Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just when you think a post couldnt get anymore random..!


Quick updates about my life, Alhamdulillah, most of my peers already enrolled in various matriculations and universities. Up down left right, they're everywhere!

And for others like me, I still havent moved on from the habits of 24-7 channels-surfing and over-sleeping. Both Faith and I are available at our homes until the end of this month, (yeay!) and we both are going to different places afterwards. (after seven years sharing same school names and adress, Im sure we'll be missing each other badly.. AWWW)

Sorry it took me so long to post sth (as if anybody was waiting for any post from me pffftt), but when youre stuck at home for months and barely step out into the world, your mind could go blank, literally.

These seven months of holidays have been the least productive months of my life..! Well, to describe how unproductive it was, if time is comparable to the sky, and the beneficial things of every day life were the rainbows and the stars, then my sky is pitch black, with moonless night. Absolutely no exaggeration here.

While I was trying to recall and list some of the things I've done for the past few months, I feel like.. like.. it was simply a simple repetitive routines. When I got a full free internet access at home to myself 24/7, I was.. unstoppable. And the days just went by so smoothly that sometimes I found myself couldnt care less about other things. Things like.. like this blog.

Upon opening a new tab in Google Chrome, is always more preferable than alaqsaarmy.blogspot. And yes, even for me.

When it comes to getting a handful of information from the internet, looking up for blockbuster movie release date sounds a lot more interesting than searching for the date of the first intifadah.

When YouTube could offer latest music videos of beautiful gorgeous K-Pop stars, why would I bother to watch sad documentaries about the life of people in where the towering Wall divides the land. And where armed watchtowers, military checkpoints and barbed wire are filling up the place.

Sometimes, I am so proud to be the first among my friends that is kept updated about a movie star's controversial scandals, but I never feel it'd be something laudable to keep updated with what is happening in Gaza.

I can memorize the lyrics of a tongue-twister Japanese songs in no time, but I always fail to master even a line from the Quran mentioning the obligation to free the land of Baitulmaqdis.

I'm perfectly imperfect.

If I could go through everything and spend the precious moment to entertain myself, why couldnt I do the same for some more serious matter.


since we came across some stuff about the media, lets jump into a new related topic.

Since I was little, my dad loved to make me read the newspapers. He's a real genius when it comes to political issues or this country's latest policies and all that sort of boring stuff. "This world needs more 18-year-old knowledgeable girls who know exactly what is happening in this galaxy.. Not just what happens in the celebrities' world.." (he said when I was struggling to pull out the star's Show Biz section from the rest to be read first)

But the reason why I hate to read or watch the news so much (despite the fact that I am too lazy to cram the words into my brain) was because news from the mainstream medias is corrupted. Bias. Full of lies. And deceiving.

Flip the world newspaper now, you probably would notice that when a guy who happens to have a Muslim-Middle Eastern background commits a crime, we would read headlines like 'Middle Eastern Burglary' etc etc. Well, I never saw headlines that read Anglo-Murder or Caucasian-Rape, have you? Such media bias was obviously trying to make it looks like the guy's background/religion has anything to do with the crime he just committed.

And same thing happens when a group of Muslim-extremists perform a deadly act that kill hundreds of civilians. The world is told about how the act was a part of Muslims' obligations to do jihad. But we should know better that most of the facts were twisted and exaggerated. And even if they were real, it is not what Islam teaches the Muslims, at all. We dont attack UNLESS we were attacked. Period.

So yeah, dad. I hate watching the news. Sorry.


Sorry if this post has been so random.
I didnt plan to write about certain specific topics. And I got sick having to edit this post for the umpteenth times, so here's what went down. Of utmost importance is that I get my points across and my views heard.

"You've got enemies? Good. That means you actually stood up for something in your life."

Till then,
Cokelat Chip,
signing off


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