Friday, June 18, 2010

Duty can't be done now...incomplete

Salam all,

The Mavi Marmara issue have somewhat opened up a few eyes and I am proud to say, that as I scroll down few of my friends blog, there would be at least one or two article regarding the issue; be it opinions, pictures, videos from the ship or just some copy-paste posts; I'm proud of you guys.
But, as a reminder to us all, (including this weak me),
let us not wait for some more death to be the reason for us to start spreading things around, okay?

I want to spill a lot of beans here, now. But, unfortunately, some of the questions that I have are still unanswered and I still don't get the whole Ya'juj and Ma'juj thing yet. The agenda is so heavy and it even have some connection with DzulQarnain story (of course, he built the wall to prevent them from coming in). So, since I don't want to give half of the story and half of my own opinions or mix-it up, make it all trash or whatever, I'm gonna wait for all these questions to clear up and that until I have totally digested the points and all, I'll tell you guys about it, okay.

And sadly, that means...
a long time from now on.

Because, I'm kinda of in the middle of struggling with SPM and I'm staying at a boarding school (both me and CokelatChip, exactly), so it'll take quite a while for the school to allow us to get on the books ourselves or something. The next time I'll be leaving the gates of my school again, would be....well, maybe....maybe Eid. I dunno. It depends.

But I'll try my best to give it a good shot.

And please, if you're currentlyl reading this article, that means you're in the mood for some moment of truth, so don't stop. Go, scroll down, open a few tabs, digest yourself in this matter and spill it all to the public. There are thousand of websites. Go compare and contrust. Make youserself worth it; create an asset to meet Him on that day. And don't say "I'm not good enough".

If I wanted to wait for me to be perfect and by then, would I spill things out, this blog wouldn't have existed. I would have to wait until forever; coz I will never be perfect. No one will ever be perfect. So, why bother waiting. Sure, I made some mistakes (well, a lot of mistakes), I didn't know I hurted people's feeling, I didn't think before I talk, I...I well, I whatever. But everyone does that. And everyone has to improve themselves. And I'm improving...(well, trying too).

You don't have to be someone that memorizes the Quran and all the Hadith to touch upon the Palestine issue. It is an advantage if you do, but it's not a compulsary. If you can talk, if you can write, if you make it casual chat, then go.
The world is waiting for us.
If not now, then when.

A lot of people converted to Islam because of this issue. Because they wanna know who's the bad guys and who deserves the land most. And while they're studying, while they're at it, they found something more meaningful that changed their life. They found Islam. And somehow became connected to it. They are reporters, news-writer, people who randomly just go seeking out for another hot news to tell and like suddenly Allah granted them a great gift like's marvellous. It's...mesmerizing..
From someone who aids in manipulateing the story, to someone that holds the flag of Israel and burn it down in front of the public. Hero.

And a lot of people changed to better because of Palestine issue.
They go through the Quran, they seeks meaningful Hadith that has connection and all, and Allah opened their eyes for more details that they've missed. Things that...we take for granted. Things like Qiyamullail, like appriciating life, like miracles...and all that.
A lot of people take Al-Aqsa for granted before; I take it for granted too. Didn't, haven't actually dream of wanting to know anything about it, who constructed it whatever, what's its shape like, what's so special about it and...suddenly, because of this issue...
up come freemason,
up come Ya'juj Ma'juj
up come DAJJJAL
up come ISRAEL and Zionists...murky zoinists, laknatullah.
And there's Benjamin Nentahyu, there's WZO, there's IMF and there's MCDONALDS.

It's all around us
And it's our choice. To wake up, or to keep on preffering to sleep.

If....we think of victory, if we think of our own deaths...we'll wake up eventually.
"You can't change the world." Says who?
If Allah let me become Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi.....
you never know.
You never know what would tomorrow be like.
Or if you really get to experience what tomorrow would be like.

Like what my Dad says when some people asked him about being a palestine speaker and you know, the risks..he said, "You'll die eventually. No matter what you do. So why not make it a syahid."

Though I cried, imagining things like this...
I couldn't imagine crying out any louder, if I die as someone who totally strayed away from the truth, without me noticing it.
I don't fear death.
I fear dying as a Munafiq.
Saying she cared, when she......when it's otherwise.

by: FaithHana. (pray for my trials and SPM, guys. I'll be needing it)

(really wanted to photoshop this but my photoshop suddenly dissapeared)

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