Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hamas vs Zionists


What say Zionists and Hamas about some matters?

Kenapa Zionists srg Gaza b'tubi2 tiba2 ni?

Say Zionists

In this Gaza matter, we totally put the blame on Hamas. 'It is your fault, Hamas! It's your responsibility. You're the one who's being condemned. You're not going to get legitimacy from the international community this way. Hamas doesnt serve the interests of the Palestinians or the Arab world. Hamas just stands in the way of the Palestinians to create their own State. These people (Hamas) are nothing but thugs (samseng), and so Israel is going to defend its people against terrorists likes Hamas.' -Tzipi Livni (Menteri Luar Israel)

White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said- "Hamas really shows the true colours as a terrorist organization. Right now the people of southern Israel are not able to live in peace.. They have to live in bomb shelters. And that's unacceptable".

Say Hamas

The media is trying hard to picturize the Muslims as terrorists that threaten the whole wide world..

You're saying we are terrorists because we stand in YOUR way to have our coutry to be yours, not because we stand in the Palestinians way.

What do you think we're doing? Joget2 goyang kaki mkn itik panggang? (that, I added myself) We're fighting for the Palestinians to get our own State! This is the only way.

So you're like suggesting we should just sign a deal with you guys and hanging around letting our homes being destroyed so YOU could get your dreamed country? You wish!

We have full right as legal countrymen of Palestine. It has became our land since centuries, so if suddenly some strangers came to us and took all that away from us in an inhuman way, we have every right there is to FIGHT BACK!

So, Livni, you think it's enough for us to just back away, forget the past- the mean things you've done to our family-, forgive you and chill??

The 'Muslims = Terrorists' thing is just their propaganda. And I couldnt believe how many people have been fooled by it. Open your eyes wide!

Think about what implications 'Perjanjian Oslo' and 'Perjanjian Kem David' (refers to my latest post) have brought. Little by little, parts of Palestine are taken by the Israelis. And you think we're going to accept it ever again?!

We're terrorized in our land, and we are the terrorists?? duh..

Plus, there is an election for Israel's next ruler this February 10, 2009. It is one of their threats as "a campaign stunt before the election" to be held in Israel. The attacks on Gaza is intended to show who's going to be a tough leader next. The evil-er the better..

And why should we worry MUCH about your people? You killed thousands of our innocent children and civilians and you said we're the ones to be blamed? DUH

Apa pendapat anda mengenai p'lantikan Barack Obama as Presiden US bebaru ni?
Say Zionists

"Oh.. 100% pasti, Obama akan teruskan dasar Bush untuk terus memulaukan Hamas dlm isu Palestin ni.. Because negotiating with Hamas is the major problem of the matter. Kalu masyarakat dunia mula berunding dgn Hamas, mereka akan mengetepikan golongan sederhana.." - said Penasihat kanan PM Israel yg enggan dikenali.

Say Hamas

I wont take any chance by this situation. Obama or Bush, dasar mereka tetap as dirty. Why should we have hopes upon someone likes himself. Why cannot we just fight on our own effort, without relying upon any other country, ESPECIALLY the U.S! Di bwh root pemerinthn US, penasihat2nya t'diri drpd Jews.. In order to be the president of US, you'd have to have their 'blessings'.

Obama brings a kind of positve impression of US, a contrast to Bush's. So people would be fooled, likes.. 'a reborn country'. 'a new hope for Muslims world'. No No No. If we want justice and victory, the responsibility has to be upon our shoulders, not by the help of other countries' leaders.

Kenapa Hamas x boleh diberikan senjata2?
Say Zionists

'Obama minta bantuan pemimpin Arab Saudi, Raja Abdullah supaya menyekat kegiatan menyeludup senjata ke Gaza'- Berita Harian.

This is indeed our respons to anti-terrorism campaign. We wont stop attacking Hamas until they decide it's time to back-off. No more weapons-smuggling from any other countries!

Say Hamas

We have every right in the world to have as many weapons as we could and should have. We are in a WAR! If the Israelis could have high-tech weapons from US and others, why shouldnt we? So you're like suggesting us to fight with what? Air liur?!

Why did the Israelis attack the innocent civilians?
Say Zionists

Most of our aims are misdirected. We did not do it on purpose. So we're really like, sorry.

But other than that, we believe strongly that among the civilians, there are Hamas people hiding in. We should kill the Hamas leaders to win this war.! Every single one of them.. And it's not our fault that they keep hiding among the innocent people.

Say Hamas

Yeah, right. Like we would be hiding in SCHOOLS, HOMES, and ice-cream STORES, eh? This is a big FAT lie! They use this kind of excuse, and people actually believe them?! They dont even have a single teeny weeny tiny little proof!

We are not like you people. We are soldiers and we fight with soldiers. We dont kill civilians. We dont purposely bomb your schools and say we're sorry. Obviously, all the missiles and weapons the Israelis are using are high in technology, with sharp aims, so why should you miss? This excuse couldnt be trusted, ever!

p/s: most of the sayings are truly spoken by the noted people. While others, i changed them a bit but the meaning are same still.

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