Friday, September 17, 2010

DzulQarnain..Part 1 (Intro) At last=)

(Deep breath....God, I'm finally surfing again)

So, I didn't exactly write this today.
i've written this post like for the past one week, USING MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD instead of BLOGGER.COM n yes, yes, I am so so sorry to everyone that has been mailing, commenting, asking me on IM or whatnot..
I"m not dead, I"m just...
well, one..
I have an trial SPM after this hols (not that I STUDY 24/7 but it kinda bugs me when I face the computer)
It's Eid, n you know, Eid meant...away from electronic devices
n it"s also
a two week holiday + meeting my family.
for the five of us to gather round n have a good, good vacation had seemes somehat impossible this few years,
whats with boarding school, n the long distance call, n..u know, having to talk with web-cams n all..
n at last, as a courtesy to the hardworking students, the school gave us the two week off..
its kinda hard to stay focus on anything but just your family.
N then there's the internet problem..
last year, there was this free wireless I can actually hack into when I'm back home.
But they blocked it sensibly at last this year
yeah, it wasn't really according to my own expectations too, fellas..
but its okay, its my bad actually..
i promised.
I promised Eid'll be it.
And i'll try my best,
we'll have to see how far this time I can go, okay. If I can tell you the whole thing before I have to go back to hostel...then say a big Thank You Allah, for still giving me the chance.
Oh, and yeah, thank you all, for being very, very patient.
I have a theory. Well, I know I’m not Aristotle but I have a theory.
It's a theory about life..
That life is, as you knew it..
Life is unpredictable.

In fact, it is sooooo unpredictable, everybody talks about it. Thousands of theories and proverbs are made to reflect just how catastrophes can land upon us at any time..And that we have to be aware of it, of course.


Because like it or not, we don't make scripts for our life. We pattern the scripts out, yeah...but if He does not want it to go with what we plan...then have at it.
You can't predict the future, you can't predict tomorrow, you can't even predict what's gonna happen tonight..

Well, sure we can plan somethings out like..we'll cook ketupat and rendang ayam and kuah lodeh and then there's the satay never know what could happen...
It happens. all the time, dudes...
One minute you're studying Biology with one hundred percent focus, ready to absorb in everything that you read...and then before you know it.., blackout.

Or if you, (like after giving it a good thought, after discussing with your friends, after comparing and contrusting ) have this courage to go and tell your Mum about your SBP Trial additional mathematics mark and then like suddenly, when you open your purse, the i-talk that never leave its special compartment is not there.

Unpredictable. Clashy..Rite?
Who agrees with me, hands up! You? You? Good, GIVE ME FIVE!

So, Take it from me..
1) If you're travelling at a distance that requires the usage of tickets/ boarding pases/ tokens or what not, it is best that you take an extreme PRECAUTION at the time oF boarding "CLEARLY PRINTED" on the ticket.

2) If you bring your laptop around, be sure that you also have the wire to connect it to any power supply. DON'T RELY TO THE BATTERY, or else the laptop will simply be functionless.

3) If you, by any chance, out of your own (and of course, a little bit of their) fault, missed your transportation, be cool, calm and relaxed...

4) Try to go to some transfer desk, ask those people who are wearing those smart clothes and that heavy brass, if it is a possibility for the fastest transfer.

5) If the fastest transfer is 30 hours from the time you were standing perplexed at the smarty clothy man, take a deeeeeeeep breath, remember it's Ramadan, and pray deep inside that this is all nightmare, and you'll wake up eventually, finding yourself on the way home, no trouble.

6) If you've woken up, and somehow the nightmare is reality, and that the 30 hours is really 30 hours....take your laptop 0% battery and hover around the busy place for any chance bumping into someone that uses TOSHIBA and is kind enough to let you recharge your laptop.

7) Now that your laptop is recharged (100%) =D! and there's still a remaining of 24 hours for you to over to your blog and start...start writing...

I-AM-STRANDED; for sure. I'm angry, I'm hungry and I'm...owh, okay, lets not waste my battery...let's cut it through. shall we.
Leave the unpredictable part of my life and lets just for a few minutes, fly back through history....fasten your seatbelt, we're up for a ride...

I promised you guys a story that has a connection with Palestine. A story that takes place even before our beloved Prophet, The cHOSEN ONE; Muhammad Khair Khalqillah (pbuh) was born. A story that is mentioned in the quran by a few verses. A few verses that was constrcuted beautifullly by Allah to let us know about a fact...a fact that we should know.

Like how my Dad puts it, when something is mentioned in the Quran, then that implies a message that it is important. Allah does not construct a verse without a hidden message. Those verses written are not just some bedtime stories, the histories that were mentioned has great connection with the world today and the world tomorrow.
Whatever that is’s more than just some legend.
And for the record, none of is myth.

Today, on the subject of DzulQarnain, there has been researchES done. And somehow or other, because of the fact that many of the things connected to him are lost and not found, people come up with many theories.
The orientalists played their part well, manipulating, as usual..
They managed to somehow make people believe that the famous Iskandar Dzulqarnain is Alexander the Great, oh yes, that one., that evil, “mighty” one....
And some other managed to turn it into some epic story, merely a myth, some legend known to exist few centuries back..a folk-tale. Yes, a simple folk-tale.
So, when it comes to us, when it comes to me, we didn’t take it seriously.
Until one day, (I must have hit my head on the wall or something), the question zapped through my head and so, I asked him about it.
It started then...the truth.


The first thing he asked me when I asked him was.. "So, when you hear the name, what comes into your mind?"


"What do you, so far, after 17 years of living, know about this particular individu?"
“Well I know he is a great man..that...builds the.., um...he built something for sure, something significant. And that he’s not like how they say it. He’s not Alexander, like like how they put it in the film. He’s a different guy and....”

“So? What’s so special about that? Anyone could be a great man and build something.”
• * * * *
“Alright, I give up, I know zero.....”
“No it’s not know stuff. But you don’ connect it”
“It sounds the same to me..”

No, it’s not. After hearing his explanation, after leafing through the pages, after going through with his demands of wanting me to read the verses translation 10 times (“so you can really imagine how it goes” as he described it ), wasn’t that I didn’t know the story.
I just didn’t read through the lines. I didn’t connect what I know and what I wanted to know.

So, the story of DzulQarnain was mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al-Kahfi, verses 83-99. The Asbab An-Nuzul was that

A group of jews at Madinah challenged Rasulallah and his prophecy. (pbuh). They told a group of Quraisy that if so he’s a really a prophet (like duh...after all the miracles before their own eyes..), then go and ask him about DzulQarnain and Ashabul Kahfi, he should know. So, the Quraisys went over to him, inquisitive for sure, doubts spiriling around in their heads...and like, let’s see what he gotta say for this-

Rasulallah listened to the questions and asked them to return in a few more days for the answer.
And so, the verses was sent down to him, our beloved prophet, describing about a great conqueror, a king of a wide kingdom, a man that is also a human, a slave that became the slave to no one but Allah, he was just and he was full of wisdom. He was DzulQarnain.

Iskandar Dzulqarnain..
Part 2 up next, stay tuned.

By: FaithHana
P/s : Many of friends get to meet their family on Friday evening, some on Saturday morning. Me? Monday’s afternoon. It’s my fault somehow...but, whatever it is, I accept this stranded episode as a lesson for me. And there should be a good reason why He let me be here instead of there now. But only He knows and i trust HIM:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Duty can't be done now...incomplete

Salam all,

The Mavi Marmara issue have somewhat opened up a few eyes and I am proud to say, that as I scroll down few of my friends blog, there would be at least one or two article regarding the issue; be it opinions, pictures, videos from the ship or just some copy-paste posts; I'm proud of you guys.
But, as a reminder to us all, (including this weak me),
let us not wait for some more death to be the reason for us to start spreading things around, okay?

I want to spill a lot of beans here, now. But, unfortunately, some of the questions that I have are still unanswered and I still don't get the whole Ya'juj and Ma'juj thing yet. The agenda is so heavy and it even have some connection with DzulQarnain story (of course, he built the wall to prevent them from coming in). So, since I don't want to give half of the story and half of my own opinions or mix-it up, make it all trash or whatever, I'm gonna wait for all these questions to clear up and that until I have totally digested the points and all, I'll tell you guys about it, okay.

And sadly, that means...
a long time from now on.

Because, I'm kinda of in the middle of struggling with SPM and I'm staying at a boarding school (both me and CokelatChip, exactly), so it'll take quite a while for the school to allow us to get on the books ourselves or something. The next time I'll be leaving the gates of my school again, would be....well, maybe....maybe Eid. I dunno. It depends.

But I'll try my best to give it a good shot.

And please, if you're currentlyl reading this article, that means you're in the mood for some moment of truth, so don't stop. Go, scroll down, open a few tabs, digest yourself in this matter and spill it all to the public. There are thousand of websites. Go compare and contrust. Make youserself worth it; create an asset to meet Him on that day. And don't say "I'm not good enough".

If I wanted to wait for me to be perfect and by then, would I spill things out, this blog wouldn't have existed. I would have to wait until forever; coz I will never be perfect. No one will ever be perfect. So, why bother waiting. Sure, I made some mistakes (well, a lot of mistakes), I didn't know I hurted people's feeling, I didn't think before I talk, I...I well, I whatever. But everyone does that. And everyone has to improve themselves. And I'm improving...(well, trying too).

You don't have to be someone that memorizes the Quran and all the Hadith to touch upon the Palestine issue. It is an advantage if you do, but it's not a compulsary. If you can talk, if you can write, if you make it casual chat, then go.
The world is waiting for us.
If not now, then when.

A lot of people converted to Islam because of this issue. Because they wanna know who's the bad guys and who deserves the land most. And while they're studying, while they're at it, they found something more meaningful that changed their life. They found Islam. And somehow became connected to it. They are reporters, news-writer, people who randomly just go seeking out for another hot news to tell and like suddenly Allah granted them a great gift like's marvellous. It's...mesmerizing..
From someone who aids in manipulateing the story, to someone that holds the flag of Israel and burn it down in front of the public. Hero.

And a lot of people changed to better because of Palestine issue.
They go through the Quran, they seeks meaningful Hadith that has connection and all, and Allah opened their eyes for more details that they've missed. Things that...we take for granted. Things like Qiyamullail, like appriciating life, like miracles...and all that.
A lot of people take Al-Aqsa for granted before; I take it for granted too. Didn't, haven't actually dream of wanting to know anything about it, who constructed it whatever, what's its shape like, what's so special about it and...suddenly, because of this issue...
up come freemason,
up come Ya'juj Ma'juj
up come DAJJJAL
up come ISRAEL and Zionists...murky zoinists, laknatullah.
And there's Benjamin Nentahyu, there's WZO, there's IMF and there's MCDONALDS.

It's all around us
And it's our choice. To wake up, or to keep on preffering to sleep.

If....we think of victory, if we think of our own deaths...we'll wake up eventually.
"You can't change the world." Says who?
If Allah let me become Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi.....
you never know.
You never know what would tomorrow be like.
Or if you really get to experience what tomorrow would be like.

Like what my Dad says when some people asked him about being a palestine speaker and you know, the risks..he said, "You'll die eventually. No matter what you do. So why not make it a syahid."

Though I cried, imagining things like this...
I couldn't imagine crying out any louder, if I die as someone who totally strayed away from the truth, without me noticing it.
I don't fear death.
I fear dying as a Munafiq.
Saying she cared, when she......when it's otherwise.

by: FaithHana. (pray for my trials and SPM, guys. I'll be needing it)

(really wanted to photoshop this but my photoshop suddenly dissapeared)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flotilla matters

Salam everyone,

First and foremost, thank you everyone. Thank you to fellow followers, supporters, blog readers..
I'm high-spirited with all ye supports.
So, yeah, I'll update, don't worry =)
Cokelatchip'll update too..(soon)
there's a lot to spill out.
Like a total lot.

Living in a boarding school, like I've been writing down since like forever, somehow grabs you away from the real world. If you're not the kind that joins the crowd at the canteen for morning news or go and grab a newspaper from the KP's counter, you'd be totally left behind from all the current issues that happened in the world today.
That was us,
me and my friends, mostly 9/10 of all the students at my school.
Our initiative to ponder over"what is shaking the world today?" doesn't seem to strike out as much.
So,we didn't get to know that much.

Until that day...
That issue.
The flotilla thing.

Everyone started raising their alarm, we discuss about it, we argue opinions, we lay of out facts and we cried together...
For long...we have been sleeping under books and exams and...
the volunteers's deaths just hit us again.

Haven't there be any deaths before that closes our eyes to this extend?
I mean, come on..
Even before the flotilla,
The Palestinians are continously slaughtered everyday...
And until some other people are terrorize, than do we say "Hey, what;s going on?"
My senior is totally right.
We're slow.

I'll post again soon. I'll touch upon a few current issue and some history regarding Ya'juj Ma'juj and the world today, which I'm telling you, also have its connection towards this whole conspiracy and what not. There's another story (yet. not another version) of who are these people that are slaughtering men around.

But for now on, ponder over these lies...
These are the example of media twisting knaves.

Let's read the rubbish, garbage, stinking lies.


Israel: International law not mature enough to deal with Hamas threatIsrael sees it differently. Its justification for the flotilla attack and its Gaza policy rests on two pillars: First, Israel maintains – in the face of intense international disagreement – that Palestinians are not unduly suffering in Gaza. Second, it argues that international law is not mature enough to handle Israel’s unique security problems; Israel lives in a rough neighborhood with a threat from Hamas too severe for law professors to grasp, and it must rely on its own interpretation of international law.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, told Fox News that the flotilla raid was “perfectly legal, perfectly humane,” and that “Israel acted in accord with international law.... Any state has the right to protect itself, certainly from a terrorist threat such as Hamas, including on the open seas.”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted on June 2 that Hamas continues to smuggle rockets and that “there’s

no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Each week an average of 10,000 tons of goods enter Gaza.

There’s no shortage of food.

There’s no shortage of medicine.

There’s no shortage of other goods.

So our naval personnel had no choice but to board these vessels.

The World Food program has said that 400 trucks are needed in Gaza per day, or 2,800 per week, to meet basic nutritional needs. According to Israeli data (PDF), an average of 371 truckloads of food products were delivered per week in 2009 and 310 per week so far in 2010.

Israel's legal argument for flotilla raidConfusion remains over whether Israel extended its naval blockade from 20 to 68 miles into the open sea – or whether Israel never extended but simply intercepted the ships on grounds they had intent to bust the blockade.

Israel claims its flotilla raid was legal under the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea. Israel says the law entitles it to enforce a blockade, even in international waters.


(from another websites that are full of stories from a well-trained storyteller

Lets call a spade a spade: Gaza Flotilla Was A Provocation
The flotilla of ships seeking to break the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza

was a deliberate provocation, an elaborate sham used as a pretext for ambushing

and violently attacking Israeli military personnel.

Myth: The Free Gaza flotilla carried only "peaceful Activists carrying Aid for Gaza Children"

Truth: IDF Navy Soldiers were met by a well-planned lynch,

with concealed handguns and other weapons.

The Israeli Navy opened fire in self-defense after sailors boarded a

"peace flotilla" which was carrying, in addition to the much touted "humanitarian aid",

weapons and fertilizer [aka bomb/rocket fuel] into Gaza.

�Go Back to Auschwitz�: Flotilla Activists to Israel�s Naval Ship:

Israeli Naval Officer: "This is the Israeli Navy; you are approaching

an area which is under a naval blockade..."

Mavi Marmara (man voice): "Shut up! Go back to Auschwitz...�

Mavi Marmara (woman voice): "We have permission from the Gaza

port authority to enter."

Mavi Marmara (man voice): "We help the Arabs�don�t forget 9/11 guys�"

The soldiers carried crowd dispersal weapons (paint ball guns and mace,

not conventional rifles), as well as side arms. They were overwhelmed, and eventually

used their side arms to fire back. Ten of these supposed "peace activists" were

killed by the Israelis who were defending themselves

from what was

essentially a lynch mob.

Also one must note that the Navy repeatedly offered the activists peaceful entry into Israel's Ashdod port and help in taking the "aid" overland into Gaza, pending weapons inspection. The "peace activists" declined.

Israeli Navy: "We came to speak, they came to fight."
A commando who participated in the raid said that the attack

"looked like the Ramallah lynch." IDF said the

activists had prepared to kill the soldiers.

Was Israel's raid on Gaza Freedom Flotilla legal?

Israel's Netanyahu balks at UN investigation of Gaza flotilla raid

Israel news coverage.


I don't have to tell you how fat those lies are.

How inmatured of them to say that "we did nothing, we're saints" when the numbers of babies they shot and left to die were infinity. when the girls they raped were increasing on every checkpoints possible that they planted and waited like foxes at dawn.

the number of mothers they trampled upon, the kids they kicked

we have the videos, we have the proofs, we know more than you do, media-twisters.

we know how were on that ship, what do they bring (weapons or not), we know what was their plan, and we know you know that we know. so, before write these kinds of things down for some stupid belivers to find their way in. Go ahead, live in all these lies and be contented with it.

Israel, we will not go down with your lies. You may have conquered the media, but our faith and beliefs remains as long as ALLAH lets it be.

And ALLAH will show you our victory. You are nothing but storytellers and invaders,

people that are afraid of the truth, people that lives in shadow.

People that kills the innocents,

people that invade a country, terrorize in it and let the contrysmen be called terrorist,

people that claimed that it is their land and what not, an after even being proven that Prophet Abraham didn't even come from there, they remain.

People that said they follow the international law, when they are the ones who constructed it, change it everyday.

People that said "even UN agrees with us", when they are the UN.

People that said, we're giving basic necessities, when report of starvation and poverty are massively increasing.


People that thought we're stupid.

If they so much prefer peace and wants everything to be under controlled, then why do they ever invade Palestine and kills.

They thought they're that smart, huh?

Gaza, we will not go down. We'll study hard and we'll get you back.We want to die not in our bedroom, holding a megazine, we want to be there, throwing a rock.

And so when we face Allah one day.....

throwing a rock over to the tanks...will Allah let it be a reality for me?


Spread the love, don't get twisted by the lies. Pray for them everyday. Our most powerful weapon of all. A real post coming over soon.

by : FaithHana

Friday, April 16, 2010

the unfinished job


2.20 am now, at home (finally).

gosh, it has been so so long since i've ever posted anything here. n dont blame me for it, it hasnt been my choice either..

so, palestine, independence, peace,, i wonder kenapa those words are not that familiar terucap kat bibir2 kita nowadays?

have the palestinians gained independence?? are they not in war anymore? is it all over?

I dont think so.

stimes, we dont forget, but we do forget to remember.. but still, it shouldnt be an excuse..

'though we're not one of them; that have to directly face the enemies with stones and blood, and though it's not our family that is being brutally murdered every day,,, it doesnt mean we escape from the responsible to free palestine. There are great responsibles we carry on our shoulders too, for Allah will ask us about it later.

to remind those who knew this all along and to tell it to those who hasnt heard it before, IT IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL MUSLIMS AROUND THIS PLANET EARTH TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE, FOR AL-AQSA IS NOT THEIRS ALONE, BUT OURS TOO. yusuf al-qaradawi.

so have we done enough to free any of them?

i'd like to share a story i've heard from a friend currently in france. she said this,

imagine if you are a student with a limited pocket money....
with a dash of luck, one day, you receive a bonus from your scholarship-sponsor, worths about RM 5000. for someone with a tight budget, when suddenly luck says hi, you'd be eager to spend the money for the things that you love, right? so then you have your way to louis vuitton, in search of your favourite super expensive pair of shoes. youve always wanted to buy one anyway..

then you found the right shoes, sparkling diamonds right on top of it, real animal skin in and out.. The shoes were perfect and you cant wait to wear it to the upcoming functions.

on your way to the cashier counter, suddenly, you receive a call from a friend, Kucha. Kucha suffered from a serious leg-disease, where if she doesnt get a treatment and surgery soon enough, she'll lose both her legs. she is so desperate that she has to call to beg for some help, for money> for the surgery. and it costs RM4000.

so what would you do?

you'd have to make a choice...

you could end her pain instantly. but are you gonna do that?

Would you proudly wear RM5000 shoes on your legs when your friend would lose both of hers?
you would have the chance to look super pretty but your friends would lose the chance to walk... would you let her suffer so you can live your perfect never-there-was-any-problem-life? are you that self-centered? do you live in this world alone?

the choice is in your hands
and only you can choose which.

this story fits the real situation.

maybe the palestinians wouldnt give you a call and ask for help directly, but knowing that you have the ability to help and if you dont, it would cost them dearly, wouldnt you help? are we still gonna let the media fools us?

we still buy israel products, dont we? we still believe totally what the media says, and we still shut our mouths when others are hurting our religion. we still live our life happily, never once worries crossed over our minds. we care for ourselves, and ourselves only. we care about silly small issues that're not worth it. THEN IT MEANS, WE JUST BOUGHT THE RM5000 SHOES AND WE HAD LET KUCHA LOSES HER LEGS..
So where do we stand? what is our contribution?

lets muhasabah diri balik, and constantly remind ourselves. be grateful for what we have and by that, contribute back to our people.

"Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?"
by Cokelat Chip

Saturday, April 10, 2010

We're fighting, they're smilling; dudes.

So, the last post wasn't really up to my satisfaction. I was practically dead bored at that time and therefore, yeah, like some of u would probbly hv said it, I didnt sound like me that much.
Right, eh?
Wanted to delete the post...
but then..
just, u never know, if some people do felt something after reading it
yeah, let it stay.

Just have been reading some magazine like three seconds ago, and that temptation to write just swirls in,
so, since it's only 8 o'clock, I'll take this half an hour to construct something.
Ok, ready?
*crack knuckles* *neck spin* one, two...

Okay, so...the label of 'terrorist' like we all have heard it, somehow evolves around the Muslims more than any other religion on this era, hey?
No, I am rite.
Lets go with facts.
How many terrorist label has the media gifted away?
Be it in terms of religion, political, or what not,
if you are armed and you're going against no, not the government, if you're against some big power like the America or the Israel or UN or something..
U are terrorist
even if you're doing the right thing
even if its abnormal and simply illogical to put the blame on u
even if its your country and you're the government and you're supposed to be ruling it...
if the big powers says no, and you said "who am I to care?",
you'll be gifted that label.... and there's nothing you can say about it.

TERRORIST goes for negotiation.
Bombs at centrepoint by TERRORISTS
TERRORISM embarks..

Blah blah blah..

Facts says it, that the Muslims are known to get this label pretty often.

Moro Race- fought for their rights
Pattani - rose for independence at their own country (Thai)
GAM (Gerakan Acheh Merdeka) - again, independence in their own proper borders...
Kashmir - fought with the Indian government for their rights..
Chechen - Again, for race rights, they fought with the Russian
Afghanistan - Though they have once fought paralelly with America and Pakistan to destroy the Soviet Union, today, if they back away and try to escape out of the grasp of the chocking powers, they'll get the label.
Afghanistan - fought with Russian when they were invaded.
Palestine-Israel. Who got the label? Who terrorize at who's country?

Everyone knows for sure, which sounded far right more than wrong. And yet, everyone depended solely on some other thinkers out there to think for them.

I watched a broadcast of some travelling segments years ago. And I remembered watching an episode of the traveller going aboard to the states, at one of the big city (not washington), new york, maybe, where some of the citizens (mostly teenage dudes) were handing out flyers, remembering the incidence of 11/9
And the way they put it, the way they explained to the passers-by and people who were intrested in knowing; it shocked me.
The dudes were explaining that the case, as proven, wasn't like how the propaganda made it.
They lay out the facts, they talked about how Iraq didn't do it...
How it was all a set-up plan blah blah..

One elderly came out angrily and shove that dude aside and asked him
"Are you American?"
and he said "Yes"
"Aren't you bringing shame to your own country?"
and he said . "Isn't my country bringing shame to me?"

The elderly was like...*baffled* "How can you say that? What has America done to you? You know about this incident? Do you just know how many people died in this building because the Muslims planned it?"

"Do you," the dude said. "know that our own government are killing its own people.And there, at Iraq, at Aghanistan, at Palestine, do you know how many they terrorize, how many women our soldiers kill, how many girls they raped.."

"RAPED?!! Rape?! Oh my God! Don't you give me that?! They are the terrorist, not us. We don't do what they do."

The dude laughed and I did to synchronizingly.
How absent-minded.
How come he doesn't know..

Mr, it's more than just raping. It's more than that..
And if you don't know, don't pretend like you do.

People are only spreading the label of terrorism today because they thought they know any better, that hey, I'm someone that read news...
but logic, knowledge and all that...that has to be parallel alongside with what you recieve
you don't just take in everything..
if you do
then the big powers will win.

spread the love, eat the cake

by : FaithHana

That's three post in a row this weekend! Read them, or it'll be a total waste of my time putting the words together =) Thank u all. I'll write again soon. And by 'soon', I mean...well, you know what I mean.. ^^

Freaky thoughts..


I got the opportunity to fly back home again this week.
Due to, of course, my unexplainable feet injury which I might call from now on ' a blessing n disguise' n it is so true.
Drove me awy from the hecticness of living in a hostel n back to this truly home sweet home of mine.
So, yes, thank you, Allah.

As usual, i'm pretty packed up with stuffs at the moment which will ultimately be one of the reasons again why I didn't update my blog, why didn't I answer the mails or what not.
So, before the real holiday comes (where everyone actually goes back home n not only me ^^), let me update another post over so I wont hv to bother with the excuses and the sorrys later on.

n to the answer for some of u that asked me, okay if u wanna follow this blog privately. No biggies.

with what life could call it 'a crazy roller coaster' going on back at the hostel, sometimes after you leave the tracks, many things could somewhat surprise you.
Like how actually stable the earth was and not like the crazy ride you just had. Or how everyone is actually not that ugly like the terror-stricken face you kept on seeing when u took that ride.
the point is...
if you've been meddling in something for so long
once you leave it
its weird..

Like a few days ago, when I entered the office of my school to ask one of the big bosses there to sign my slip so that I could go home over the weekends, I noticed a big flat screen hanging on the wall and couldnt help asking whether the thing on air is a tv broascast or someone's playing an everlasting advertistment on and on...
my math teacher happened to pass by and I asked her and she was like..
"That's freaky. Not to know the TV. It's TV3 la kakak..The advertistments are known to be over 4 minutes long."

well duh..
there's no TV in the hostel.
There's one.
At the canteen. N the boys conquered that port every night.
You know...Boys...

N there was the time when I asked my mum for towel n she handed me one with the name TOSHIBA embroidered on it and I was like...
"Seriously, what else that is going on that I do not know?"

Of course, pretty much everything...

The towel she gave me didn't have that much of an absorbent effect.
Though of course, I would have thought of it to be so much of a quality.
N then it just got me.

What if...tomorrow, one day when I wake up outside of my hostel life, I go to the stores and pick up something that is so much of a Malaysian product and later on, some sources inform me that
"heyy, do u know that that brand is also another Israeli's biggest profitable product of the year"

this happened before.
There had been many times I bought something like...
a fruit lassi for instance
n just at my last drop, I noticed a small box under the nutrition facts saying that
this product is ......
n like...
great. thank u. how can i not notice that!

so, what if...
if tomorrow i wake up and found out that all te alternatives that I have today..
are no longer alternatives..
that they have conquered everything, leaving you no choice but to buy,

i mean, come on, for God sake. They must have write it down somehow. Their plans..
to invade all product possible in the market.
Are you scared?
Don't be.
I'm not writing these down so we'll all be scardy mouse and so much afraid to face the future.
I guess we have to start expecting the unexpected. N not just to expect..we take actions.

We go from basics..
Like malls. Like TESCO, JUSCO, ASDA, BIG W, FRESCO...
If there's a big shopping mall in every country called HALAL or something like that...that is 100% owned my muslims and all the products in there r guaranteed halal n satisfaction guaranteed of high quality...or what not
we wouldn't have to live in this fear of eating something that would benefit the third party.
we'll feel so much safer...

n then
COSMETICS..Beauty products, fashions..
women stuff...n all that.
Today, yeah..
we have the franchises, we have some market at place for all those muslimahs stuff u'd love to get.
But it's not as KAA-BOOM!
If you have like one stop-point owned my the muslim that shakes the world
with its fabolousness
n yet, maintain the islamic idenity according to the al-Quran and as-sunnah.
wouldn't that just be fab

n then the entertainment industry.
if we get to somehow have our own
muslim international channel or something like that...
that combines all...everything accordingly...
ike our own Disney Channel kind of thing...
all that fun stuff that twirls in Islams way of putting it
in the halal and most respected manner of all..

Couldnt help...
but the question
where is our standpoint?
when can we stop complaining...??
when can we conquer what they conquer today??

In the previous years, way back, way back...
during the rising era of Islam..
we conquered 2/3 of the world
and everything was at our hands..
education, economy, politics....
with the khilafah one could deny our unity..

n if that was the past
that was us
we could do it again.. today

one step at a time,
we study hard, we work hard, we create ...
in the name of Allah, if we all strive together
we'll win for sure.

Look at our numbers..
and look at how we're far behind
it's not the time to just cry on and on, to repent, to regret...

it's time to have a goal and to achieve it
not just for us
but to a whole new generation that awaits..
the generation of islam
who at that time
will have to lead their ways like how we are today..


but if we can counter that from now on
if we can start planting the roots, they can fertilize them in the future..
n before we know it, islam is growing back in...further upholded...
n one day
Palestine will be free.
We'll get Al-Aqsa back. N our dream won't just remain a dream.

Ya Allah...
Guide us. Give us the intelligence, give us the opportunity..
give us faith, n give us willingness to embrace Islam and to have the strong will to uphold it.
Ya Allah...
Allow us to give contribution to the jihad we try to potray.
Help us live a good life for us and others..
Help us see the faces of muslimeen and muslimat of a free Palestine..
Dont U let us die as anything except almusyahidin..

Allah had given us so many ways to make up..we just have to find them
step by step.
into a better world


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