pants!

*credits to faithhana for the caption above :) *


So yeah its been 5 whole months of holiday since I officially finished high school. The reality bites real hard when we realize that this long vacation is finally ending.. So it means no more usual time-wasting activities after this. No more watching as many korean dramas/hollywood movies as possible in one night (m'dad: ''I cant stand it that you're such a couch potato nowadays!"). And no more searching for random silly parodies on you tube or even bother to try and make one ourselves. Or even updating facebook status on my whereabouts 24/7. Or other typical not-worth-it silly stuff..

O yeah, no more that, and O no, here comes the university life.

So lets just skip that intro part and go straight to my point.

Reminiscing back in time when I was in high school (full residential, in this case), I was always whining about how I was so busy and never had time for myself. Or even about how the tons of homeworks never seemed to become less every single day, or on how much exams we had to take that we started to call it a 'weekly' thing. And a lot more (I used to even complain every day about how the ayam masak merah was too spicy it gave me appendix, can you believe it?? I mean ayam masak merah IS supposed to taste that way duh!)

Now there, that's cliche. I never quite realised on how lucky I am to even have the chance to be able to READ, what more LEARN and HAVE A PROPER EDUCATION. Plus a comfy bed with a fluffy pillow and a cat to play with in the hostel!

To wake up every morning and worrying about nothing else but to study is the best part of being a full-time student. You earn pocket money from your parents, you receive full typed notes from your teachers, they make you play sports in the evening just so that you could be healthier, then what is there to complain about? But we still do, yeah, like everyday.

Now lets compare this to the situation in Palestine. Fellow children in Palestine have been denied the chance and right to have EDUCATION every sing
le day of their lives. They have to face the checkpoints which are fully-equipped with concrete wall and armed Israeli guards, trying to stop every single Palestinian trying to pass, especially if its for academic purpose. They dont want their enemies to be smart. No, it wont make them happy.

Pictures speak louder than words, so without further ado;;

the children starting the day going to school to
be faced with a checkpoint

the soldiers stop them from passing and give them order to go home

the children try to challenge the soldiers to pass the checkpoint

even younger ones try but in vain

they ended up having their classes in the streets by the checkpoint

the boys try a little bit harder

they got shot at

and some got arrested

yet in their eyes we see determination and dignity

Basically, thats how their days went by, over and over again. They are oppressed and abused in their own country, and nobody out of it seem to care. Where is our stand? We can handle and accept and couldnt care less about those oppressions just because we aint the victims? So are we just going to hang around until this happens to us, ONLY THEN we will start to care to take actions?

We have a full access to proper education and a one way ticket to the brighter future, yet we complain and whine over things that are insignificant and doesnt even make any sense. If we dont see this as an opportunity, I dont know what else is.

Now is the time to quote this; 'gratitude is the best attitude', yeah dude.
And Oprah's saying goes "education is an open door to freedom" and that's very very true.

You wanna be a doctor, be one because that's the way you can help save lives.
You wanna be a lawyer, be one so you can fight against crimes with justice (just as long you dont let politics take control of the system )
You wanna be an engineer, be one because you can make life easier for mankind with technology and stuff

We CAN be anything we want. We dont have to worry about gunshots in our way to school, we dont have to worry about our family at home when we're at school. So if that's the case, then we have no excuses but to study hard today to free them tomorrow. Because so far, that is how much we can do for them.

with love,