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Flotilla matters

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Living in a boarding school, like I've been writing down since like forever, somehow grabs you away from the real world. If you're not the kind that joins the crowd at the canteen for morning news or go and grab a newspaper from the KP's counter, you'd be totally left behind from all the current issues that happened in the world today.
That was us,
me and my friends, mostly 9/10 of all the students at my school.
Our initiative to ponder over"what is shaking the world today?" doesn't seem to strike out as much.
So,we didn't get to know that much.

Until that day...
That issue.
The flotilla thing.

Everyone started raising their alarm, we discuss about it, we argue opinions, we lay of out facts and we cried together...
For long...we have been sleeping under books and exams and...
the volunteers's deaths just hit us again.

Haven't there be any deaths before that closes our eyes to this extend?
I mean, come on..
Even before the flotilla,
The Palestinians are continously slaughtered everyday...
And until some other people are terrorize, than do we say "Hey, what;s going on?"
My senior is totally right.
We're slow.

I'll post again soon. I'll touch upon a few current issue and some history regarding Ya'juj Ma'juj and the world today, which I'm telling you, also have its connection towards this whole conspiracy and what not. There's another story (yet. not another version) of who are these people that are slaughtering men around.

But for now on, ponder over these lies...
These are the example of media twisting knaves.

Let's read the rubbish, garbage, stinking lies.


Israel: International law not mature enough to deal with Hamas threatIsrael sees it differently. Its justification for the flotilla attack and its Gaza policy rests on two pillars: First, Israel maintains – in the face of intense international disagreement – that Palestinians are not unduly suffering in Gaza. Second, it argues that international law is not mature enough to handle Israel’s unique security problems; Israel lives in a rough neighborhood with a threat from Hamas too severe for law professors to grasp, and it must rely on its own interpretation of international law.

Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the US, told Fox News that the flotilla raid was “perfectly legal, perfectly humane,” and that “Israel acted in accord with international law.... Any state has the right to protect itself, certainly from a terrorist threat such as Hamas, including on the open seas.”Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted on June 2 that Hamas continues to smuggle rockets and that “there’s

no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Each week an average of 10,000 tons of goods enter Gaza.

There’s no shortage of food.

There’s no shortage of medicine.

There’s no shortage of other goods.

So our naval personnel had no choice but to board these vessels.

The World Food program has said that 400 trucks are needed in Gaza per day, or 2,800 per week, to meet basic nutritional needs. According to Israeli data (PDF), an average of 371 truckloads of food products were delivered per week in 2009 and 310 per week so far in 2010.

Israel's legal argument for flotilla raidConfusion remains over whether Israel extended its naval blockade from 20 to 68 miles into the open sea – or whether Israel never extended but simply intercepted the ships on grounds they had intent to bust the blockade.

Israel claims its flotilla raid was legal under the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea. Israel says the law entitles it to enforce a blockade, even in international waters.


(from another websites that are full of stories from a well-trained storyteller

Lets call a spade a spade: Gaza Flotilla Was A Provocation
The flotilla of ships seeking to break the blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza

was a deliberate provocation, an elaborate sham used as a pretext for ambushing

and violently attacking Israeli military personnel.

Myth: The Free Gaza flotilla carried only "peaceful Activists carrying Aid for Gaza Children"

Truth: IDF Navy Soldiers were met by a well-planned lynch,

with concealed handguns and other weapons.

The Israeli Navy opened fire in self-defense after sailors boarded a

"peace flotilla" which was carrying, in addition to the much touted "humanitarian aid",

weapons and fertilizer [aka bomb/rocket fuel] into Gaza.

�Go Back to Auschwitz�: Flotilla Activists to Israel�s Naval Ship:

Israeli Naval Officer: "This is the Israeli Navy; you are approaching

an area which is under a naval blockade..."

Mavi Marmara (man voice): "Shut up! Go back to Auschwitz...�

Mavi Marmara (woman voice): "We have permission from the Gaza

port authority to enter."

Mavi Marmara (man voice): "We help the Arabs�don�t forget 9/11 guys�"

The soldiers carried crowd dispersal weapons (paint ball guns and mace,

not conventional rifles), as well as side arms. They were overwhelmed, and eventually

used their side arms to fire back. Ten of these supposed "peace activists" were

killed by the Israelis who were defending themselves

from what was

essentially a lynch mob.

Also one must note that the Navy repeatedly offered the activists peaceful entry into Israel's Ashdod port and help in taking the "aid" overland into Gaza, pending weapons inspection. The "peace activists" declined.

Israeli Navy: "We came to speak, they came to fight."
A commando who participated in the raid said that the attack

"looked like the Ramallah lynch." IDF said the

activists had prepared to kill the soldiers.

Was Israel's raid on Gaza Freedom Flotilla legal?

Israel's Netanyahu balks at UN investigation of Gaza flotilla raid

Israel news coverage.


I don't have to tell you how fat those lies are.

How inmatured of them to say that "we did nothing, we're saints" when the numbers of babies they shot and left to die were infinity. when the girls they raped were increasing on every checkpoints possible that they planted and waited like foxes at dawn.

the number of mothers they trampled upon, the kids they kicked

we have the videos, we have the proofs, we know more than you do, media-twisters.

we know how were on that ship, what do they bring (weapons or not), we know what was their plan, and we know you know that we know. so, before anything...you write these kinds of things down for some stupid belivers to find their way in. Go ahead, live in all these lies and be contented with it.

Israel, we will not go down with your lies. You may have conquered the media, but our faith and beliefs remains as long as ALLAH lets it be.

And ALLAH will show you our victory. You are nothing but storytellers and invaders,

people that are afraid of the truth, people that lives in shadow.

People that kills the innocents,

people that invade a country, terrorize in it and let the contrysmen be called terrorist,

people that claimed that it is their land and what not, an after even being proven that Prophet Abraham didn't even come from there, they remain.

People that said they follow the international law, when they are the ones who constructed it, change it everyday.

People that said "even UN agrees with us", when they are the UN.

People that said, we're giving basic necessities, when report of starvation and poverty are massively increasing.


People that thought we're stupid.

If they so much prefer peace and wants everything to be under controlled, then why do they ever invade Palestine and kills.

They thought they're that smart, huh?

Gaza, we will not go down. We'll study hard and we'll get you back.We want to die not in our bedroom, holding a megazine, we want to be there, throwing a rock.

And so when we face Allah one day.....

throwing a rock over to the tanks...will Allah let it be a reality for me?


Spread the love, don't get twisted by the lies. Pray for them everyday. Our most powerful weapon of all. A real post coming over soon.

by : FaithHana

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