Friday, December 18, 2009

Last post of the year by me, Faith

First of all, Happy Awal Muharam everyone. MAY next year be a better year for all of us.
This would be my last post for this year, hopefully. No, definetely. Since I got to be away from the internet for a while. =)

May next year this blog keeps on going, amin.

So, here goes. The last post. Read well.It's a bit long, I know. But just read it.^^

Somehow or other, the way I look at the world today is so much different to how I did a few years ago. Maybe because, well, most people said, you tend to change your way of thinking as you grew along or....

maybe it's because too many things have been happening these few years.
Infact, like my Dad always tell me, these changes happened so fast, it's almost as if they're striving to meet THE END.You know what I mean.

I guess I've wrote about this before.
But let me recap, incase we all forgot.
For instance, technology.

Humans have been waiting for technology for dead long.
And for the past 50 years, if we look back, our iPhone today didn't even exist. People had the rough idea of making phones, so they produce the big bulky ones. N then, start the cordless one, the size of briefcase, mainly dominated by the riches.
N then, the size went smaller.

N the start the buttons.
N colours started merging in.
N then you get polyphonic.
N then, you have camera installed in.
And internet. 3G, 4G.
N thn you only have to touch it, no more buttons.
And today, slim iPhone.

N Tomorrow..
Things happened rapidly in this 50 years, and for people who noticed it, it is somewhat scary.
For me, it's no big deal.
There was a phone when I was born and still there is a phone today, so...
But for the elders, they see the changes.

As far as tchnology is concerned, yeah, there has been massive changes since that day to these days.
And so, the mind set of people, the way of thinking amongst us, has abruptly changed too.
That's why people that cannot accept changes are seen as "kolot" or having stone-aged way of thinking. Coz mordern means there's a new way for people to accept stuff.
That's why, if we looked back, last year, when Barack Obama became president for U.S, it's not a big surprise. It could have been a total bizzare if this happened 50 years ago, mutually impossible. But last year, it happened. A revolution.

People changed..

We have, like it or not, developed a few same mindsets in the group that we belong.
The people at the States, they take blacks as no longer a prejudice matter.
The people at Malaysia, they respect each other, even in the midst of various culture.
The people at Africa, they started developing though once traditional was the way they wanted to be.
Revolution and mindsets are brothers.

So, lets look at a different angle that we have, today.
The Christians, the Jews, the Muslims, the people with other religions.
Changes of time, changed our mindsets.
In the group that we belong.

From the Turkish taxi driver that drove my Dad and I back to our home, last November, to the Iranian plumber that came through my door, trying to help fixing the pipe today, I noticed the same thing. People's mindset really is being potrayed wildly these days. Even people with less responsibility (no offence, mr. driver and mr.plumber) have taken time their time to dwell upon the huge difference in the world today. And they knew a lot. They argue about things, they give out facts, they tell us what they know, even with struggling in English, we got the message;
people today care.

And eventhough I didn't get to notice the massive change of technology and how it influences everyday life, in my life of being a 16 years old today, I was gifted enough to notice something else; that. Changes of mindsets, changes due to what happened and the events that follows.

The turkish taxi driver (in his own way of english) said salam to my Dad and instantly we knew he's a muslim. So, in the car, my Dad started it. At first, my Dad tried to engage his attention, telling him how we,my family has some turkish blood in us and bla bla bla (no lies, it's really true, hehehe), n then, they started talking on how it happened, how my grandfather have to endure many obstacles to get to Malaysia during the war and stuff. So, came the discussion on world war 2, then 11/9, then the holocaust, the afghanistan-russian attack, the Palestine-Israel war, the conquer of Baitul Maqdis, the negotiation of the Sultan to not give away the land of Palestine and his words, the state of America which is in terrible debt and in bad shape, the conquer of Costantine Nople by Sultan Muhammad al-Fattah.. N then they started going on the dreams of the muslims That the glory times would arise again. That Muslims will unite and win. That love for jihad will bloom endlessly...

And how today, Muslims made a lot of mess everywhere, corruptions and all, how Muslims countries betrayed one another. How Iran and Iraq issue is still unsettled because of greed and manipulations and all.
He's a taxi man. And he's a muslim. He has that and he holds to it. And me and him, we share the same dream. Coz we're in the same group. As muslims.

N then, there's the plumber who came fixing our pipe today. He's an iranian, he's a muslim too. But he drinks wine, (he said he didnt like the taste, duh...) and he have stayed at Austria for more than few decades or so, so he noticed a lot of things.
My mum told him that Austrian people, some, are quite rough, not really as friendly as the Japanese. But some are very, very, nice, even better than the Malaysians themselves.

So, he said, it might be because we're Muslims ie because we're covering our heads, thats why people tend to be rough. He, himself, he has no problem cause, well, he's a man. No one knows anything unless he shows it.
So, my mum argued back saying that it wasnt a problem a few years ago, infact, no one ever cared about what religion you are during those times. As long as you don't bother one another, duing stupid stuff that annoys the other party, things went smooth.

But today, even if you didn't do anything, you'll get glares. Or they'll like discriminate you and bla bla. My Mum's student got discriminated coz she wont go to pub, wont drink alcohol, wont eat pork and all. I mean, what's the big deal?
She can't do those stuff.
We, Muslims wouldn't, couldn't and shouldn't do it. And this is what we get when we wanna uphold our own religion without us giving any problem to them?
it's not like the pub'll go brankrupt or something if we dont go in.
It's so unfair.

If they can accept vegetarians, why cant they accept some other people that don't just reject stuff unnecessarily. Is it just because we're Muslims?

So the man said back that it might probably because some Muslims at Austria are migrants from other countries, and they, they kinda do stuff that makes Austrians here annoyed. Like crimes, robbery, beggars at the street wearing scarves. (the beggars are not Muslims, they wore scarves because they wantedto gain attention, nd when you give them money, they said thanks and show you the "cross sign". Weird.)

Or maybe because, people has changed their mindsets since 11/9
The Americans, through media help, have succeeded in giving the Muslims a bad, bad look. They managed to somehow potrays us as terrorist through what they did. Even, yes, eventhough the story of the pentagon and how the explosions happen to come nowhere from Iraq and from the inside of the building itself has been exposed to the world, mindsets cant be changed just simply. People that holds on to what they believe, remains that way.

Imagine, for instance.

If a bread, let say, brand ToastWaffle became popular and known by all, and every folk in every city has no problem with ToastWaffle. And then suddenly one day, the newspaper gave out an extraordinary report, shocking to everyone’s eyes that ToastWaffle is believed to have mucor breeding in its dough and currently have killed 500 people at one corner of the country that has been consuming that brand.
The next day, ToastWaffle was said to be shut down because of the harm and negative impact it is giving to the society. And therefore, ToastWaffle should be banned.
After a few months, the newspaper gives out a report, declaring that everything was a big, fat, lie. ToastWaffle was framed by some idiots and that 500 people, due to investigation that was carried out, was believed to have died because they drank water from a harmful bacterial river near their homes and the cause of death has nothing to do with ToastWaffle. No such mucor has ever existed and ToastWaffle was on market again and that no one should have any worries for that matter.

I ask you, will people go and buy ToastWaffle after months of boycotting it. No.
Surely enough, they must have landed on some other brands, WhiteFlour or JuicyYeast or HomeDough or whatever! Some must still have their doubts, whether the declaration is actually true? And some, don’t even know that ToastWaffle has been framed and that’s why they’re back on business. These people are the kinds of people that take everything in, believe in whatever they hear and simply make conclusions on their on. They don’t read newspaper, they don’t watch news, they don’t know anything and these are the troublesome groups that keep giving glares. Keep boycotting, keep telling everyone how ToastWaffle killed people when ToastWaffle did nothing at all! And even have been proved so!
See? Mindsets cant just change.
Mindsets are something big that requires a very influential source for it to change. Media is big. Total big. People that wrote down news, I don’t know if they realize it, but billions of mind sets for generations after generations depends on them.

And sad to say, some mindsets remains unchanged, even when the Muslims are proven to not be the terrorist. Even when Iraq clearly been stated as to have been framed, some people just didn’t bother. For them, what they heard once, said it all. And that is what they’ll belief.Terrorist label remains as so. Furthurmore, with the media transparenting the acts of some Muslims that is definitely wrong, like robbing, raping and all, they have more reasons to keep prejudicing.
Sure, other people with many other religions rob, rape, beg, yes.
But I told ya, Media controls everything. If JuicyYeast’s bread suddenly have fungus, people would pay attention less than if the critically acclaimed ToastWaffle suddenly do.
And what the hell, why am I blaming media?
Some Muslims, they just don’t get it.
Why are you, you, who carries the name of Islam, go and do all those kinds of stupid action? Don’t you get it? You rob once, people look at your name and religion, their mindsets stuck to that!
It’s enough that some parties are trying to make us look bad, you don’t have to contribute making it look worse, Mr.
Yes, it’s true that the media could sometimes be unfair, that they are bias, one sided, trying to potray Muslims according to the understandings that they want to set.
That doesn’t mean that they are wrong in doing so.
Coz some of the Muslims, that carry their identity as Muslims, go and help them get the new issues without trouble. I mean, of course, I’m always pissed off when the media manipulates story; what Muslims didn’t do, they say, we do. But when Muslims really did it, then it’s not the Media to be blamed alone.
It’s them.
And us, together.
Coz we’re in the same group.
That carries the same name.
So, I say.
I say ,if we can’t change the mindsets as we have no power, absoloutely zero in doing so, can’t we do the simplest task as to take good care of ourselves and be the filter of whatever that may bump upon us?
If we, smile, help, contribute to others, have good manners, people will see Muslims as a group of good people, though we alone did it.
Sure we have desire, we have things we wanna do, but if we can fight that out, we’re changing one mind after another.
Someone that may hate Muslims like mad would probably think twice when they see how we are.
How Muslims really are!! and not how they heard it. We can make a change. Even if we don’t have any power. Let us strive hard to the day that people’s mindsets towards us, are stronger than what the media can say.

I have faith that one day, things will change. After all, I’ve witnessed it changed once. It can reverse again. I don’t want to live in a world that is full of robotic mindsets. If I can one day make Muslims be looked upon as how it was looked upon a few hundred years ago during the glory days of Islam, I’d rest in peace, knowing that mindsets like that is what is needed for the world to become a better place for generations. And for me to gain Jannah.
I’m not asking the whole world to become Muslims as guidance comes from Allah and He gives it to whoever He wants to, but I can pray for that, or at least, that Muslims, who are already Muslims be Muslims, the way they should be. And people who are not Muslims accept us, the way we are and the way our religion wants us to be.

It’s a pity if we fall to the mindsets that some idiots planted on us. When we can, make a change.


p/s: Thanks for reading, guys. You don't know how much I appriciate that. And to fellow buddies that have supporting, fellow followers, comments givers, outside-of-blog supporters, may Allah bless you all and grant you another good year to come. Amin.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The signs


So maybe somtimes our faith went up and down..

the biggest greatest present one can get, hidayah, nurr, petunjuk, whatever you wanna call it, has always been there..

we just have to search.

sometimes we hope if we reach certain level of faithfulness, we often ask Allah for the big signs of his wondrous creations.. just, maybe a dash of miracle could happen to ourselves..

but cant we just see that everything (i mean everything) around us is a miracle of His creation. from the teeny little microorganisms to the biggest universe out there laid the signs we're looking for.

this video right here, is a MUST WATCH one. watch it until it's end, youll see what i was talking about..

p/s : please stop the background music first..

i love this video, i love this man, i wish i was him!

"still, cant you see HIS miracles?"


the world we're living in


school holidays = good = will end soon = not good

but before it ends and spoilt my mood for the whole week, lets talk about sth crazy.

this time, lets talk about prejudism.

not too sure.. does the word prejudice could really fit with -ism at the end, but then, you got the point, right..? so lets move on.

yes, i would say PREJUD-ism is a crazy thing. it's stupid but that's what people do, almost every day, every minute, every second.

(by doing it, i mean staring at people and hate them for the way they look and they way they dress, hating the fact that some people are different with others..)

this video is made to prove how hard and challenging it is to live as a Muslim in the United States. its like a research-thing going on.. social behavior thing..

the woman in tudung, masuk kedai kene hina dgn salesman and observe what reactions do we get from org sekitar tu.. support muslim? ikut hina muslim? or simply do... nothing.?

some people even commented;

"How hard is it for an American to live in a Muslim country???
How hard is it for a christian to live in a muslim country???"


"Can I build a church in Saudi Arabia. Can I go around openly and talk about my Christian,
Hindu or other faith or hand out literature on it???
Can I write in the press what I want??
C'mon...might be paradise for brainless millionaires, but not for a free spirit!"


"u cant build a church .. but there is a church for you here in saudi arabia ..
u cant talk about christianity
and u cant write whatever you want in the press but
you are not tracked by FBI and you dont get treated badly by the government"


this is just one teeny wheeny little part of it. things like this happen everywhere in the world. be it in a non-muslim country or even a muslim country..

"still feel we're in a happy safe world?"


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


good to be typing again..
it's been long enough since i last opened this blog...

O Allah, this world has been an extremely testing one.
describing palestine currently this time, let me just use pictures..
wont take much time just to scroll down,


cedera sorang mujahid, dtg 1000 yg lain mengganti.

org awam vs askar bersenjata?

so helpless..

little kids seem so dangerous ke, pengecut?

ketakutan smpi terkencing dlm seluar.. against 10 askar with guns.. who wont?

half buried.. god knows what'll happen next..

hak bersekolah like normal people? jauh skali bg palestin...

bertambah seorg ahli Jannah yg kekal abadi..

what if we're one of them?



tembok pemisah dibina si israel pengecut



relax tepi pantai..

bangunan tinggi2.. muke happy je..

like nothing has happened.. mcm war x pernah occured pon. bangunan maju, hidup bahagia sdgkan org palestin kat seblah tu je.. hidup mcm dlm neraka dunia!

this is what they did to our bros and sisters.
so, which side are we in?

yes, it is true, they are in war. and our country are all in peace, tranquility, bla bla, and we should bersyukur.. BUT parti sana sini, merempit, maksiat? is that how we show OUR GRATITUDE?

heh! i think palestinians deserve this peace more than we do!