Monday, January 19, 2009

Freemason : Intro..(well, sort of)


ATTENTION ! : Good news. Watched the bias CNN juz now, but haha! the world is of coz, rioting aginst ISRAEL n this time, even the former supporters seemed to think that ISRAEL has gone too far. A woman, i don remember her name..SHARON, mayB said that she used to think that ISRAEL had some rights, but now, she felt that the Palestinians life is much dearer than her own. A Christian said that!

N Attention no 2 : Yang ni mmg pelik gler. Read NST a few days ago n i seriously wanna laugh. Dkt ISRAEL, all over news n papers n reports n bla bla bla, they are mourning over the death of their beloved 13 soldiers yg mati time kene attack ngan pejuang HAMAS aritu. Ahaks! They simply ltk statement n videos of these laknatullah soldiers pegi sembunyi n finding safe spots wak2 perang tu. N they were, i quote "murdered" by the Hamas soldiers. Lets laugh together, shall we? I mean, get real. Even bdk 5 tahun pon bleh beze 1000 org dlm 2 mgg n 13 soldiers dlm what, dozens of months outnumbered brape to brape. Come on la, Jewishs...i thought u guys were geniuses. I mean, duh...i know la , korng nk manipulate fakta n all, but make urself look too stupid even i cant stop laughing.U're killing me la, over here. My stomach dah x tahan gelak..13 soldiers go find hiding spots..oh God. Highlit mcm ape jer. Bdk2 bling batu kne langgar ngan krete kebal or that phosprs korng gne smpai org2 t'bakar tu x nk buat headlines lak..

More about that later...

Okay, so now...
In doubt. How exactly do i start this?
Pttlah blog x penah mnjadi. I've found out my weakness. Can't put up with screen stare n mouse clicking n keyboard typin more than 1 hr, la...
but anyway, i'll do this. For jihad n Islam! Yeah!!

So, Freemason is besar giler punye topik. Blmbk buku all around d world discussing this matter n b4 I start, I would just like u guys 2 know that this organization mmg amat berinfluential. Slalunyer die akn ajak bdk2 U, bdk2 yg b'pljrn msk geng die dgn twrn yg piwwit...amat hebat. This organization would...well, to simplify smue bende yg die buat, sng ckp die mengamalkn SATANISM which is, yes, u guessed it right, menyembah a.k.a. memuja a.k.a meworship SYAITAN.

So, in d upcoming future. (which won't b long from now...hehe), pleaz aware that these guys r everywhere n they will do anything 4 d sake of kukuhkan bilangan ahlinyer.

N sad to say, rmai pemimpin sluruh dunia dah msk dlm kmplan freemason nie.

I know u guys r getting dizzy.
What d heck am i mrepeking about?

Tomorrow never dies.
I'm actually playing with word over here, coz, belive it or not, i dunno how 2 start on this topic, n belive me to, it's a scary topic. It's something yg kte x kn prasan going on dkt dunia nie. In fact, until now, rmai gler adults yg x tau lngsng adenyer such thing as FREEMASON. How do we know? Well, Allah has given us the opportunity to get d information from someone we love,, since we love Islam, we don't wanna keep it 2 ourself until it;s really d time. Ktorng rase, we should give it away at d spot coz u never know..

MayB israel tgh target M'sia n buy luck, a sudden bomb landed here on this desk. Imagine....

by : Faith Hana.

P/s : I will continue later on coz I need to check back with the facts n infos, incase ade yg t'salah n so on.'s late nite n i would hv to reconfirm with cokelat chip 4 d better good of every readers of this blog. So, be Patient. I'm trying my best over here. =)

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