Friday, June 12, 2009

I know u hv time, so read this!


Okay. I'm ready, I'm ready.
So, what exactly is happening is Palestine?
Same things~
Status quo.
That term means nothing is changing.

Yeah, they did this president talks, united nation peacekeeping, OBAMA in action, world leaders combining their heads to counter the problem bla bla bla.
Nothing is changing..

And they have this OIC big meeting and all the Islamic leaders step up and give their opinions and like oh, God, spent billions of money trying to show some effort, some involvement.
Nothing is changing...

Logically, if we r all hv come together to attack a single party, we'll be winning.
I mean come on la..
You have like what, 52 countries in UN.
Muslim countries...well, quite lot as well.
Members of OICs..
Sum it up...attack ISRAEL. Or at least, take a simple action.
They're done for.

But, unfortunately, it's not that simple.
As it is so much complicated than you have ever imagined.
These things that are happening today are all, believe me, planned.
Planned so secretively, so carefully, so that it may come true.
And now that they are powerful, they reveal their true identity and because of their smart plan, though the world see it as inhuman, as bad, as against the humans right, nothing is changing.
It is all well-planned.
Very-well planned.

But I tell you. They have not suceeded yet. So there is still a chance.
And what the heck am I saying?
There's no reason to give up.
They are also human. We are human. W never know. Maybe we'll get the chance to syahid as well. Maybe Allah would let us to be one of the musyahidun! OMG! think of that~!

Going back to the plan.
The so call 'secret' plan.
That is no longer secret.
R you ready? Buckle up your belt. I'm going to take you for a ride.

So, like we all know. (Bhase rojak starting from here. Too hard to explain in English la..)

Zaman Rasulallah dlu pon dah kre akhir zaman kan. The proof.
He used to say : "Saye dituskan kpd zaman yg dekatnya dengan kiamat adalah begini" sambil mnnjukkan jari telunjukbertemu dengan jari hantu.

That was like what, skrng like 1430 ++ hijrah. And that means, we r so close to kiamat. We r not just umat akhir zaman, we r umat hampir ngan kiamat. N looking back to one of the tande2 besar kiamat, ekhem..ingat lg x?
That Dajjal will turun.
And bring such a big fitnah until org yg iman nye goyah (ekhem..) will somehow belive that he is god.
He have the power to turunkan hujan, stuff like that..
that will confuse some people. Highlight the word some.

When i was small and I learnt this at school I thought that Dajjal nie akan pegi kat sorang, sorang, and sorang, sorang akan start sesat or you know like, o literally believe that he will come face to face with every soul on earth until he gets what he wants ..something like that. sounds familiar. hehe. LORD OF THE RING. Go and watch back how one by one the fellowship of the ring had to g through that test of desire towards the ring. I told ya it's connected.

That's what I thought.
But after discussing it with the expert,
he said that
Dajjal's fitnah is a propaganda.. A propaganda that will flood to the entire world and people who imannye not strong, will fall in the trap.
And then Dajjal will control the world.

Lets see how this connects.
The phenomena today.
That there is this one ,big, kuase that pople are so afraid of. Yg smpai die bleh control satu dunia.
What is it called, my friends?

1-Ekonomi ( Their products.)
2-Polis dunia (This is what they preech themselves as)
3- Media (Do I have to explain this? Bkk Tv la..sng)
4- Kekuatan ketenteraan (That's how they can attack so many countries. Many armies to serve the big bad wolf)
5-Saiz negare yg besar. (It's a fact. Bkk buku Geografi. They r big.)

But believe it or not, it's not actually AMERIKA.
Though yeah, the label is AMERIKA people fear AMERIKA, actually, AMERIKA pon dijajah. And they r being used because of the five factors up there.
And when the time comes, Amerika will die. Amerika punye surperior akan lenyap.
And what do I mean akan? It is happening!!

Israel have shown theor true colours to the world without shame.
All these times they've been behind Amerika's back. N now, they r free on their own. N Amerika is suffering and will eventually die.

Take ekonomi for instance.
Amerika is the countries with the biggest debt. Hutang b'billion.
The politic is not stable and tht's why they were desprate to choose Obama.
The country was such in a bad shape time BUSH pegang that people just x bleh nk choose JOHN MCCAIN as the president coz the one supporting him was bush. They rather choose Obama who had Clinton though Clinton was also an ass, anyway.

But I'm telling you, choose la sape2. That country is dijajah. Oleh???
Have we discussed this before?
I think we have. I;ve told you about Knight's Templer/ Freemasons...(Klau x, bace balik kat archieve) or you'll get confused.

In Economy for instant. Teori ekonomi dunia is that klau dunia tenagh untung, akan ade pihak yg rugi. Klau dunia tgh rugi, akan ade pihak yg untung. It's like dacing. You know dacing? Neraca.One that goes up when the other goes down..Ala, mcm jongkang jongkit. It cannot both untung and both rugi. So, thethe whole world is having loss kan. these few decades .havoc sane-sini mate wang dunia turub, x stabil bla bla..
So, sape untung?
No..they are also quite suffering at one point.
So, who's benefiting?
Yes, you're right. ZINONIST.

Well, ever heard of IMF (International Monetary Fund)? World Bank?
These banks pnye tugas is to lend money to countries that demand as such.
And ha-d-ha, IMF and World Bank is under Zionist. It's a family business. The family's name was called....I don't know, I forgot to write it down. Will check with my buds later.

During the world krisis matawang, every country started borrowing money.
And once you borrow, you're in the trap these zionist have planned well.

1998- Krisis mata wang yg amat besar. Nilai x stabil.
Korea jatuh bankrupt until the citizens had to gadaikan their golds..
M'sia pbye perbndaharaan jatuh 58%. So eventually, many country terpaksa pinjam.
So these Zionist asked us "How are you guys going to pay back all these money you've borrowed"
So, since many of these countries are already bankrupt and in deep need, the zionist came up with a pretty smart tactic that last eternally.
They said that they'll give the money as long as these particurlar countries follow what they want.
which is

the sistem pentadbiran. PM/Kabinet/ Menteri
What kind of person should be there, should not be there..
And when pentadbiran dah bawah these zionists, thy are able to control these countries from different angles. When you control politic, you can neve run away from ekonomi. And that involves media and education.
They make sure that the entertainment bukan ketuhanan.
The education must be sekularism.
Even if we have such thing as PENDIDIKAN ISLAM, it should not be as in depth as knowing our true identity as MUSLIM.
Not like our previous nenek moyang. IBNU SINA, for instance..knowing the true akidah, the real essence and all.
It should remain just syllybus that we read, we learn, we know.

And this is not happening in MUSLIM countries only.
No, I'm talking about the world.
They makes sure that they introduce trends. And people follow trend. See it as a reason to be doing what;s wrong.
That until now, prasaan malu tu dah x de.
I'm not specifiying this to Muslims, ok. WE are not the only target.
We, humans, naturally, we all have perasaan malu. And every religion teach penganutnye untuk buat baik. no such religion says u should kill (except jew la..) or walk around naked on the streets.
But today, prasaan malu has totally vanish from human being;
They take it as trends.
Free sex, stripping...etc
The zionist have accomplished their mission.
And they hid behind Amerika.

Amerika introduce trends and people follow it.
Until we feel that whatever is coming from the west is seen as civilization, peradaban.
We do have that mind-set, don't we?
We see the west as heroes. We have inferiority complex towards the west.

That's how all of these happens.
And the zionist are not giving choices.
Diorg ckp
you don't do what I said, you die.

That's how they do it from economy wise.

Political wise?
Same thing.
For certain induvidu untuk naik to be president for the upcoming election, they would need money to campaign, right.
So this zionist would give them money and help them campaign until they win.
So when the person wins, he would have to follow what the zionists wants, the system would all have to be changed accorsing to the agenda that have been planned by these zionist.

If for instance, zionist nie pnye plan failed and the wrong individu was selected as president, then they'll make a propaganda. they'll suddenly attack the country and make it looks like that individu cannot lead and his place should digantikan onleh a much quallified person. and then, they'll introduce this someone they've brain-washed.

See, amart ain't it?

So, the zionist is really in power. Full power.And they r controlling the world.
Why are they doing this?
Well, if you've read my freemason's post, you should already know.
THEY WORSHIPP DAJJAL. They are doing satanism. And that's wh they want al-aqsa.
So, Al-aqsa is one thing, they want it for dajjal's arrival. that's why they are invading palestine.
And the world's stability, is another thing. It's a target as well. Coz they want the world for dajjal to rule it.
So...power...control the world..
is this like..fitnah dajjal?
You never know. Wallahualam.

Cokelatchip, greenmujahidah and my other friend has more to tell you but I'll stop here.
If God willing, I'll write again soon.
But I can't promise. Things are way over schedule these days.
Thanks for reading.
May Allah reward us all.
Any fakta salah, any different opinions, tell us quickly at our e-mail We need to know.
I believe, if we all stay tgether, we can be musyahidun..
pray for islam, pray for palestine.
Don't let media be the barrier.
A message to me and to you. For you are my saudara seislam. And we all ahve the same responsibility. Spread the news. Make the worlds aware. Or at least, our family, our friends. Do something.
For we will be asked. Believe me.
We will.
What have you done to Palestine, your land?
what will your answer be? Think, and think now. For you don't want to, when it's too late.

by: FaithHana

Back 2 blogging world. 4 one last message b4 i go.


So, yeah. I know.
Been dissapearing 4 quite long.
Suddenly just x de mood nak b'blogging.
N plus, ashamed of myself.
Wanna tell the world about the current issue, wanna motivate my friends to still fight, wanna keep on embracing the warriors and yet, me...this ignorant, stupid me, juz..x bleh nk mnahan all those kinds of godaan/ hiburan that those laknatullah have in stored for the muslims.

Well, you know what, west world? You have suceeded. I am one of the trillions masses of people who have been decieved by this psycho game you played at me ever since I was born. You gave me entertainment, you gave music, you gave me all these wonderful little stuff that until now, me, a growing 16, (full mumayyiz, that is) still cannot diffrentiate what's good and what's bad.
Thank you.
You suceeded.
Your plan worked.
You want us to lalai. HELLO!! LOOK AT THE WORLD TODAY! you should be damn proud. Look at Indonesia. The biggest Muslim country.
Look at Malaysia. Look at Malaysia's Muslims. Dang it! You made us.."this"

But it's not like we haven't gotten any choice.
We could have said NO.
But it was too hard. To resist.

And i know,
I do know, that as I am writing this, the chances, the probablity that people are going to read this article is just so minor.
You see, Palestine...Ours, you ignore it. You rather like scroll over some girls/boys blogs, wanting to know about his/her life, his/her real attitude, what they eat at home, their parents their holiday story, check out whether you can grab a picture or two so you can keep it secretly..WHATEVER!
So, even if no one's gonna read this, I don't care.
I am a Muslim.
And what I know, I hold responsibility towards that land.
And Allah is going to ask me what I've done so far in my life for that land.
So, I am a student, aged 16, am not quallified enough to give lectures to people.
But I'm not gonna wait.

What if I die tomorrow?
What am I going to say?
That I didn't have time? That I'm too small to start to understand any of these big issues?
Or that I'm too drowned in the wests' games, I didn't even notice? So, blame them. Blame the west. I'm innocent. YEAH, RIGHT!

As if the west, people who invented E-BUZZ is going to carry all my sins down to the hell.
As if..

So, I'm going to start off a new page. A new post. Coz I need to get my mind right. Suddenly being emotional, I don't know why. Maybe because of the fact that this is my last three days to use the internet until August, God willling. I don't know. We'll see....

by: FaithHana