Saturday, August 29, 2009

Right.. Read this first. Then, we'll talk.

United States and European governments want the Palestinians to set up a government of non-partisan technocrats. That would spare them the problem of deciding how to deal with representatives of Hamas,
which they call a "
terrorist group".
The West had shunned a previous national unity government headed by Hamas after it had won parliamentary elections in 2006. Many Arabs and Palestinians said Western powers were punishing the Palestinians for their democratic choice. But several participants, including senior Fatah official Ahmed Qurei, refused to rule out the possibility of a cabinet that represents the different groups. "It could be a government of groups, it could be a government of technical experts or it could be a government of technocrats," he said, adding the type of the cabinet was up to the committee handling the issue. The Islamist group Hamas and the rival Fatah group, which dominates the Palestinian Authority, have different visions of the crucial question of how to deal with Israel. Hamas, which has controlled Gaza since June 2007, reserves the right to fight Israel, although it is prepared to accept an 18-month truce. Fatah, which controls the West Bank, has renounced violence and puts all its hope in negotiations.
One participant said a disagreement emerged in the talks about the fate of the upcoming legislative and presidential elections. He said several groups wanted to set a fixed date in January 2010 for the polls to allow President Mahmoud Abbas to remain in power unchallenged as long as possible. But the final statement said the polls would take place by January 2010, leaving open the possibility of early elections.


I'm not in the best of mood.
Yes, I'm not. Which is weird coz it's holiday...
Oh..that reminds me. IT'S ABOUT TO END SOON!!

No wonder..

let's get down to business.

here's the news.
Like what you've all read up there. Yup, the controversy of Hamas-Fatah issue is still in the air. And like big saviours so as they call it, the US and the European governments are being liable caretaker, pushing up all their effor
ts to save Palestine from further distruption or politic problems for the better good of the global world in the future.

Just bloody great, isn't it.

What else would they do to proove to us that they're the heroes for all the problems they themselve have created?

I dunno. I just seriously don't.

There are a lot of things I can say about all
those speeches, those meet-ups negotiations, those press pack confrences bla bla bla multimillion dollar so call project for peacekeeping and bla bla bla effort to save the war from becoming a global pandemic and yada yada yada.

Oh, sod it.
p/s : I'm currently busy with packing and all. A 'real article" coming up soon.

by: don't-wanna-go-back-to-hostel

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back again...for God knows how long x b'blog.

Salam, everyone.

*cracking knuckles*
How to start, huh?
Been long since my last time bkk this blog. I mean, mmg la slalu bkk kat KSK, but not to post anything up coz there wasn't much time n plus, on duty so..
In like one minute scrolling, tbe2 someone would come over minx scan pendrive la, print kan tu nie la, nak bayar harge printer, coloured paper bla bla bla, so...
yeah, it's been a while.

And then, came back home to spend time with family ie, no internet.
And just as everything's so perfect having a week off without any exams waiting on the line as soon as we get back, BUM!!
Rmh lak xde line coz the tmnet has things to do bla bla bla.

Follow my sister to her Institute today so we could both go Mid Valley for some MPH fun afterwards n ha-ha, there's internet. So, ape lg. Though I don't bring along the book with all my notes in, lets just say, I'm dying to write up something in here.

Not that there are tonnes of people waiting for our next post..(i know), but just you know....
my friend used to tell me something that until now, just hung heavily in me heart.

Allah x pandang hasil,
Allah tengok usaha kita.

And insyallah, I believe, that though my writing is not as good as many other big bros and sis out there and those who are expert enough in changing the minds of people who have bad impressions towards us, muslims, I believe that somehow, things can change if I try harder. Maybe today, it's a blog. Maybe tomorrow it's a book.
And maybe someday, it's a speech.
By me.
You never know...
Life, it's full of surprises.