Friday, April 16, 2010

the unfinished job


2.20 am now, at home (finally).

gosh, it has been so so long since i've ever posted anything here. n dont blame me for it, it hasnt been my choice either..

so, palestine, independence, peace,, i wonder kenapa those words are not that familiar terucap kat bibir2 kita nowadays?

have the palestinians gained independence?? are they not in war anymore? is it all over?

I dont think so.

stimes, we dont forget, but we do forget to remember.. but still, it shouldnt be an excuse..

'though we're not one of them; that have to directly face the enemies with stones and blood, and though it's not our family that is being brutally murdered every day,,, it doesnt mean we escape from the responsible to free palestine. There are great responsibles we carry on our shoulders too, for Allah will ask us about it later.

to remind those who knew this all along and to tell it to those who hasnt heard it before, IT IS OBLIGATORY FOR ALL MUSLIMS AROUND THIS PLANET EARTH TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE, FOR AL-AQSA IS NOT THEIRS ALONE, BUT OURS TOO. yusuf al-qaradawi.

so have we done enough to free any of them?

i'd like to share a story i've heard from a friend currently in france. she said this,

imagine if you are a student with a limited pocket money....
with a dash of luck, one day, you receive a bonus from your scholarship-sponsor, worths about RM 5000. for someone with a tight budget, when suddenly luck says hi, you'd be eager to spend the money for the things that you love, right? so then you have your way to louis vuitton, in search of your favourite super expensive pair of shoes. youve always wanted to buy one anyway..

then you found the right shoes, sparkling diamonds right on top of it, real animal skin in and out.. The shoes were perfect and you cant wait to wear it to the upcoming functions.

on your way to the cashier counter, suddenly, you receive a call from a friend, Kucha. Kucha suffered from a serious leg-disease, where if she doesnt get a treatment and surgery soon enough, she'll lose both her legs. she is so desperate that she has to call to beg for some help, for money> for the surgery. and it costs RM4000.

so what would you do?

you'd have to make a choice...

you could end her pain instantly. but are you gonna do that?

Would you proudly wear RM5000 shoes on your legs when your friend would lose both of hers?
you would have the chance to look super pretty but your friends would lose the chance to walk... would you let her suffer so you can live your perfect never-there-was-any-problem-life? are you that self-centered? do you live in this world alone?

the choice is in your hands
and only you can choose which.

this story fits the real situation.

maybe the palestinians wouldnt give you a call and ask for help directly, but knowing that you have the ability to help and if you dont, it would cost them dearly, wouldnt you help? are we still gonna let the media fools us?

we still buy israel products, dont we? we still believe totally what the media says, and we still shut our mouths when others are hurting our religion. we still live our life happily, never once worries crossed over our minds. we care for ourselves, and ourselves only. we care about silly small issues that're not worth it. THEN IT MEANS, WE JUST BOUGHT THE RM5000 SHOES AND WE HAD LET KUCHA LOSES HER LEGS..
So where do we stand? what is our contribution?

lets muhasabah diri balik, and constantly remind ourselves. be grateful for what we have and by that, contribute back to our people.

"Kalau bukan kita, siapa lagi?"
by Cokelat Chip

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