Monday, March 15, 2010

R they still dying?


Dudes, everyone.
SoRRY: Like terribly.
As usual, there was no line. And as usual, when I suddenly do bump into a place where there is actually wiFi, i don have all d papers with me
so, yeah...
bear with this ongoing climate I#m in.

I wanna write like so badly, but..
i dont wanna produce a non-quality article for the whole world (exaggerating)to read,
while I#m at it
i´ll leave this question for ya to answer n think.
coz ive been thinking bout it too
n surprised that it havent touched me like it used to.
surprised that though i know i´m worrying,
it didnt come through like it used to.

so, before i actually write about the whole thing
let me have sometimes to go and check on
this little piece of meat in me
n attach back the screws that was set loose in it
until i could see back what is it that i missed

have it been books
have it been movies
have it been friends
have it been laughters
the one to blame
is still me

y wont my tears drop,
when they r, n still r, dying??

have i changed. or hv the world made me?

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