Friday, September 17, 2010

DzulQarnain..Part 1 (Intro) At last=)

(Deep breath....God, I'm finally surfing again)

So, I didn't exactly write this today.
i've written this post like for the past one week, USING MICROSOFT OFFICE WORD instead of BLOGGER.COM n yes, yes, I am so so sorry to everyone that has been mailing, commenting, asking me on IM or whatnot..
I"m not dead, I"m just...
well, one..
I have an trial SPM after this hols (not that I STUDY 24/7 but it kinda bugs me when I face the computer)
It's Eid, n you know, Eid meant...away from electronic devices
n it"s also
a two week holiday + meeting my family.
for the five of us to gather round n have a good, good vacation had seemes somehat impossible this few years,
whats with boarding school, n the long distance call, n..u know, having to talk with web-cams n all..
n at last, as a courtesy to the hardworking students, the school gave us the two week off..
its kinda hard to stay focus on anything but just your family.
N then there's the internet problem..
last year, there was this free wireless I can actually hack into when I'm back home.
But they blocked it sensibly at last this year
yeah, it wasn't really according to my own expectations too, fellas..
but its okay, its my bad actually..
i promised.
I promised Eid'll be it.
And i'll try my best,
we'll have to see how far this time I can go, okay. If I can tell you the whole thing before I have to go back to hostel...then say a big Thank You Allah, for still giving me the chance.
Oh, and yeah, thank you all, for being very, very patient.
I have a theory. Well, I know I’m not Aristotle but I have a theory.
It's a theory about life..
That life is, as you knew it..
Life is unpredictable.

In fact, it is sooooo unpredictable, everybody talks about it. Thousands of theories and proverbs are made to reflect just how catastrophes can land upon us at any time..And that we have to be aware of it, of course.


Because like it or not, we don't make scripts for our life. We pattern the scripts out, yeah...but if He does not want it to go with what we plan...then have at it.
You can't predict the future, you can't predict tomorrow, you can't even predict what's gonna happen tonight..

Well, sure we can plan somethings out like..we'll cook ketupat and rendang ayam and kuah lodeh and then there's the satay never know what could happen...
It happens. all the time, dudes...
One minute you're studying Biology with one hundred percent focus, ready to absorb in everything that you read...and then before you know it.., blackout.

Or if you, (like after giving it a good thought, after discussing with your friends, after comparing and contrusting ) have this courage to go and tell your Mum about your SBP Trial additional mathematics mark and then like suddenly, when you open your purse, the i-talk that never leave its special compartment is not there.

Unpredictable. Clashy..Rite?
Who agrees with me, hands up! You? You? Good, GIVE ME FIVE!

So, Take it from me..
1) If you're travelling at a distance that requires the usage of tickets/ boarding pases/ tokens or what not, it is best that you take an extreme PRECAUTION at the time oF boarding "CLEARLY PRINTED" on the ticket.

2) If you bring your laptop around, be sure that you also have the wire to connect it to any power supply. DON'T RELY TO THE BATTERY, or else the laptop will simply be functionless.

3) If you, by any chance, out of your own (and of course, a little bit of their) fault, missed your transportation, be cool, calm and relaxed...

4) Try to go to some transfer desk, ask those people who are wearing those smart clothes and that heavy brass, if it is a possibility for the fastest transfer.

5) If the fastest transfer is 30 hours from the time you were standing perplexed at the smarty clothy man, take a deeeeeeeep breath, remember it's Ramadan, and pray deep inside that this is all nightmare, and you'll wake up eventually, finding yourself on the way home, no trouble.

6) If you've woken up, and somehow the nightmare is reality, and that the 30 hours is really 30 hours....take your laptop 0% battery and hover around the busy place for any chance bumping into someone that uses TOSHIBA and is kind enough to let you recharge your laptop.

7) Now that your laptop is recharged (100%) =D! and there's still a remaining of 24 hours for you to over to your blog and start...start writing...

I-AM-STRANDED; for sure. I'm angry, I'm hungry and I'm...owh, okay, lets not waste my battery...let's cut it through. shall we.
Leave the unpredictable part of my life and lets just for a few minutes, fly back through history....fasten your seatbelt, we're up for a ride...

I promised you guys a story that has a connection with Palestine. A story that takes place even before our beloved Prophet, The cHOSEN ONE; Muhammad Khair Khalqillah (pbuh) was born. A story that is mentioned in the quran by a few verses. A few verses that was constrcuted beautifullly by Allah to let us know about a fact...a fact that we should know.

Like how my Dad puts it, when something is mentioned in the Quran, then that implies a message that it is important. Allah does not construct a verse without a hidden message. Those verses written are not just some bedtime stories, the histories that were mentioned has great connection with the world today and the world tomorrow.
Whatever that is’s more than just some legend.
And for the record, none of is myth.

Today, on the subject of DzulQarnain, there has been researchES done. And somehow or other, because of the fact that many of the things connected to him are lost and not found, people come up with many theories.
The orientalists played their part well, manipulating, as usual..
They managed to somehow make people believe that the famous Iskandar Dzulqarnain is Alexander the Great, oh yes, that one., that evil, “mighty” one....
And some other managed to turn it into some epic story, merely a myth, some legend known to exist few centuries back..a folk-tale. Yes, a simple folk-tale.
So, when it comes to us, when it comes to me, we didn’t take it seriously.
Until one day, (I must have hit my head on the wall or something), the question zapped through my head and so, I asked him about it.
It started then...the truth.


The first thing he asked me when I asked him was.. "So, when you hear the name, what comes into your mind?"


"What do you, so far, after 17 years of living, know about this particular individu?"
“Well I know he is a great man..that...builds the.., um...he built something for sure, something significant. And that he’s not like how they say it. He’s not Alexander, like like how they put it in the film. He’s a different guy and....”

“So? What’s so special about that? Anyone could be a great man and build something.”
• * * * *
“Alright, I give up, I know zero.....”
“No it’s not know stuff. But you don’ connect it”
“It sounds the same to me..”

No, it’s not. After hearing his explanation, after leafing through the pages, after going through with his demands of wanting me to read the verses translation 10 times (“so you can really imagine how it goes” as he described it ), wasn’t that I didn’t know the story.
I just didn’t read through the lines. I didn’t connect what I know and what I wanted to know.

So, the story of DzulQarnain was mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al-Kahfi, verses 83-99. The Asbab An-Nuzul was that

A group of jews at Madinah challenged Rasulallah and his prophecy. (pbuh). They told a group of Quraisy that if so he’s a really a prophet (like duh...after all the miracles before their own eyes..), then go and ask him about DzulQarnain and Ashabul Kahfi, he should know. So, the Quraisys went over to him, inquisitive for sure, doubts spiriling around in their heads...and like, let’s see what he gotta say for this-

Rasulallah listened to the questions and asked them to return in a few more days for the answer.
And so, the verses was sent down to him, our beloved prophet, describing about a great conqueror, a king of a wide kingdom, a man that is also a human, a slave that became the slave to no one but Allah, he was just and he was full of wisdom. He was DzulQarnain.

Iskandar Dzulqarnain..
Part 2 up next, stay tuned.

By: FaithHana
P/s : Many of friends get to meet their family on Friday evening, some on Saturday morning. Me? Monday’s afternoon. It’s my fault somehow...but, whatever it is, I accept this stranded episode as a lesson for me. And there should be a good reason why He let me be here instead of there now. But only He knows and i trust HIM:

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