Monday, March 16, 2009

Life is jigsaw puzzle...well, that's what I think


Currently addicted back to the Lord Of The Ring movies.
Those three CDs didn't dissapoint me at all.

The Fellowship Of The Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

And no, it's not bcoz of Orlando Bloom (jg hati ^^) or Elijah Wood (yucks!)
I have finally seen the hidden idea of the Story.
So much....

Crita itu, believe it or not, is based on the HISTORY, THE CURRENT and the FUTURE of this Palestine issue.
I was dead shocked!
It's too real to be true
But hoho! yes, i can see it very well. The author of the book (died) certainly studied.

There's too much to tell if I wanna talk about persamaan diorng.
So, why dont ya guys pegi tgk balik cter tuh, n when we're all ready we'll spill it out together.
Mail us if you spot anything.
It's kinda like a game okay...

Lemme give u a hint to get urself started.


These are three of my other guesses and it might be right, it might be wrong. G la tgk balik n if u want to add or if u think otherwise, mail us!!
Let d game begin.
While I go study 4 I believe the Marxh Test wasn't really a satisfaction..


p/s : I'll write down a real post soon. Tgh pening.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Posting in the cutest blog in the block.


It's been a long time since I last posted in this blog. Layout upgraded, and loving it! (well done, faith!)

In this post, I wont be typing about facts and numbers again. Instead, i'd love to share with you readers about my thoughts and feeling when I was first exposed of these Palestinians matter. (2 years ago, MAHISS's EDI.)

I was shocked at first. BIG SHOCK. Before that, i've always known there is a war happening in Palestine but I never thought how important and significant the war was compared to others.

Before that, I thought, "Okay, another war between middle-east countries and the U.S. No biggie." and "Another unfortunate country beside Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.."

B U M!
I was wrong.

The exposure was so clear to me, and suddenly i felt so stupid, so weak, because I NEVER cared. 'My country had gain it's independent, we live in harmony, in peace. Why should I care? Adults are around to do that.'

Slowly, I followed the news. I studied why and how the war occured at the first place, i learned to love Palestine, I started to mourn over them..

But there was a big thought that has become an ultimate barrier at the moment.

I thought;

"Yes, aku tau Yahudi mmg kaum yg kotor dan menjijikkan (and other words you'd prefer to use), and Allah sendiri dah melaknat mereka dlm al-Quran.. I know Im supposed to hate them and all, but this is not a justice! Seseorg manusia tu x pernah meminta dlm kaum apa dia dilahirkan. A newborn baby never had a chance to choose the parents. So I pity the Jews. Diorg x pernah meminta ntuk dilahirkan dlm klgn kaum yg awal2 lg dah dilaknat Allah. Xkan la, lahir2 je diorg dah dihina, disumpah."

Call me a freak, but that's the truth. Can you believe that was the first thought I had? Have you guys ever think of that?

So everything went wrong. All the thing I learned about the Palestinians matter seemed to be hanging because of this thought. I never felt peace within.

And of course, i was so guilty whenever that thought appeared. Of course la kan, ni hal yg serius, besar, ni hal AKIDAH, aku sdg m'persoalkan keadilan Allah. Sampai satu thp tu, rasa cam dah murtad pon ade gak..

Then, I stepped up and decided that it was time to be done with that bloody thought.

So I ASKED people.

And to burst that to someone is just a HUGE RELIEF. With tears flowing down my cheeks, I explained my feeling, I explained everything.

But they understood. They never thought I was irresponsible for having such thought. Instead they said that it was TYPICAL. And that I made the right decision by asking it to them. These, they explained back;

"Allah Maha Adil, Maha Memahami. Allah x pernah bersifat kejam t'hdp hambaNya. Yes, of course Yahudi yg lahir di klgn Yahudi x pernah minta keadaan tu. BUT.. the fact is, Allah x pernah melaknat Yahudi keseluruhannya. Allah hanya menyumpah sebahagian mereka yg ingkar. Dan laknat Allah dlm al-Quran tu based on their past, bkn keadaan present. Think about it, supposedly, laknat Allah tu m'beri pengajaran yg BESAR kpd kaum ni ntuk x ulang history. but then, they did the same thing as nenek moyang diorg buat dulu. Merekala yg rugi..

Manusia mmg dilahirkan dgn AKAL yg sempurna. FITRAH manusia untuk sentiasa berfikir hal ketuhanan. FITRAH manusia sentiasa inginkan ketenangan dan bencikan keganasan. So same thing goes for this matter. Yahudi tu ada otak (big ones). Akal mereka yg bijak pandai tu patut mereka gunakan ntuk pikir hal2 ni. Kalau mereka rasa pe yg kaum mereka lakukan tu kejam dan x menepati fitrah, then they'd have CHOICES. whether to teruskan adat or leave it and continue living life likes a human being.

Ramai je yahudi yg Islam. And they became better Muslims than born-Muslims itself. Why? Because they used their heads to think and made the right choice."

So kesimpulannya, bkn semua Yahudi itu kejam and zalim. If we are to dispise and swear them, we SHOULD use the word 'Zionists' and not 'Jews'. Remember, not all the Zionists are Jews, rite?- by penceramah SASIC

That night, terasa mcm malam yg PLG tng. Lega. Puas.

Then, i could go on proceed in learning these without any feeling of regret and guilt.

Thank you SENSEIs~


Ya Allah, payungilah org2 awam, kanak2, dan wanita di Palestin dgn payung kesejahteraan dan keselamatanMu.
Ya, Allah, berilah kemenangan kpd tentera2 Jihad di Palestin seperti mana kau beri kejayaan kpd tentera2 BADAR.
Ya Allah, hancurkanlah tentera2 Kafirin dan Zionis seperti mana kau hancurkan tentera2 Abrahah dgn burung AbabilMu. AMIN.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Yahudi...The Obvious Factor


Reviews b4 I start.
Smlm, my senior dtg skolah n bawak bdk skolah(part of them were international kids)
SRI AYESHA (Her Mum's school) and ntah mcmane, we were given 30 minutes to write down our points n discuss 4 a motion that we had to debate straightaway wich was THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT GOVERNMENT HAS TO BE BLAMED FOR GLOBAL WARMING. And I was like,

"What? Seriuosly? Now? I'm just done with my exam 2 hours ago and suddenly u come here and bring me a surprise debate? God! Help my brain!!"

But she's the boss, I'm the junior. Ikot jer la..
And honestly, the motion wasn't that twisty, so..kami pon berdebat.
I was the Opposition Second speaker.
And ha-di-ha, the 1st speaker of the Government side (A lebanese girl) stood up and gave her point which was.

You gotta believe this,
She defined the word GOVERNMENT as U.S Government and her first point was that the Government of U.S got to blamed for helping the Jews fight against Gaza by using phosphorus bom which does not only pollute the air, but somehow contributes to global warming.
I can swear that I looked really shocked.
I mean, come on. Get real! How on earth am I going to rebutt that?
Btol ape ape yg die ckp tuh..
Even though i don't know much percentage does phosphorus contributes to the environment's pollution or global warming; there is no NO NO way I am going to back up either the U.S or the JEWS for d attack of Gaza.
So, I left the point alone n when it was my turn to speak, I didn;t even touch on it.
Nobody did, anyway. THANK GOD!!
N even after balik rmh, watched Oprah, ate my dinner, I still couldn't find any ways of rebutting the girl.

It's just impossible.YA ALLAH!! Sshnye nk back up org yg kte benci!! Besnyer bdak tu. If it was me, I'll go on and on psl how cruel the jews was n augh!! they r like the worst, worst, worst kind of living creature ever n AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! It's fun kutuk org yg kte benci kan!

So, automatically, she won. Though we didn't have all that result-thing. It was just practice la..
But I don't care about my other good points. Hers was undeniable. Way to go, SRI AYESHAS..

So, here's one of the thing (there are thousands more)I got time ikot my dad kat UIA ari tuh. Lets just put it in my own words, shall we?
Naturally, manusia mmg suke cari kslahn orng lain kan?
N since Islam x bg kte mengumpat, we always felt guilty klau kte terbuat, nak buat or dah buat.
Or mayB we didn't really feel guilty, bcoz we thought we're always right, rite?
But then, if it involves cruel leaders or.. yeah..u know. No need to explain.
In this case, we're talking about the Jews or U.S or any such countries yg dah done sooo much kemusnahan to islam.
So let's talk about them. The Jews. HOW OBVIOUS IT IS THAT THEY HAVE WEAKNESSES.
Let's go check it out.
From Abah pnye crmah, he pointed out THREE points that just really showed what kind of people they are from their early, early, earliest forefathers.

And who r they? Siape diorng?
Yes, u guessed it right. Anak2 nabi ya'kub.
So, remember the story?
Well, let's just recap together.

Nabi Yusuf mempunyai 12 orang abang and these 12 orang abang amatlah jahat. Diorng snggup wat ape jer just to destroy the love Nabi Ya'kub has for Nabi Yusuf. And Nabi Ya'kub tahu that these guys are just sooo evil.

PROOF: Time Nabi Yusuf dapat mimpi yg beliau ternmpk 11 bintang, bulan n matahari sujud pdnya, nabi Ya'kub warn jgn bg tau abg2 dia yg lain.
I'm not making stories. It's proven in d quran.

4. (ingatlah peristiwa) ketika Nabi Yusuf berkata kepada bapanya: "Wahai ayahku! Sesungguhnya Aku mimpi melihat sebelas bintang dan matahari serta bulan; Aku melihat mereka tunduk memberi hormat kepadaku".

5. bapanya berkata:" Wahai anakku! janganlah Engkau ceritakan mimpimu kepada saudara-saudaramu, kerana Aku khuatir mereka akan menjalankan sesuatu rancangan jahat terhadapmu. Sesungguhnya Syaitan adalah musuh Yang nyata bagi manusia.
(Yusuf :4,5)

And the evil part..

8. (kisah itu bermula) ketika saudara-saudara Yusuf berkata (sesama sendiri): "Sesungguhnya Yusuf dan adiknya, lebih disayangi oleh bapa kita daripada kita, padahal kita ini satu kumpulan (yang ramai dan berguna). Sesungguhnya bapa kita adalah Dalam keadaan tidak adil Yang nyata."

9. (Ramai di antara mereka berkata):" bunuhlah Yusuf atau buanglah Dia ke suatu tempat Yang jauh, supaya perhatian dan kasih sayang bapa kamu tertumpu kepada kamu semata-mata, dan supaya kamu sesudah itu menjadi orang-orang Yang baik dan berguna".
(Yusuf: 8,9)
Let's imagine it..
If you have a baby brother at home and you and your siblings plan to kidnap your brother away just because your father pays more attention to him than all of you, where does that put you? I say, cold-hearted, evil man with no mercy. Or if you can think of something worse, yeah..that.

SO, PROVEN!! Org Yahudi dari asal2 nye, mmg x ade rase belas kasihan. No wonder they easily bomb up all the childrens and womens when WAR says battle against land should only be among soldiers only.
They just wouldn't care. Like the brothers...The eveil brothers.

And they are also, org2 yg x leh dpercayai.
PROOF : These brothers promised to look after Nabi Yusuf. Kononnya nk bawak g main-main. But NO, they lied!!

11. mereka pun (pergi berjumpa Dengan bapa mereka lalu) berkata: Wahai ayah kami! mengapa ayah tidak percaya kepada Kami tentang Yusuf, padahal Sesungguhnya Kami sentiasa tulus ikhlas mengambil berat kepadanya?

12. biarkan Dia pergi bersama-sama Kami esok, supaya ia bersuka ria makan minum dan bermain-main Dengan bebasnya; dan Sesungguhnya Kami akan menjaganya Dengan sebaik-baiknya".

13. bapa mereka menjawab: "Permergian kamu membawanya bersama sangatlah mendukacitakan daku, dan Aku pula bimbang ia akan dimakan oleh serigala, ketika kamu lalai dari mengawalnya ".

14. mereka berkata: "Kalau Dia dimakan oleh serigala, sedang Kami ramai bilangannya, Sesungguhnya Kami sudah tentu menjadilah orang-orang Yang rugi".

(Yusuf: 11-14)

So, if they ceasefire (genjatan senjata) or negotiation or discussion or peace-keeping meeting or ape2 like that...they don't mean it.


And last but not least, mereka JAHIL!! Atau dlm bhase mlayu nyer, BODOH. English nyer, STUPID FOOLS.

Diorng nie, plan jer pndai, taP, biasela, org klau dah jahat, dah x PK panjang dah..

PROOF : Bukak mata besar2. You know, like what my Dad always says. "You got to read between the lines." Ayat Quran bhase yg amat tinggi. So, let us see what's so stupid about them.

17. mereka berkata: "Wahai ayah kami! Sesungguhnya Kami telah pergi berlumba-lumba berburu dan Kami telah tinggalkan Yusuf menjaga barang-barang kami, lalu ia dimakan oleh serigala; dan sudah tentu ayah tidak akan percaya kepada kata-kata Kami ini, sekalipun Kami adalah orang-orang Yang benar".

(Yusuf :17)
Sbnrnye ayat tu ade tunjuk diorng pnye unsur penipuan gak, but i wanna highlight the word serigala. Don't ya notice? They use the same excuse. Nabi Ya'kub dah ckp dah awal2,
13. bapa mereka menjawab: "Permergian kamu membawanya bersama sangatlah mendukacitakan daku, dan Aku pula bimbang ia akan dimakan oleh serigala, ketika kamu lalai dari mengawalnya ".

(Yusuf :13)

Imagine, u wanna go to...Sunway Lagoon with ur friends for instance. Diorng x nk pegi pown. But u really2 do want to. But just to make situation agak x lah brat sebelah, u said "TaP jgn b'harap sgt lah, mayB org2 Jepun nk dtg sane minggu nie sbb diorng kat sane tgh summer holiday. M'sia pown tgh gile2 promote Sunway Lagoon. Mesti rmai yg dtg."

N then, like Two days b4 nak pegi, diorng call ckp tmpt 2 dah penuh sgt sbb rmai sgt org Jepun. Would ya believe them? Please la..They're using the same reason you just suggested.

That's why, Nabi Ya'kub mohon kpd Allah pertolongan, coz he knows, they lied. Nabi Ya'kub percaya mimpi anaknya itu benar and so, he didn;t believe them.

18. dan (bagi mengesahkan dakwaan itu) mereka pula melumurkan baju Yusuf Dengan darah palsu. bapa mereka berkata: "Tidak! bahkan nafsu kamu memperelokkan kepada kamu suatu perkara (yang tidak diterima akal). kalau demikian, Bersabarlah Aku Dengan sebaik-baiknya, dan Allah jualah Yang dipohonkan pertolonganNya, mengenai apa Yang kamu katakan itu."


If you really believed your friends that Sunway Lagoon dah penuh, would you still hope?? Unless of course, you didn't believe them.

PROVEN! So, hey...they might be smart, yes..(Albert Einstein), but they have their weakneses too and 12 org anak nabi Ya;kub proven it so.

So, what'd ya think? Puas x? Dpt tau these three things. I know I did. So, please la....don't fall into their tricks. Diorng, right now is like conquering almost everything and again I say, diorng conquer and were able to manipulate media according their likings. So next time we switch on a TV or watch a new movie, keep our heart stay put coz u never know when it can change slowly...slowly...slowly...

Jgn biar kita lalai kat muka bumi ni. Klau esok kita mati, apa kita nak jawab kat ALLAH akhirat nanti. Kita ade bg ape2 x untuk pertahankan Palestin. Lg2 kte, yg sihat walafiat, yg mamou, yg tahu..x kan goyang kaki, tenggelam dlm hiburan, tgglm dlm fatamorgana duniawi..

Ape sgt la dunia ni?

Ntah2..esok kte mati. Klau x esok pon, sempatke kte nk kembali ke pngkl Ilahi. Jgn ingat kte org 'Islam', born Islam, dah cukup..we have our responsibility. We don't just live to eat, live and die. We have a mission to fulfill...and yes, we must fight with our own minds and our own will.




Moga2 Allah terima jihad kita. Wlaupun, batu disini..x smpai kat sane..
by: FaithHana

Thursday, March 12, 2009

[Video]:: The Arrival of Jews in Palestine.

After several weeks of thinking and prodding my head with a stick, I finally decided to post this here.
[Sorry, CokelatChip and FaithHana. I feel unworthy of posting here, actually.]

So. Watch the video below.
[YouTube mode: ON]

Rilek je d0rg masuk kwsn org, wat mcm masuk rumah makcik die je.

Orang x bermaruah macam tu la.

Rupa2nya ada jugak org yg mcm tu spesiesnya.

posted by:: greenmujahidah
p/s: twoWARRIORS in spirit je. teehee.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sneak-peak n then back 2 books.

Okey, so here goes..
I have exam, I know. I got to study, yes. I haven't even finished bace sejarah, okay, got it.
But I just can't resist it.
MayB this is what they meant by BLOGGING POWER RESISTANCE BROWSER that has to be installed in all bloggers mind B4 they start their own blog.
Which, ha-ha, x jmpe lg CD nye di pasaran, so don't blame me.

At Kuantan recently, following my Dad n big sis to UIA (Imagine that! I haven't even gotten ready for my so-call exam yet) for his talk. Which was extremely awesome. And wish I've recorded it!
Program tu x habes lg, but since we're all tired (b'tolak at 4.30 a.m and arrived at 9.00 a.m), the organisers booked us a room at a nearby hotel n we're all settled Well, except 4 me la..yg kononye nk study.

D thing is, the hotel suddenly turned out to hv wireless, n yes, though i luv this lap top soo much and I'm so afraid any hackers may turn up and virus suddenly masuk through the insecured server, I decided to risk it.

Streamyx kat rumah tgh slow anyway, n this 1 is really fast so..

lets just do this now.

I might be busy next week coz exam anyway, remember?

So, these are the videos that one of the akak (kak iman, same name =p) b'jaye msskkan dlm pendrive ni but d rest, including the lagu tema (smngt gler) x muat so..

ni pon dah kre ok, i think. But I'll contact her or something n see if she can send it through YM. InsyAllah. The thing is, I dunno who made these clips, but Alhamdulillah, it struck my heart deeply, I think I should share it with all of u. What can I say? Words are sharper than swords...And this video proves it so. It kept me thinking until today. 4 ratings!!

(i DUNNO U HV TO WAIT That Long 4 vIDEO UPLOading)

And next time, when I really do have the time, I'll update about my Dad's talk today. Some new stuff he might mention b4 but I forgot to add in. InsyAllah.

Bout d video n the program 2day, thank u UIA kuantan.
Credits to u guys and arigatou, d lunch was superb.
N 2 whoever made the video, may Allah
reward u 4 keeping us all reminded. Amin..

by : FaithHana...(start-studying-NOW!!)

p/s : Coz uploading takes soo long, I'll upload d rest some other times. This upcoming holiday, mayB. I got to stay away from d computer if I wanna study =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009



Nak g blaja coz believe me, I'm not a bit ready 4 d upcoming March Test...don't mention science subjects...AAAH!!!! Going crazy.

But anyway tbe2 nmpk the latest MILENIA MUSLIM. Selak r sket2 n then t'selak two whole page that just grabbed my attention.
Prasan x, kat Brita Harian or megazines mane2 yg slalu did these number facts thing...
Well, here's about Gaza. And I know it's not shocking bcoz we've heard so much, but it's sooo horrifying to even realize it's been in front of the world's eyes everyday but still at this very second, nothing is happening. NO CHANGE IS TAKING PLACE.

Yes, yes. Klau nak mluahkan all these dissatisfactions in our heart, mmg lame gler nak tulis. N Like I've said B4, i gtg study.

So, here's the number facts and please spread it round. If u feel like to, of coz.


20,000 rumah rosak teruk
4,000 rumah kediaman rosak sama sekali akibat serangan Israel
RM 3.5 bilion sumbangan Arab saudi digunakan untuk pembangunan semula Gaza
1.5 juta rakyat Gaza menghadapi krisis makanan akibat kehancuran tanah pertanian akibat seanagan tentera Israel
1.2 juta penduduk Gaza mengharap tanggungan makanan dari UNRWA
40,000 wanita mengandung di Gaza mengikut bancian.
1,314 terkorban mengikut anggaran PBB sehingga awal Februari
412 kanak-kanak dibunuh Israel
RM 35 juta sumbangan Britian untuk bantuan kemanusiaan bagi membiyai makanan dan petrol
50,000 rakyat Palestin yang ditempatkan di Pusat Perlindungan Sementara UNRWA (agensi bantuan PBB) diberi makan setiap hari.
RM 297.5 juta bantuan dari Amerika Syarikat diberi kepada agensi-agensi PBB untuk membekalkan bantuan kepada pelarian Palestin di Gaza
5,000 dipercayai sama ada cedera atau cedera parah
400,00 penduduk gaza separuh daripadanya kanak-kanak masih tidak mendapat bekalan air
30,000-50,000 penduduk menerima 10 liter air minuman bertapis setiap hari.

Kita kat sini, air x de sket, membebel. Makan x ckup sket, meraung, belajar x paham sket, give up, kaki terkehel sket, mengamuk.. wonder u guys are syuhadas..
When can I ever be strong enough to be one too??

By: striving-for-first-exam-as-a-F4-( FaithHana.)