Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ignorance is not bliss

Salam alaikum,

Yep, the holiday is getting to an end alright~
(Should I put a smiley there at the end or what? No, I guess, no.)

I mean, come on. Who can deny that this has been the fabbest holiday ever? You wake up in the morning with sunshine (ehem..), you get to finally learn how to drive (yippie!), you can actually roam around with your friends and have real fun not having to worry about the upcoming exam by the time the holiday ends...(double yippie!) and you get to learn stuffs you thought you'd never be able to have the time in the world to.. (yip..yip..-.-").

holidays are just too fab for words..and well, I bet one to ten that you guys have been reading blogs after blogs of holiday adventures of other people out there, not to mention the number of spaghetti bridge MARA interview experiences (yep, like thousands of them) , reviews of the royal wedding bla bla bla...
so, dear blogwalkers,
let's now get down to the isolated issue, shall we?
One that people (and sometimes I) would prefer, to ignore.
One that well, we know it's important, but we just...(this is the time you lay out 50 excuses. go on, start..)
One that has no catchy songs, breakdances or plasticsurgery actors in it..
But for most of all, One that is reality.

The ongoing issues of Palestine.

Sounds like some pick-up line from an old history book, right? Well, yeah, I know. I mean, come on, I'm a teenage too okay. I know what it feels like to read an article of some hot gossips on one famous celebrity on a hollywood stand. I know the twinge of excitement you get as you discuss dramas and the rush you feel when you hear goood, touchy songs. And I
know that once you see, alaqsaarmy.blosgpot, you'd thought, this one's heavy...

And, bingo!
You're right. It is heavy. This issue is kinda hard to digest and I don't blame you if you feel so much uninterested by the topics laid upon by me and Cokelatchip. Hands now, no offence taken.

But, well, lets face it shall we. We can't run away. Sooner or later, the happy days are gonna be over. One day, if God wills us to still be alive, we are all gonna be grandpas and grandmas and old people with wrinkles and go senile between words, we don't even notice we're talking craps. We're gonna have to sit at a corner and watch the generations after us do all the business and see things unfold slowly. And at that time, it might not be too late to make ourselves fell in love with the issue, but to make a change like we all dream for, now that that takes energy and
well, wrinkles and energy are sadly not parallel.

So, why don't we just, you know, get to know it little by little. I mean, I'm not asking you to be an extremist hard-core or anything. Cokelatchip and I are barely hardcore ourselves. We just happen to know some stuff, to want to give some of our own personal opinions and to want to dream big. That's it. We don't write down letters to Obama or Benjamin; no..we're not yet to that stage (hakhak..). We're just sharing around the message and hopefully, one day, by all means, people could actually be aware that there's this piece of land here in this world starting with a P and ends with a ALASTINE that as stated in the Quran as well as the Prophet's Hadith is the responsibility of the Muslims to take care of. And right at this minute as I'm typing this, it is slowly disappearing to....less than even 1% of the original area.


And, I know it;s something that everyone knows. In fact, the world knows about it. How the Israelis soldier are dead cruel and how the oppressions are beyond human rights and all, but, well, when you hear that only once a year, it sounds almost less important than it should have been.
What's more important in the eyes of the world is..
something like, 9/11 maybe...

I mean, okay, I know, it's a big deal. It's sad. Innocent people just died suddenly. And until today, well, espescially today, since they come up with news that they've killed Osama bin Laden and all, people just couldn't stop talking about it. I watched Oprah with J.K Rowling episode once and they mentioned 9/11 and the bizarre incident where the two towers of the WTC just collapsed. I watched Yuna Inspired on and even that had a segment on which they talked about 9/11 and all the fear that wrapped New Yorkers on that day. I watched an episode of The Good Wife and...(okay, now I do sound like a potato couch..)...T_T

It's 2011 and it has been nearly ten years since that incident happen. And I don't have to tell you how many experts have come up with the revealing proofs that it wasn't like what the news said it was. It was also nothing subjected to terrorism and unsurprisin
gly, it was also not planned by the Iraqis as it was claimed to be so.

And yet, years later come today, and today, as soon as they announce that the leader of the al-Qaeda is dead, they go on harping again about islamic terrorism and how everybody that wear scarves have bombs under their blouses. -.-"

Well, I have no comment regarding Osama coz I don't even know if he did really exist, let alone, died. And whatmore, from the moment they announced it on the news that he was dead, I 've practically stayed away from CNN coz I could already guess what's gonna come up on the screen and the big fat lies all up ahead for the million viewers worldwide...
And I can't help but to think...

that yes, 9/11 is a huge, humoungous issue.
It's they put it, totally unfair, its a grief and all..
and I have to admit, listening to the stories of the witnesses and families of the deceases are also pretty much heartbreaking..
you know...

today, there's no bombing at New York. And there are no walls surrounding the city. Nor are they oppressed under any other powers that were just supposed to be the neighboring country. 9/11 remained 9/11 the way it was. no further addition.

And if you just look at Palestine today, you can't help but to wonder, if it was just you, or the world is really weird at some point.

Palestine have been oppressed for 50 years until today and the disastrous happenings are much much worse that the falldown of World Trade Centre in 2001.
The houses are being bombed constantly, the roads are filled with checkpoints and armed soldiers, the women are raped, the guys are shot unnecessarily, the educations are banned, the technologies are as much limited, the food are not enough, the medication is even worse and when they fight back it's called terrorism..

I bet if the New Yorkers stood up for protecting their rights, they won't be called terrorists, huh.

Palestinians faced five times the horror of WTC collapse..EVERYDAY~
I take it that there were no twin towers in Palestine, big enough to be bombed and collapsed down to the earth. And even if there were the same, exact twin tower collapsing at Palestine today, no one would know. And even if we do know, it's not America or U.K, it's a middle-east country, so why bother.

Yep, media~ screw you, media.
Like, hello..
Islam is not a religion of terrorism.
Israel have been killing and slaughtering and raping and all, and still people don't call the jews terrorist. why? because the media never writes that down.
so, see?
they control, we follow.
But we're smart, aren;t we? and we're the next generation. that hopefully, started today, passing the so call-heavy message on from one to another and tomorrow, we might be able to get back what's our responsibility in the right way.

And like I've mentioned before in one of my previous post, we're media ourselves...
we write down blogs, we note down status in fbs and twitters..

It's entirely up to us, basically. To be in the game. Or to go against it.
We can make a difference. We're the next generation.

May Allah bless the journey. Amin..

It's 3 a.m sharp (^O^). good night, everyone.

By: FaithHana


  1. I hate holidays.
    It's when the level of your iman can drop down to zero sometimes.
    Thanks for the (not really THAT heavy- lah) post. :)
    (...and Faith, you watch 'The Good Wife'? *dies)
    Keep it up, yeah~

  2. i dont watch GoodWife, okay. I just happened to. I was waiting for TopChef.. (azlyn tgk WWE, lg la..LOL!)

  3. thanks budak_kolej, amnah sayang oooiii..di intec mahupon klate, silelah drop by. ngee ^^