Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Human hearts

Salam alaikum. OH MY GOD! *Rereading my last post----sneak peak on the date..OMA~ It couldn't have been that long, could it? I mean, I know I haven't blogged for long but dehhhh...medical check-up was ages ago.

Well, anyway, updates about my life and Cokelatchip's...well, we're settling down alright. Note that we're finally at different places taking different courses, so yeah..., it has been a while since we last met. And so, the blog indirectly became a sayonara for quite some times too... *susah kot hidup besfren dok jauh... uhuks

Many things have happened since. Life. College. Friends. Music. Fun. Ramadan. Eid. Ramadan...~

Let me tell you something; KMB is so dang cool, they let us free by Wednesday. I was baffled when that was announced coz I've really set my mind that I'd only be home after the Jumaat prayers and tada, there it was, one early gift for Raya from the college.

So, I went home and come that night, my family and I, including my very old grandma went to Masjid Negara for terawih paryers.
*Yeah, its quite far from where we lived but the mosque have become somewhat the family tradition since me and siblings were kids so...

As I step out of the car and make my way to the gate of the mosque, I couldn't help but to give a small giggle at the sight of small kids running around, racing up the stairs and poking each other's head. *So childish, I thought. G solat terawih laa budak2....It's the last 5 days ponn..

But then again, that was me when I was what, six? No, ten?
I couldn't remember exactly when was it that I started tagging along to Masjid Negara to actually pray. Somehow or other, my parents just didn't force us to join in the terawih when we were kids. We'd pray isya' with the jemaah, *then mumble and complain between us siblings that the imam's recitation was way too long for our little legs to bear, so terawih was just not possible. LOL. So much for excuse.
Other times, it would be because some elders were trying to seperate us with our mum by saying we were not old enough to be together with her at the first line, so..."Pray at the back, please" *We'd make faces and decided to play hide-and-seek instead, just to show our rebellious side. And that's where we'd find new friends, play cards at the back of the mosque, play hide and seek until we get totally lost and scream out for the whole mosque to hear... boy, those were good times.
*And suddenly I was tempted to join the kids. haha. nahh...

Looking at my grandma alone was enough to give me reasons of why I was there at the mosque to pray. She was over seventy. Her legs are not as strong as it have been. She had to hold onto me for support and took one step at a time to climb the stairs of the mosque *tangge masjid negare tinggi woooohhh.

There'd be times between the climbing of the stairs where she'd stop for a while, give a tired laugh to me and claim that she's sorry she's holding me back.
And during the prayers, I know that she's dying to pray sitting down but, somehow, she just doesn't want to. She'd bear it all...until one day, the imam (I think he's from Egypt or somewhere) was reciting the Qunut during the Witr and boy, the Qunut was around 20 minutes. So, my grandma just sat down.
All in all, she's a superlady. She and all the other old women and men that came to the mosque on the last ten days.
And did 21 rakaat.

Seriously, that amount of strength you give to do what it takes to let Allah see your effort; that, that is admirable.
And woha!, this year is a whole new record for Masjid Negara. I have never seen such four full lines on the fifth final days of Ramadan.

Usually, at the end of fasting month, people just don't bother to go to the mosque anymore. It'd either be terawikh at home, or going back to their respective villages or well, trading the time of terawikh to bake cookies or whatnot..everybody have their own responsibilities and agendas..
Me, myself, included. And the number of saff lines at the mosque will automatically just become lesser as days passed but... not this year.
You should see the 25th night.
And the 27th.
And the final Ramadan night.
things've changed...
When I was six, the final days would be cool becaus
e we get to be in front even if we arrive late and at that time, Masjid Negara was not equipped with air-conditioning system so, only those at front would get the standing fan.. And plus, there will be no elders to shove us at the back of the line. Because it was a single line anyway. And we'd be at the end of it, so, no trouble. But this year....
We arrived even before the Isya' azan and the lines of the praying hall was already tripled. And that's the women's. The guys in front...I just couldn't count the lines (not that it was uncountable, I just couldn't count it from the back, okayyyy)

And it just got me thinking suddenly. Sure enough, the world is getting worse day by day. People are getting wilder, teenagers are more daring, Islam is seen as terrorism....what's haram is seen as open-minded, what's halal is manipulated..what's pure is outdated. Yeah, sure. That's the world. but, human hearts, ....
if we want it, we want it. And if He's guiding the path...nothing can stop Him.

There was a saying that Islam will be on top again when the number of teenagers coming to early morning (suboh) prayer at the mosque increases.
well, why suboh?
because it's a fight between obligatory ond desire.

Terawikh, ova here, is not an obligatory. It's a sunnah. One can do it, there are a lot of benefits, a lot of deed, still it's not compulsory. People come to the mosque, people do it at home, muslims around the world were appreciating the Holy month to get in touch with The Creator, Allah the Almighty.

if the lines tripled this year; there's a good chance that there will be more lines next year. With more teenagers, He wills it.

sometimes, when we stress too much at the downfall of islam, we get easily demotivated. And when we see things like this only do we realize that negativity is a way of hitting us back to reality, but it's not so much of spirit-building. You see people worshipping disco balls and concerts, dump babies on dustbins and do all these madness and the only thing you can think of is that this is it. It's the end of the world. There's not much you can do except for trying to stay away and not get tempted. *Ingat senang ke? concerts..~ T_T
Yeah, its almost like the end.

When in fact, it's never the end.
Until you die.
Islam is rising again. Sod the TV, the exaggerating propaganda from CNN, they know nothing of human hearts. One that He and only He controls.

The lines are tripling.
by: FaithHana

p.s: rendang dan lemang; n oblong burger from RAMLY tolonglah....kenape anda bertige mesti sedap sangat? saye ade karnival sukan lepas bukak cuti dehhhhhh-.- sorry megatron.

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