Friday, April 16, 2010

the unfinished job


2.20 am now, at home (finally).

gosh, it has been so so long since i've ever posted anything here. n dont blame me for it, it hasnt been my choice either..

so, palestine, independence, peace,, i wonder kenapa those words are not that familiar terucap kat bibir2 kita nowadays?

have the palestinians gained independence?? are they not in war anymore? is it all over?

I dont think so.

stimes, we dont forget, but we do forget to remember.. but still, it shouldnt be an excuse..

'though we're not one of them; that have to directly face the enemies with stones and blood, and though it's not our family that is being brutally murdered every day,,, it doesnt mean we escape from the responsible to free palestine. There are great responsibles we carry on our shoulders too, for Allah will ask us about it later.

to remind those who knew this all along and to tell it to those who hasnt heard it before, IT IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL MUSLIMS AROUND THIS PLANET EARTH TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE, FOR AL-AQSA IS NOT THEIRS ALONE, BUT OURS TOO. yusuf al-qaradawi.

so have we done enough to free any of them?

i'd like to share a story i've heard from a friend currently in france. she said this,

imagine if you are a student with a limited pocket money....
with a dash of luck, one day, you receive a bonus from your scholarship-sponsor, worths about RM 5000. for someone with a tight budget, when suddenly luck says hi, you'd be eager to spend the money for the things that you love, right? so then you have your way to louis vuitton, in search of your favourite super expensive pair of shoes. youve always wanted to buy one anyway..

then you found the right shoes, sparkling diamonds right on top of it, real animal skin in and out.. The shoes were perfect and you cant wait to wear it to the upcoming functions.

on your way to the cashier counter, suddenly, you receive a call from a friend, Kucha. Kucha suffered from a serious leg-disease, where if she doesnt get a treatment and surgery soon enough, she'll lose both her legs. she is so desperate that she has to call to beg for some help, for money> for the surgery. and it costs RM4000.

so what would you do?

you'd have to make a choice...

you could end her pain instantly. but are you gonna do that?

Would you proudly wear RM5000 shoes on your legs when your friend would lose both of hers?
you would have the chance to look super pretty but your friends would lose the chance to walk... would you let her suffer so you can live your perfect never-there-was-any-problem-life? are you that self-centered? do you live in this world alone?

the choice is in your hands
and only you can choose which.

this story fits the real situation.

maybe the palestinians wouldnt give you a call and ask for help directly, but knowing that you have the ability to help and if you dont, it would cost them dearly, wouldnt you help? are we still gonna let the media fools us?

we still buy israel products, dont we? we still believe totally what the media says, and we still shut our mouths when others are hurting our religion. we still live our life happily, never once worries crossed over our minds. we care for ourselves, and ourselves only. we care about silly small issues that're not worth it. THEN IT MEANS, WE JUST BOUGHT THE RM5000 SHOES AND WE HAD LET KUCHA LOSES HER LEGS..
So where do we stand? what is our contribution?

lets muhasabah diri balik, and constantly remind ourselves. be grateful for what we have and by that, contribute back to our people.

"Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?"
by Cokelat Chip

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We're fighting, they're smilling; dudes.

So, the last post wasn't really up to my satisfaction. I was practically dead bored at that time and therefore, yeah, like some of u would probbly hv said it, I didnt sound like me that much.
Right, eh?
Wanted to delete the post...
but then..
just, u never know, if some people do felt something after reading it
yeah, let it stay.

Just have been reading some magazine like three seconds ago, and that temptation to write just swirls in,
so, since it's only 8 o'clock, I'll take this half an hour to construct something.
Ok, ready?
*crack knuckles* *neck spin* one, two...

Okay, so...the label of 'terrorist' like we all have heard it, somehow evolves around the Muslims more than any other religion on this era, hey?
No, I am rite.
Lets go with facts.
How many terrorist label has the media gifted away?
Be it in terms of religion, political, or what not,
if you are armed and you're going against no, not the government, if you're against some big power like the America or the Israel or UN or something..
U are terrorist
even if you're doing the right thing
even if its abnormal and simply illogical to put the blame on u
even if its your country and you're the government and you're supposed to be ruling it...
if the big powers says no, and you said "who am I to care?",
you'll be gifted that label.... and there's nothing you can say about it.

TERRORIST goes for negotiation.
Bombs at centrepoint by TERRORISTS
TERRORISM embarks..

Blah blah blah..

Facts says it, that the Muslims are known to get this label pretty often.

Moro Race- fought for their rights
Pattani - rose for independence at their own country (Thai)
GAM (Gerakan Acheh Merdeka) - again, independence in their own proper borders...
Kashmir - fought with the Indian government for their rights..
Chechen - Again, for race rights, they fought with the Russian
Afghanistan - Though they have once fought paralelly with America and Pakistan to destroy the Soviet Union, today, if they back away and try to escape out of the grasp of the chocking powers, they'll get the label.
Afghanistan - fought with Russian when they were invaded.
Palestine-Israel. Who got the label? Who terrorize at who's country?

Everyone knows for sure, which sounded far right more than wrong. And yet, everyone depended solely on some other thinkers out there to think for them.

I watched a broadcast of some travelling segments years ago. And I remembered watching an episode of the traveller going aboard to the states, at one of the big city (not washington), new york, maybe, where some of the citizens (mostly teenage dudes) were handing out flyers, remembering the incidence of 11/9
And the way they put it, the way they explained to the passers-by and people who were intrested in knowing; it shocked me.
The dudes were explaining that the case, as proven, wasn't like how the propaganda made it.
They lay out the facts, they talked about how Iraq didn't do it...
How it was all a set-up plan blah blah..

One elderly came out angrily and shove that dude aside and asked him
"Are you American?"
and he said "Yes"
"Aren't you bringing shame to your own country?"
and he said . "Isn't my country bringing shame to me?"

The elderly was like...*baffled* "How can you say that? What has America done to you? You know about this incident? Do you just know how many people died in this building because the Muslims planned it?"

"Do you," the dude said. "know that our own government are killing its own people.And there, at Iraq, at Aghanistan, at Palestine, do you know how many they terrorize, how many women our soldiers kill, how many girls they raped.."

"RAPED?!! Rape?! Oh my God! Don't you give me that?! They are the terrorist, not us. We don't do what they do."

The dude laughed and I did to synchronizingly.
How absent-minded.
How come he doesn't know..

Mr, it's more than just raping. It's more than that..
And if you don't know, don't pretend like you do.

People are only spreading the label of terrorism today because they thought they know any better, that hey, I'm someone that read news...
but logic, knowledge and all that...that has to be parallel alongside with what you recieve
you don't just take in everything..
if you do
then the big powers will win.

spread the love, eat the cake

by : FaithHana

That's three post in a row this weekend! Read them, or it'll be a total waste of my time putting the words together =) Thank u all. I'll write again soon. And by 'soon', I mean...well, you know what I mean.. ^^

Freaky thoughts..


I got the opportunity to fly back home again this week.
Due to, of course, my unexplainable feet injury which I might call from now on ' a blessing n disguise' n it is so true.
Drove me awy from the hecticness of living in a hostel n back to this truly home sweet home of mine.
So, yes, thank you, Allah.

As usual, i'm pretty packed up with stuffs at the moment which will ultimately be one of the reasons again why I didn't update my blog, why didn't I answer the mails or what not.
So, before the real holiday comes (where everyone actually goes back home n not only me ^^), let me update another post over so I wont hv to bother with the excuses and the sorrys later on.

n to the answer for some of u that asked me, okay if u wanna follow this blog privately. No biggies.

with what life could call it 'a crazy roller coaster' going on back at the hostel, sometimes after you leave the tracks, many things could somewhat surprise you.
Like how actually stable the earth was and not like the crazy ride you just had. Or how everyone is actually not that ugly like the terror-stricken face you kept on seeing when u took that ride.
the point is...
if you've been meddling in something for so long
once you leave it
its weird..

Like a few days ago, when I entered the office of my school to ask one of the big bosses there to sign my slip so that I could go home over the weekends, I noticed a big flat screen hanging on the wall and couldnt help asking whether the thing on air is a tv broascast or someone's playing an everlasting advertistment on and on...
my math teacher happened to pass by and I asked her and she was like..
"That's freaky. Not to know the TV. It's TV3 la kakak..The advertistments are known to be over 4 minutes long."

well duh..
there's no TV in the hostel.
There's one.
At the canteen. N the boys conquered that port every night.
You know...Boys...

N there was the time when I asked my mum for towel n she handed me one with the name TOSHIBA embroidered on it and I was like...
"Seriously, what else that is going on that I do not know?"

Of course, pretty much everything...

The towel she gave me didn't have that much of an absorbent effect.
Though of course, I would have thought of it to be so much of a quality.
N then it just got me.

What if...tomorrow, one day when I wake up outside of my hostel life, I go to the stores and pick up something that is so much of a Malaysian product and later on, some sources inform me that
"heyy, do u know that that brand is also another Israeli's biggest profitable product of the year"

this happened before.
There had been many times I bought something like...
a fruit lassi for instance
n just at my last drop, I noticed a small box under the nutrition facts saying that
this product is ......
n like...
great. thank u. how can i not notice that!

so, what if...
if tomorrow i wake up and found out that all te alternatives that I have today..
are no longer alternatives..
that they have conquered everything, leaving you no choice but to buy,

i mean, come on, for God sake. They must have write it down somehow. Their plans..
to invade all product possible in the market.
Are you scared?
Don't be.
I'm not writing these down so we'll all be scardy mouse and so much afraid to face the future.
I guess we have to start expecting the unexpected. N not just to expect..we take actions.

We go from basics..
Like malls. Like TESCO, JUSCO, ASDA, BIG W, FRESCO...
If there's a big shopping mall in every country called HALAL or something like that...that is 100% owned my muslims and all the products in there r guaranteed halal n satisfaction guaranteed of high quality...or what not
we wouldn't have to live in this fear of eating something that would benefit the third party.
we'll feel so much safer...

n then
COSMETICS..Beauty products, fashions..
women stuff...n all that.
Today, yeah..
we have the franchises, we have some market at place for all those muslimahs stuff u'd love to get.
But it's not as KAA-BOOM!
If you have like one stop-point owned my the muslim that shakes the world
with its fabolousness
n yet, maintain the islamic idenity according to the al-Quran and as-sunnah.
wouldn't that just be fab

n then the entertainment industry.
if we get to somehow have our own
muslim international channel or something like that...
that combines all...everything accordingly...
ike our own Disney Channel kind of thing...
all that fun stuff that twirls in Islams way of putting it
in the halal and most respected manner of all..

Couldnt help...
but the question
where is our standpoint?
when can we stop complaining...??
when can we conquer what they conquer today??

In the previous years, way back, way back...
during the rising era of Islam..
we conquered 2/3 of the world
and everything was at our hands..
education, economy, politics....
with the khilafah one could deny our unity..

n if that was the past
that was us
we could do it again.. today

one step at a time,
we study hard, we work hard, we create ...
in the name of Allah, if we all strive together
we'll win for sure.

Look at our numbers..
and look at how we're far behind
it's not the time to just cry on and on, to repent, to regret...

it's time to have a goal and to achieve it
not just for us
but to a whole new generation that awaits..
the generation of islam
who at that time
will have to lead their ways like how we are today..


but if we can counter that from now on
if we can start planting the roots, they can fertilize them in the future..
n before we know it, islam is growing back in...further upholded...
n one day
Palestine will be free.
We'll get Al-Aqsa back. N our dream won't just remain a dream.

Ya Allah...
Guide us. Give us the intelligence, give us the opportunity..
give us faith, n give us willingness to embrace Islam and to have the strong will to uphold it.
Ya Allah...
Allow us to give contribution to the jihad we try to potray.
Help us live a good life for us and others..
Help us see the faces of muslimeen and muslimat of a free Palestine..
Dont U let us die as anything except almusyahidin..

Allah had given us so many ways to make up..we just have to find them
step by step.
into a better world


spread the love : by : FaithHana