Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Back again~" DzulQarnain = Part 2. =p

Salam everyone,

Good news is I'm back and done with schooling days.
Bad news is, blogging is no longer my root. Thats why I've sort of shut down a bit these few weeks.
But don't worry; I'll try my best to keep the spirit going hey.

I do wanna continue the story of Dzulqarnain, butsomehow, as I look back at the notes I've taken n the scribbles, all the things I doodled down on my green book, it turns out that I couldn't understand so much of it either.
To put it briefly under my very, very, shallow understanding, DulQarnain is a great conqueror and he conquers well. It was mentioned in the Quran that he went travelling to see him kingdom from the place where the sun rises to place where it sets (oho, that's far and wide). And DzulQarnain matter is really important because there was a time when he went to this place where the people there begged him to built a barrier between them and the barbaric Ya'juj and Ma'juj, that's how the wall started being built. The wall was built between two mountains by stacking layers of irons until the mountains became one. Then, they sort of poured over brass so as to protect the layer of irons underneath (rate of rusting..chemistry thing). So the technology back then was proven to be quite outstanding and over the top. I mean; have you heard of any rulers today doing that? How possible is it to stack iron layers and's a definite wower.

And it was said that as long as the wall exist, the ya'juj and ma'juj wouldn't interfere with the world. And when they do interfere, that means that the wall has gone and that it's the end of the world.

There was a time in Prophet Muhammad's life where he suddenly wake up from a nightmare at night and said "The wall that was built by DzulQarnain has got a hole of this size" by indicating the small hall using his fingers.
Now, that hits us.

The fact is.. today; experts around the world have gathered as many information as possible to find out who exactly is "ISKANDAR ZULQARNAIN" as it turns out that no great conqueror in history has the name Iskandar Dzulqarnain. The name, therefore was taken as a nickname. Allah mentioned him in the Quran as so and even to the name Zulqarnain; there are around if not three then, more of the reason for it.

Zu= in Arabic directly refers to "One who has"
Qarnain = Qarn could meant "horns" and Qarnain refers to "two horns"

So, to put it in a direct translaltion; it could have meant that the name came because of the fact that Iskandar ZulQarnain was seen as a great conqueror that went on battles and what not because it is a fact that for the rulers at that time; they wear this armours that also included a .....(hat?), well something to shield their heads with and that thingy has pointy structures at two little ends that made it almost looked like horns.
(Told ya this is hard to explain. Mail me the better explanation; anybody)

Zu= One who has
Qarnain= Qarn could also be regarded as continents. And Qarnain is well, basically, two continents.

And this absolutely made sense because even in the writings of the Quran, it was mentioned that he had this very, very, wide kingdom and if you ask me, two continents; man...
So, yeah, it could have also been the reason why people call him Zulqarnain.

Zue= One who has/rules
Qarnain = Qarn is centery. Kurun; in Malay as we say it. So Qarnain is Two century. Or to put it, two phase. Two different times.

And that...shivers you down; don't it.
Because as how it was stated before; he created the wall to prevent Ya'juj and Ma'juj from interfering and as they were non-civilized; they were totally outcasted so as to make the world a better place. They killed inhumanly...and man, they did a lot of destruction before the wall existed. And when the wall dissapear; meaning that they have somewhat managed to get through (it must have been that highly techie constructed until it take that much of time for them to break through), there comes another time of the world.
So; the presence of the wall and the presence of Zulqarnain himself plays a big agaenda in dividing the two segments of the world's phase. And so, it is justified if that is how he got the name DzulQarnain.

So, experts..they list down a few names of the great, feared ruler of all time; comparing it with the time-based, the other facts they've gotten from the Quran, and they came up with around 9 conquerors on the list.

Alexander The Great was one of them. The description of power and mighty matches and it had became somewhat a little similar as what have been described by the Quran.
But when it comes to humanity, just and moral ethics as well as values,
Mr. Alex lost completely.

He didn't have that much to give when it comes to 'controlling himself'. He could conquer a wide kingdom but he's not thoroughly a very good man. He was said to be a womanizer, drunk and also totally unjust leader and the way he conquered his areas was no close to how Dzulqarnain did it. Alexander was very brutal, harsh and...i could go on and on about him.....^^
The point is, he's not, definitely not the wise ruler, Iskandar Dzulqarnain.

Then, the experts still couldn't find the answer to "who is this guy?", and they started doubting whether or not he actually existed. But Quran never lies.
And they found out; from a very, very, very elderly of a place (i think they did this research also, somehow a looong time ago; ), that there was once (probably not his time too but his great, great, great ancestors..; of course. Zulqarnain is even before prophet Muhammad's time), this very nice ruler, this just, feared man that is very honoured and loved by all. He had a very wide kingdom and yes, he did built a wall....and that was a very very long time ago. This ruler brought a religion that worships a God and only a God..
and so, they presumed, it was him....
I totally forgot to write down the name; I'm sorry. My Bad. I'll ask him again, one day.

You know.
The thing; the really start-off reason why I'm actually writing this is because..
Experts have travelled far and wide to search for any wall that may have been the iron coated brass wall but..
they couldn't find it.
They try connecting the story to The Great Wall of China; but again, it didn't fit. And the search keeps on continuing until today.
If for say, they still couldn't find the wall...
would it be sane enough to say that, it's gone? That Ya'juj and Ma'juj had break through it...and, as scary as it sounds, it's..

Many of the signs started to show rapidly over this past few years. Small signs and big signs.

There would be people claiming they are prophets
; In Malaysia itself; few cases have taken place and so have places overseas.

Illegal sex will also take place rapidly
; and no one can deny that; last year, for the most record of all. Dustbin baby no longer becomes an issue until people started to accept such thing as the baby hatch programme knowing that it is one of the possible solution for the babies to at least survive. And that was the total result of illegal sex that was done that resulted babies. There were basically a thousand more cases slipped by where the couples decided not to make "a baby" matter happen. Technology was therefore used, and so they slide along the community; without any shame; forgetting that Allah is watching.

Childrens having power over their own parents.
Now, this is also another headline issue that no longer becomes the "shocking, o, really?" in the world today. Such a hush hush topic in the society where there are many, and many cases reported that the children abused their parents; one case reported that all the sibling joined forces with their lawyers and all, trying to get their old man to sign the property will. And there's another case, where an old lady was left naked at an old hut; and because of the fact that she was paralysed; she bathed; urinated and ate at the same place with her grown up children having no initiatives to give her a hand and let this mom of theirs that carried them in her wombs for nine months and took care of them ever since, at least a proper place, a proper cloth and a proper food to live with.
And there are of course, a lot others.
It was mentioned that one of the big signs of the end of the world is that...

the sun will rise on the west.

And people kept looking at the sun and be somehow delighted that it is not yet; the time.
But as much as we feared, a few ulama' also mentioned that it might have been a proverb; or a (majaz) from the Quran,,,
Sun rising from the west could have meant that islam is rising from the west.
And if that is true and not as physically as "the sun (assyams)"...
It is somewhat true that today...the eastern culture have been diluted a lot. And many muslims here at the east are born muslims without a proper understanding of Islam and how to practice it what not.
And the entertainment value, as I can put it from what this two eyes see, I see that we do dwell in entertainment so much; until to the point where concerts are also a place for people with scarves on and songs that worships other religion, idols, or just simply rotten rocks are preffered to be played or sung by the generations today be them muslims or non muslims. The community today has eroded far, far away from the truth and even when there are still a few muslims climbing thier way up, trying to make a change; it's hard.

if the wall's gone, then Ya'juj and Ma'juj is out~
we might have already fallen in the phase of the end of the world.

One of theories that are made is that Ya'juj and Ma'juj is the inhumane group of people today; that kills without mercy that...
yes, you;ve got it.
could it have been the zionist.
After all, we do know that they are 92% of the Jews and the 8% of the Jews which are the real Jews even objected the opression they handled.
Theories could be right and undeniably; could be wrong.

And if talking about the end of the world doesn't seem to bug ya,
somehow, someday; whether we like it or not; our day to die will come.
It could be when we're 60, 30, our first day at university, an air-plane crash going overseas; next week, tomorrow, tonite, 5 minutes from now on...
any time.
What is, the luxure of living pushing away all the islamic values aside when the 60 years of living at the world couldn't even match the length of time of one single day at hereafter.

It's something that we all know..and we ignore. Yeah, that is something weird about human. They just don't get it once, do they?

I might die today because as far as I am concerned, from the day I was born until at this very moment where I'm sitting down on the couch, lap tops on; no one has ever mentioned to me the exact date where The Angel of Death will take away my life and so, the possibilities are endless. I chose to write these down not because this post can change the world; but it could be a thread, a chain that makes it happen.
I know I can't change everything and I'm sick of complaining.
As long as I live, I believe that Allah controls everything.
Palestine could be freed tomorrow if he wills it to.
The Jews can all die at a snap of a finger.
He has the power beyond anything; any, anything.
So, I believe; there is hope.

And He won't change the fate of someone unless that someone took a step.
I'm taking, and forever will be taking one step after the other.
Come with me; my friend. We can make it happen.

by: haven't posted for long FaithHana