Friday, March 19, 2010

Why can't I cry like I used to?


SALAM; everyone.
At last! At last!
Believe it or not.
All this time, I've been fighting this urge to jump off the window coz I don´t have internet in the house and how practically that isn´t practical at all considering the fact that I have a blog that has to be updated and like duh,...
suddenly, everything just like, fall down from the sky....

My Dad went over to me and like casually said 'You know, that celcom broadband USB thing I bought that won't work on my laptop, could u like check the thing on ur sis'
my jaw dropped open.
There was actually 'internet'. All these times.
And to think of all the days I've wasted. Man...
You gotta be kidding me...
And holiday is nearly over too-

But anyway, lets not ponder over the wasted hours. Lets, top it up, okay, guys...

So, in my previous posts, I did mention the fact that today, things have quitened down a bit. And how that is so virtual. Because in reality, it's getting worse there, day by day...

I read an article once, from this unknown writer, he said..
wouldn't it be nice, if the Palestinian, from the early start, could have actually considered Israel to have a bit of their land. Wouldn't that be nice? By now, if that have happened- Israelis and the Palestinian could walk side by side along the road, saying Hellos to each other, all in dramatic peace, no wars...just peace, together, sharing the land. I mean, what's so wrong about that? Why be greedy and let everyone else suffer out of your own greed? I mean, sharing is caring, rite?

Okay, first.
Mr. Writer, you think you know so much. Well, you don't-

But anyway, thanks. For enlighting to us all, that such ideas exists.
People do ask these question. People that don't serach for the facts, and don't dwell upon what they hear, but let the media do the job for them. Yeah...basically, these kind of ideas could have easily be formed.

Logically, why bother fighting at all, rite? If such simple matter could be settled easily beforehand by just sharing the land together, rite? Why let the women and children suffer? why let the bazzuca enter the houses? why let the tears drop? why take away the lives of men and fathers? why? why don't you just negotiate it peacefully and if that is what the Israelis want, just give it?

Mr. Writer,
That land that you want the Palestinians to give away, isn#t just the Palestinian's land. It#s the Muslims land. The whole community of Muslims throughout the world hold responsibility towards that land. If, say, the Al-Aqsa doesn't have enough energy to generate its power for electricity, the whole community of Muslims throughout the world would have to donate, for the land is ours.
And today, that land is being claimed by the Israelis, n therefore, the question to ask, the permission to land, is not just upon the Palestinians, but upon every single Muslims on earth, today.

And what we did say,
we said no.
That land is ours. We're not giving it away.
And what did they say.
They say,
who cares, we wanted it, and we have power.
So, they kill. They terrorize
and they manipulate the story.

They said it was their land. They gave out the facts, they said they were the former founders. But it was proven, through searches, through history, through all the sources possible, that they were wrong.
They were proven wrong.
But still, today, they are still saying
who cares, we have power. We could do what we want to do and who are you to stop us?

And so, they proceed. And keep on proceeding..

So, Mr. Writer, I ask you. If,one day, you walk back to your house and suddenly a man come over with his troops saying that 'Hey, that's my house. I founded it first', would you just give it away.
And if that man insist and give facts that he somehow have found that house first, would you believe him.
No. Cause the facts were lies. And it was even proven so.
So, the man got busted that he was a liar, but he doesn#t care. He wanted the house somehow, so he just rambled through and killed your family starightaway.
Coz he has the power.

r u blaming urself, that all this time, u could have shared the house with him.
When u knew, that actually, that man didn't want sharing.
He wanted the house for his own good.
And he doesn't care that it's yours.
As long as he gets it....

R we clear?

Some people...they just...
I don't know how to describe this, this kind of thinking. Some people could get really twisted. There were some others that thought these Palestinians, why they wouldn' give up, why they keep on fighting is because, they like to recieve all these medications, all these free donations and what not.
How could you just say that?!??!
There they are, fighting to their last blood, for the sake of upholding Islam, our mosque, Al-Aqsa that is being destroyed,our beloved land that is being mentioned in the Quran, our people, our muslims brothers and sisters,and you, you just sit there, like you know everything, and keep on assuming this and that...and

Go and throw a rock at yourself and feel the pain! Go and take a knife and bleed! Go and run over to some military guy and ask him to shoot you in the face.
Coz those children at Gaza, that is what they#re facing.
Risking their life, their education.
Risking everything....
And we are just...
If Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi see all of these...
If Rasulalllah see how much we didnt care today...

No, no.
This is not just for Mr. Writer.
This is not just for that man who accused Palestinian of being greedy donation recievers.
This is for us all.
For me.
For you.

When was the last time, we sit down and think about them.
The Palestinians.
When was the last time, we cried for them?
We keep on saying, day by day, that it isn't fair. The Palestinians doesn't deserve all this.

But did we do anything.


We keep on giving excuses. We're nothing. So lets shut up.

If, that man who was shot at his face, was stamped by fourteen foot , was kicked by sixteen legs, was tortured on and on--
If, that man was your father.
Maybe you wouldn't shut up.

So, what are we waiting for? Our fathers? N then only do we scream and cry. When Allah had given us soo much, but we kept giving excuses.

If you can jam thousands of word about your favourite celebrity and chat with your friends about The Twilight Saga, what's so hard about spreading the love for Palestine.
What? That you're afraid that all your friend would just go away and leave you all alone.
N you wanted them free? N you had the dream? Well, did you really?

Don't ever, ever, hope, or dream that Muslims will unite and get the land back, when u yourself, lie there, doing nothing..
The Palestinians don't terrorize in their own land.
The Israelis shouldn't have been there. At all. They shouldn't have taken everyone's right. They shouldn't have killed the men, rape the mothers, torture the children.

That should have been made cut and clear.
But, why are there still people asking stupid questions, having stupid assumptions?
Media. You hated media.
And you, having internet at your finger...aren't you media, yourself?
Spread the love. What excuse do u have now? Or are you afraid of your own shadow?
Or is it that you're not ready.
Then, until when?

When will we ever get that land back?

by: FaithHana

If you get to change one mind today, maybe you've given so much change to a whole generation, without you realizing it.

Another question of the day:
Why can't I cry like I used to?

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