Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too late to repent, says WHO?

Salam Alaikum,

God! I can’t believe I have been edittng this post up to almost 5 times already. My English’s proper sentence structure is totally fading away thanks to all those Phua Chu Kang’s grammar lesson I have to deal with.Duh.

So, okay. If you’re reading this, then, that either means I’m pretty satisfied with this post or I just can’t be bothered to crack my brain anymore to edit it up. So, chill. And, no, today, the subject is not regarding SPM result or 'What's best for us' or any of the things you are expecting a former SPM candidate to be writing upon. In fact, today, I will be touching on the topic that CokelatChip have mentioned before. The disasters.

Because, somehow or other, even if the disasters did not take place in our own country as we’re reading this, or our own city or place or home or well, wherever we are at that particular moment it happened, it is still related to us. Confirmed.

Because why? Because, as a matter or fact, whatever that is happening in this world connects back to us. Be it social problems, epidemic disasters, world financial problem or what not, these things are going around in circles, illusionly sucking us into the matter. And if we want to stay away and be totally alienated by the circumstances; we can. It is a choice. Only that it would do no good and frankly speaking, I loathe people who can’t seem to be bothered about the world’s state or at least find a way to see these matters that are happening as something worth taking time to analyze for.

In terms of Islamic understanding, I know, I am in no high post whatsoever to be the one harping upon the subject of Relating the disasters Islamically, but if there is one thing I would love to share my opinion about; it would be this matter.

The way I see it, it’s pretty straightforward. The earth and us both belongs to Him. That is one thing we often forget.

No matter how powerful we become, no matter how many changes we make, no matter how much control we hold, it’s His. And He can take it all back, whenever He wants to.

Looking at the disasters that are happening like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruption and all, it is only relevant enough to say that the humans are afraid of what will happen next. Everyone had known for long that human’s power are limited to an extent. But everyone failed to bow down and accept that fact. We prefer to act superpower and arrogant, am I right or wrong?

For example to what have been happening at Japan, for instance, humans- they can shape up the strongest, anti-earthquake system nuclear power plant and get certified by dozens of reliable organizations and yet, if it happens, it happens. There’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Me, myself, for example. I am sitting on my bed now, typing this away on the laptop in total peace. I am by right 100% sure that the electrical system in my house is safe to use and will not cause any harm to me or my family under any cause. Then again, as I reached down to pull the plug connecting to the computer, one buzz of electric shock goes through me and stopped my heart beat. As simple as that, I could have just died.

Humans can only control so much.

And I question you, if the catastrophic disasters are scaring you, what are you scared of exactly? Is it death? Is it being tumbled upon buildings wall and feeling the pain? Is it the horror of not being able to live and experience university life or marriage? Or what?.

I am- in fact, among the infinite number of people that fear death. I am no angel and I know that my day will come, disasters or not. I know that when it happens, nothing can stop it. Nothing. Even the most powerful technology human can create-nothing. Death is planned well for every human. They get their own death in their own way. Varies between people and undeniably, what will happen down there 7 feet under will also vary.

At this very second, the reason why I am having the chance to write this down and you’re having the chance to read this up is because of the power of Allah. He wills for this to happen and if He wants me to be dead tomorrow, due to anything, He can also wills it.

So, before my time comes, before I can no longer face this laptop or the world in general, I would like to take us to ponder for a while towards ourselves and reflect the happenings of the world, for once.

As days passes, the world living in now is getting full with sins. What's with people killing each other, having sex, gamble, ruthless concerts and all, we can't deny the fact that it's not only the earth being sick, it's the people who can't run away from being sick-minded. The dark side of the world is creeping in and What did we, the Muslims do? we follow the tracks~

I question you and myself. Just, think about it for a moment. What are the things in this world that we do that we are not proud of and would be totally ashamed if it is brought to the hereafter to be judged? What are the things, that we feel, we have taken so much time for and it has controlled us in some ways even though we keep on denying it? What are the things that we keep on doing eventhough we sometimes feel guilty about it? What are the things that we do that if Rasulullah is here to witness us doing it, he'd cry for sure, looking at how far we've cheated ourselves?

Let's for once think about ourseleves and our own spiritual needs. Yes, we do have the dream of changing the world and making it a better place. But, we can't neglect our own world. Our own self. This being that has a choice of either working our way to heaven or otherwise.

The disasters that are happening in the world could also be because the world is ending. It could also be a reminder to us, humans, that keep on giving excuses. Allah have a reason for everything. And if one of the reasons is to knock the door of repent in our hearts, then lets open it. How much longer do we need? How much more disasters would it take for us to see that we're nothing.

After all, we can only see our BIRTH CERTIFICATE. When death is lurking, no one knows.

An earthquake can also lands on your country. A car can also knock you down the street. A venomous bee can also sting your gut. And a bullet can also hit your chest. Repenting doesn't mean we have no life. Repenting doesn't mean that we get no fun. It only means that we understood our place and we are willing to let go ofindulging ourselves in the luxure of world heaven and endless excitement of maksiat.

And if you can't stop rapidly, lets take it slowly. An constantly.

This is a reminder for myself, as I have been swayed away too at some point. And I thank God, He still let me live today for I can't imagine dying in the state of gushing over somethings I shouldn't be.

Life is short, who are we to give excuses?

I'm striking for a change. And I hope you will too. Because no mater how angelic you are, you also make mistakes. And you still don't know your place. We're on par, dudes.

by: FaithHana

(taking the disasters as a push of reminder. Before it's too late)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a sick round old earth we're currently living on

Man, its been like forever since i last published a post in this blog. and a lot of things have happened since then. to me personally as well as to the world generally.. my reason for not writing in this blog for so long would be because i spent days and months worrying my not-perfect-english would kinda spoil the whole mood of you readers to ever read and revisit this blog ever-again.. haha. and also i admit it, sometimes ive been busy on the other not so important things in the world that could eventually lead me to nowhere..

so here i am, with a slight push from my buddy, FAITH, i decided to come back and maybe discussed about things currently happening to my and OUR world right now.

if you spend you days at home and listen to the news on tellies or even read berita harian newspaper or so, you must be fully aware of the world's current situation right now, right? flashfloods in queensland; australia, earthquakes in Christchurch; NZ, then another one in China, then another massive one with the magnitude 9.0 in Japan and all other similar stuff that keep happening on our world today. reading about them alone is enough to send shivers to my spine. a ferocious tsunami spawned by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded slammed Japan's eastern coast, killing hundreds of people as it swept away boats, cars and homes while widespread fires burned out of control.

a total of almost 12000 people have been assumed died of it (including quite a number of still-missing people)

and to make things sound a lot worse, the tsunami caused a nuclear plant in Fukushima to mulfunction, overheated, finally causing it to blow- even the attempt by the Japanese military helicopters to dump sea water onto reactors at the crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex in a desperate effort to cool them down wasnt working.

the blow caused radiation level rising until it is now announced that that place and others near it is no longer safe. u guys learnt biology right? suppose you know that exposure to a very high radiation/rays from nuclear explosion could penetrate into your body, your cell, even your DNA, causing a mutation there. its a BIG DEAL, guys!

i cant even read the newspapers everyday without worrying and wondering about what is going to happen tomorrow and the next day and the day after- if this never-ending catastrophies just wont stop. its a scary world out there! who knows, malaysia is going to be next? who knows, the person that's not surviving it is going to be me? and quoting back faith's say,, tsunami or not, we just might die tomorrow. of accidents, of heart attack, of diseases, who knows? its anytime from now, anyhow, anywhere.. its a fact we have to face: I AM NOT GOING TO BE IN THIS WORLD FOREVER.

the world has really really really came to it's end. we need a wake up call. we are not even sure if there's gonna be another tomorrow for us. what more if there's a future awaiting. but since we're here today, now, why not make the best of it and PREPARE for the akhirat. so then we'd not regret saying "ive seen so many disasters and catastrophies as His signs of keep reminding us that this world is ending, but i keep ignoring it and now look at where it had put me in." but there's no turning back then.
its not a matter of WHEN AM I GOING TO DIE anymore, instead, it's time to ask ourselves, HAVE I DONE ENOUGH TO DESERVE MYSELF A PLACE IN JANNAH?
lets not forget that we are here for a purpose. it's memakmurkan bumi dengan agama Allah, kan?

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