Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you. you're not suppose to be here. let me kill you.

Salam Alaikum all,

Okay, so the medical check up was settled for. The shopping-almost done. And the registration form, yep, it's getting there to completion. And so, thinking that maybe, hey, I do have some time to spare right now, let me just blog on a few things, okay.

So, I read the scripts and I thought, phewww..man, how on earth am I gonna blog about it? The words were so nicely put in Bahasa ( Bahasa Melayu is such a wonderful language, okay) that if you turn it to English (being me and only me with such limited vocabulary), it'd sound less interesting.
But I'll try anyway, squeezing in my thoughts and the way I like to put things into prespective. See; if you like it. We're starting slow here, okay. I dont wanna dump everything on one post, haha.

Palestin- The land of prophets.

So, you wake up everyday, listening to the news, pondering over the facts , open up a newspaper, rant on a magazine content, discuss with your friends and all... I'd say that 99% of the things that you are actually aware of and would love to be aware on are the current issues, right? I mean, come on, it is, as a matter or fact, the nature of humans to want take precaution with what's happening in the world and how they will be able to pave their way to move forward from there on, isn't it? And there's nothing wrong with that, really. There isn't. It's good to know what's up and what's down and be alert and all...

but sometimes, you have to look back.
I don't believe in Hakuna Matata.. and if you do, no offence, but..here's what I think. I do think that 'sometimes bad thing happens in the past, yes, but there's always a way for you to make a difference at present for the future of it.' Espescially if the past was manipulated.
Hakuna Matata means no worries.
And I think, if we live in no worries, we stop living.
There are things to be worried for, in life. Like your bloodpressure, your parents health, your academical future, your country's safety, your responsibility..
and yes, by responsibility, I know you know what I mean.

So, if you have to look back on the history and see it for yourself that the present is wrong, then do it. For today will be gone, but there's always tomorrow.

Going through history, Israel was said to be founded on the year of 1948 and since then, the brutal actions that they took, be it illegal or have somewhat caught the global attention, was simply tossed aside to not be further lamented by anyone in this earth. They'd do something cruel, they'll kill, they'll bomb, they'll rape, they'll attack an innocent ship, they'll do whatever, but they were able to remain doing what they do until today.

So, herm, what are their so call reason to be doing all this? What could be so massively important that they have to take the life of even women and kids and people not in the armed forces to realize this dream of theirs?
Well, when asked. This is what they say.

"There were no such thing as Palestinians. They simply did not exist."

And with that, they made it loud and clear, they claim that Palestine was totally theirs. Every inch. Every scrap. They said that, by generation, it was supposed to be their land. The claim was that King David (which is prophet Daud a.s) was a man of the Bani Israel decedent and during his time which was around 1000 B.C or so, he have a built kingdom centralized at Jerusalem, and after that, it was passed down to King Soloman (prophet Sulaiman a.s). So, what Benjamin Netanyahu laknatullah was telling the world is that the zionist mission is to bring back the kingdom that were built by King David long time ago. And they have their rights to kill because the people that lived there were just not supposed to be there.

Ironically, King David and King Solomon (Daud and Sulaiman a.s.) were also prophets in islam. And in the Quran, it was stated that David and Soloman built an empire, a kingdom that worships Allah s.w.t, inherits the teaching of Moses (Musa a.s) and not, as claimed, a secular and a racist kingdom. It was even stated in the history itself that there were numerous evidence that the people of the kingdom consisted of people from different tribes and races.

And therefore, this gives no reason whatsoever for the Zionist to claim that the land was simply theirs and that people coming from different races and religion at Palestine should be just abolished and destroyed. But, being arrogant, superpower and all, here's what they did. On the previous 17th of April, statistic has it that around 750,000 (that's one 1/3 of the people was Palestine) has been recorded since 1967 to have been abducted and arrested. And the polls included 12,000 women, almost ten thousands or more of children and old people.

There were also the Gaza incident, where a total of 1,300 people was killed. And then there were the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp slaughter tragedy where the number raised up to 3,000 to 3,500 people including babies, children and women all died in the most inhuman way possible. Be them raped and killed instantly or their guts get thrown over and their inside organs are all scattered around in pieces, it was totally unimaginable of what the Palestinian had to face.

And no, they didn't keep quiet about it. The zionist was proud to announce that they were going to continue to the program they called "Ethnic Cleansing"

And "Ethnic Cleansing" involved invading homes, property, lands, yards, everything. And one of the biggest agenda of invasion of the regime was to bring down Al-Aqsa, the holy Mosque of the muslims. Yes, that al-aqsa. That one that Prophet Muhammad told us that we have responsibilty towards. That very one, that he mentioned in his hadith that if there were no oil to burn the lamp so as to light the place, it is then, our duty as muslims to go and aid over for it is our responsibility that will be asked in the hereafter.

Today, the mosque have been attempted to being burnt down a few times, there's a tunnel underground currently being digged so that the base will part and bring the whole structure down to the earth. And what is the plan afterwards? Well, they're gonna build a temple on it. A temple where they will worship Satan and show their true side to the world. Them being zionist and freemasonist and all that.

Everyday, we hear on the news that peacekeeping were being held, United Nation is doing their best, America namely Obama, was trying to lead humanity and sanity back into the world and at the end, this all goes down to nothing but more killing.

There are zionist in United Nations and there are zionist in American political board.
and Why are we counting on them, again? err...
What,? They have the power?
No-we have the power.
We're muslims.

So, I figured it out, answering to all the questions that you guys asked me before,
well, today
I may not be able to make a change as much. I'm nowhere as close to be aiding the Palestinians, to be riding on trucks and handing out medical cares or u know, stuff, I'm also nowhere close to any stage to unite the Muslims to care, I'm also far far and far away from any highty-mighty political board of the any nation in the world. But you know, there's a cycle in life. Abraham Lincoln might want to hold America for as long as the earth remains but he died, anyway. Todays people will also die. And if He wills it, I'm gonna be somebody in the future. And you reading this, you're gonna be a somebody too. You'll be replacing people today.

Now, the difference that if so much that this blog can offer for the same pose of Dr. Ir. Mr. Dato. Tan Sri. Datin Paduka. YB, all...is the awareness of the responsibility.
And by that time, it's no longer a group of people just watching from afar, praying hard...
I believe. Do you?

by: FaithHana

there will be further evidences from historical view on the upcoming few posts. something that touches prophet yaakub (jacob), yusuf (joseph) and all. laters. stay onboard with the spirit. yeeha~
cokelatchip, saya lapar, penat menaip~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

upcoming documentary...yeeha!

Salam alaikum all,
Imagine you woke up at 4am this morning to the noisy sounds of sirens and gunshots in the air. The atmosphere was thick and dusty almost as if a sand tornado was present. Breathing was difficult it almost felt like asthma, no; worse. There were blinding flash of lights rotating around your home, some got penetrated through your bedroom window and hurt your eyes so much you had to look away. You rubbed your eyes a few times, knowing that it couldn't have possibly been anything worse than just a dream. You coughed a few times, one rougher after another. There were ongoing sounds of familiar screams that you recognized. There were shouts of names that you knew by heart. A heartbreaking cry of your neighbours' baby swelled in between of the mixed up chaos.
You peeped through the windows and a sudden chill ran through your spine.
(just something to get the mood going. .)

Oh God.
My stuff-to-do list have lengthened so much these days, I don't even know what to think. There's the medical check-up to be settled, the shopping for necessary stuff, still on the line the registration forms to be filled out completely...others..(I'm so exeggarating, I know).
The thing is, I'm not exactly sure if I am really ready to bring the college life on. I mean, I've always been the school-kinda person, not taking things seriously and let it lay back till the last minute stuff~...
Well, you gotta move on when you gotta move on..huh?
so, yeah, lets face the music, shall we?

And like what Cakelatchip have mentioned previously, yep, after 7 years of being at the same school, we'd be going to different places after this, taking different subjects, different course and being in totally different environment.

So, lets just cut the chase. Man..I'm pretty good at telling my own life updates, huh. ^^ I could go on and on easily. Like yesterday, my Mum and I went to this very cool place called the....
okay, no more.
Palestine. Palestine.

So, here's the real thing. A few months ago, one of my very very close relative came over to me and asked if I could help him to type up a paperwork for a TV documentary proposal that he had roughly drafted and was thinking of getting aired on the month of August this year. So, being totally unoccupied with studies and all, I said 'sure'. And only when I did type the proposal do I realize that it was a documentary about Palestine. Wow, I thought, this is cool~

A few weeks later, the proposal was accepted and so, the real work began. Come meetings and discussions all..things started to slowly shape up. And then, it was final. With the courtesy of CIMB bank as the main sponsor , Astro OASIS has agreed to air the documentary during the month of Ramadan this year. The documentary has 30 episodes and will be aired in Bahasa throughout the fasting month, that is..29 to 30 days.
The airtime would also most probably be around 6.30 pm to 7.00 pm so as to make it flexible for people to actually watch it.
And, the best part is, the 30 episode will cover all you need to know about the issue of Palestine since the time of Prophet Abraham until today.

So, if you are still, you know, clueless like I am and still finding answers of why exactly Palestine was attacked, where does this group of Israel came from, why do they want Palestine so badly they won't give it up?...stuff...here goes the answers....in a visual form, easy enough to be digested for everyone that knows Malay. There would be exclusive interviews with the experts, the priests to comment on the Bible's content regarding the issue, the contradictions of Israel's claim..and the painful reality that we all have to start taking action against and prove that we care. Or at least know about.

So, once the promotion is out and all, could you guys please like...spread it around to all espescially Muslims, asking them to watch this documentary while waiting for the Maghrib prayer? Because, somehow or other, this is like, one of the best method to let EVERYBODY understands. because, haha, everybody watches TV right?

And, well, the other day, while I was...whatever, I kinda had a look on the scripts for the voice overs and the narrator part for the documentary and it just hit me that hey, I could make those scripts my reference to blog, right? haha..and, for people that are thinking that they'd wanna watch the documentary, it would be no harm if I could lay out a thing or two from the episode just so that they could get the early picture before they watch the whole thing...ngee~

So, that's what I'm gonna do. I'll read the copyright material (with consent, of course) and blog about it when i have time. yeah, sure...

so, lets start.

by: FaithHana

p/s: oh, and I do hope all the Muslims in Malaysia are gonna watch the documentary.
Alamak...x smue org ade astro...aiya...~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just when you think a post couldnt get anymore random..!


Quick updates about my life, Alhamdulillah, most of my peers already enrolled in various matriculations and universities. Up down left right, they're everywhere!

And for others like me, I still havent moved on from the habits of 24-7 channels-surfing and over-sleeping. Both Faith and I are available at our homes until the end of this month, (yeay!) and we both are going to different places afterwards. (after seven years sharing same school names and adress, Im sure we'll be missing each other badly.. AWWW)

Sorry it took me so long to post sth (as if anybody was waiting for any post from me pffftt), but when youre stuck at home for months and barely step out into the world, your mind could go blank, literally.

These seven months of holidays have been the least productive months of my life..! Well, to describe how unproductive it was, if time is comparable to the sky, and the beneficial things of every day life were the rainbows and the stars, then my sky is pitch black, with moonless night. Absolutely no exaggeration here.

While I was trying to recall and list some of the things I've done for the past few months, I feel like.. like.. it was simply a simple repetitive routines. When I got a full free internet access at home to myself 24/7, I was.. unstoppable. And the days just went by so smoothly that sometimes I found myself couldnt care less about other things. Things like.. like this blog.

Upon opening a new tab in Google Chrome, youtube.com is always more preferable than alaqsaarmy.blogspot. And yes, even for me.

When it comes to getting a handful of information from the internet, looking up for blockbuster movie release date sounds a lot more interesting than searching for the date of the first intifadah.

When YouTube could offer latest music videos of beautiful gorgeous K-Pop stars, why would I bother to watch sad documentaries about the life of people in where the towering Wall divides the land. And where armed watchtowers, military checkpoints and barbed wire are filling up the place.

Sometimes, I am so proud to be the first among my friends that is kept updated about a movie star's controversial scandals, but I never feel it'd be something laudable to keep updated with what is happening in Gaza.

I can memorize the lyrics of a tongue-twister Japanese songs in no time, but I always fail to master even a line from the Quran mentioning the obligation to free the land of Baitulmaqdis.

I'm perfectly imperfect.

If I could go through everything and spend the precious moment to entertain myself, why couldnt I do the same for some more serious matter.


since we came across some stuff about the media, lets jump into a new related topic.

Since I was little, my dad loved to make me read the newspapers. He's a real genius when it comes to political issues or this country's latest policies and all that sort of boring stuff. "This world needs more 18-year-old knowledgeable girls who know exactly what is happening in this galaxy.. Not just what happens in the celebrities' world.." (he said when I was struggling to pull out the star's Show Biz section from the rest to be read first)

But the reason why I hate to read or watch the news so much (despite the fact that I am too lazy to cram the words into my brain) was because news from the mainstream medias is corrupted. Bias. Full of lies. And deceiving.

Flip the world newspaper now, you probably would notice that when a guy who happens to have a Muslim-Middle Eastern background commits a crime, we would read headlines like 'Middle Eastern Burglary' etc etc. Well, I never saw headlines that read Anglo-Murder or Caucasian-Rape, have you? Such media bias was obviously trying to make it looks like the guy's background/religion has anything to do with the crime he just committed.

And same thing happens when a group of Muslim-extremists perform a deadly act that kill hundreds of civilians. The world is told about how the act was a part of Muslims' obligations to do jihad. But we should know better that most of the facts were twisted and exaggerated. And even if they were real, it is not what Islam teaches the Muslims, at all. We dont attack UNLESS we were attacked. Period.

So yeah, dad. I hate watching the news. Sorry.


Sorry if this post has been so random.
I didnt plan to write about certain specific topics. And I got sick having to edit this post for the umpteenth times, so here's what went down. Of utmost importance is that I get my points across and my views heard.

"You've got enemies? Good. That means you actually stood up for something in your life."

Till then,
Cokelat Chip,
signing off