Saturday, December 17, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3

mbahahaha..yeah, i know.
as if~
this is so temporary, no worries. whats with my bunch of long-lost friend in there
of course i'd reactivate it.

God, life for the past 6 months have been way different from ...the 6 months before that. (Lol. So much for English HL, huh. Can't even get my vocabs right)

I tell you; KMB is so much different from what I thought it would be.
Nope; the classes are not in big halls with adjustable seats and mapel flooring bla bla..
and the hostel is not air conditioned with personal bathrooms for every room or so.
oh no
KMB is basically a school.
Yep, a school renovated, upgraded, re-labled into a ..WORLD SCHOOL ie COLLEGE
Which is...Not so bad.
Trust me, I've had it worse.

It must have been the countless group discussion and the hectic schedule that somehow made life there very very enjoyable. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. KMB, Sem 1, was a blast.
I've learnt a lot of things about human there.
Especially myself. My weakness. My strength. God, things were so obvious.

During my high school years, we have this sharing-whatever-we-know session every night after Al-Mulk which will usually take place around 11.30 to 12.00 pm (it usually drags because everybody would be busy doing other stuff like last minute laundry, ironing, supper at the dining hall, etc).
So, what we do is basically recite the al-mulk, then the last few verses of al-Hasyr, then, according to rotation of turns (sod my vocab, will ya ^^), one person will be conducting the sharing session. We'll listen to Hadith quotes or a normal friend-to-friends piece of advice, current issues and relating it islamically, peronal opinions, history of the prophets etc..
Boy, those were good times.
it was somewhat cliche to hear a friend going "you know, whatever you say today, you'll be tested on that in the future. Like that thing you're not agreeing with, well, who knows you'd be the one doing that so...well, beware."

and so, you can pretty much guess what our reaction would be like.
We were...slightly demotivated, confused and couldn't help agreeing to fact.

Some of us silently nodded in agreement,

some raised their own opinions, saying that "we better well share it now than never"
some'd go "well, no one's perfect. We're humans. We'll forget whatever we use to share"

Most of the people in the room, I remembered, would then, hesitate with their words. Or they'd cover up their end of the speech by saying.."I'm just saying this because my friend told me to pass it on." (ngee~)

I remembered one of us, then, giving us the story of Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
He was Prophet Muhammad's bestfriend.
And because of his love towards Islam and da'wah
he didnt wait long to spread, to share, to tell people of what he know.
As soon he was told by the Prophet to start his da'wah
he didn't wait to become a perfection
he immediately went out and dealt with his duty.

As I encounter one thing after another at KMB,
I soon realized
that the cliche phrase was right. No matter how...demotivating it sounded. It's fact 101.
We'd be tested.
I mean, of course, we'd be tested.
But what do we do to the tests is the question.

Sure, you can share millions of advices.
And sure, you'd forget as time passes.
But then; the question is,
if it's the rules of Allah, how can we ever forget?
If our princips are based on what He sketched..
then it won't have to be manipulated; it won't have to be purified in one way or another just so as to derive ourself from the guilt.

Everybody will be tested.
And no one can fail from questioning their moves and actions
Things have consequences.
And if you don't know where you're going, you can easily be misguided.

My senior told me that if you wanna know if what you're doing is right or wrong
Take a few seconds, reminding yourself that Allah is watching
If you feel uneasy
Leave whatever it is that you're doing.
But if you feel okay,
Then take control.

Human is...weird
You can make millions of school rules, thousands of job application terms and hospital and bank regulations.
They'd complain, make a fuss, but at the end of the day,
they'd obey.
Because they want what they want.
Or they are afraid of the consequences, the fines, jail, court, everything.

Allah made simple rules.
Why can't we obey?
And are we not afraid of what He promised?

He gave you sunshine today.
He could have very well take away you life while you were asleep.
But He loves you.

Everyone will be tested. Make a choice.
by: Tested and forever will be, FaithHana.

*sem 2 oh sem 2....
Rancho Chanhad says...umm...dang, I'll have to watch the movie again. LOL.