Friday, March 6, 2009

Sneak-peak n then back 2 books.

Okey, so here goes..
I have exam, I know. I got to study, yes. I haven't even finished bace sejarah, okay, got it.
But I just can't resist it.
MayB this is what they meant by BLOGGING POWER RESISTANCE BROWSER that has to be installed in all bloggers mind B4 they start their own blog.
Which, ha-ha, x jmpe lg CD nye di pasaran, so don't blame me.

At Kuantan recently, following my Dad n big sis to UIA (Imagine that! I haven't even gotten ready for my so-call exam yet) for his talk. Which was extremely awesome. And wish I've recorded it!
Program tu x habes lg, but since we're all tired (b'tolak at 4.30 a.m and arrived at 9.00 a.m), the organisers booked us a room at a nearby hotel n we're all settled Well, except 4 me la..yg kononye nk study.

D thing is, the hotel suddenly turned out to hv wireless, n yes, though i luv this lap top soo much and I'm so afraid any hackers may turn up and virus suddenly masuk through the insecured server, I decided to risk it.

Streamyx kat rumah tgh slow anyway, n this 1 is really fast so..

lets just do this now.

I might be busy next week coz exam anyway, remember?

So, these are the videos that one of the akak (kak iman, same name =p) b'jaye msskkan dlm pendrive ni but d rest, including the lagu tema (smngt gler) x muat so..

ni pon dah kre ok, i think. But I'll contact her or something n see if she can send it through YM. InsyAllah. The thing is, I dunno who made these clips, but Alhamdulillah, it struck my heart deeply, I think I should share it with all of u. What can I say? Words are sharper than swords...And this video proves it so. It kept me thinking until today. 4 ratings!!

(i DUNNO U HV TO WAIT That Long 4 vIDEO UPLOading)

And next time, when I really do have the time, I'll update about my Dad's talk today. Some new stuff he might mention b4 but I forgot to add in. InsyAllah.

Bout d video n the program 2day, thank u UIA kuantan.
Credits to u guys and arigatou, d lunch was superb.
N 2 whoever made the video, may Allah
reward u 4 keeping us all reminded. Amin..

by : FaithHana...(start-studying-NOW!!)

p/s : Coz uploading takes soo long, I'll upload d rest some other times. This upcoming holiday, mayB. I got to stay away from d computer if I wanna study =)

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