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It's been a long time since I last posted in this blog. Layout upgraded, and loving it! (well done, faith!)

In this post, I wont be typing about facts and numbers again. Instead, i'd love to share with you readers about my thoughts and feeling when I was first exposed of these Palestinians matter. (2 years ago, MAHISS's EDI.)

I was shocked at first. BIG SHOCK. Before that, i've always known there is a war happening in Palestine but I never thought how important and significant the war was compared to others.

Before that, I thought, "Okay, another war between middle-east countries and the U.S. No biggie." and "Another unfortunate country beside Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.."

B U M!
I was wrong.

The exposure was so clear to me, and suddenly i felt so stupid, so weak, because I NEVER cared. 'My country had gain it's independent, we live in harmony, in peace. Why should I care? Adults are around to do that.'

Slowly, I followed the news. I studied why and how the war occured at the first place, i learned to love Palestine, I started to mourn over them..

But there was a big thought that has become an ultimate barrier at the moment.

I thought;

"Yes, aku tau Yahudi mmg kaum yg kotor dan menjijikkan (and other words you'd prefer to use), and Allah sendiri dah melaknat mereka dlm al-Quran.. I know Im supposed to hate them and all, but this is not a justice! Seseorg manusia tu x pernah meminta dlm kaum apa dia dilahirkan. A newborn baby never had a chance to choose the parents. So I pity the Jews. Diorg x pernah meminta ntuk dilahirkan dlm klgn kaum yg awal2 lg dah dilaknat Allah. Xkan la, lahir2 je diorg dah dihina, disumpah."

Call me a freak, but that's the truth. Can you believe that was the first thought I had? Have you guys ever think of that?

So everything went wrong. All the thing I learned about the Palestinians matter seemed to be hanging because of this thought. I never felt peace within.

And of course, i was so guilty whenever that thought appeared. Of course la kan, ni hal yg serius, besar, ni hal AKIDAH, aku sdg m'persoalkan keadilan Allah. Sampai satu thp tu, rasa cam dah murtad pon ade gak..

Then, I stepped up and decided that it was time to be done with that bloody thought.

So I ASKED people.

And to burst that to someone is just a HUGE RELIEF. With tears flowing down my cheeks, I explained my feeling, I explained everything.

But they understood. They never thought I was irresponsible for having such thought. Instead they said that it was TYPICAL. And that I made the right decision by asking it to them. These, they explained back;

"Allah Maha Adil, Maha Memahami. Allah x pernah bersifat kejam t'hdp hambaNya. Yes, of course Yahudi yg lahir di klgn Yahudi x pernah minta keadaan tu. BUT.. the fact is, Allah x pernah melaknat Yahudi keseluruhannya. Allah hanya menyumpah sebahagian mereka yg ingkar. Dan laknat Allah dlm al-Quran tu based on their past, bkn keadaan present. Think about it, supposedly, laknat Allah tu m'beri pengajaran yg BESAR kpd kaum ni ntuk x ulang history. but then, they did the same thing as nenek moyang diorg buat dulu. Merekala yg rugi..

Manusia mmg dilahirkan dgn AKAL yg sempurna. FITRAH manusia untuk sentiasa berfikir hal ketuhanan. FITRAH manusia sentiasa inginkan ketenangan dan bencikan keganasan. So same thing goes for this matter. Yahudi tu ada otak (big ones). Akal mereka yg bijak pandai tu patut mereka gunakan ntuk pikir hal2 ni. Kalau mereka rasa pe yg kaum mereka lakukan tu kejam dan x menepati fitrah, then they'd have CHOICES. whether to teruskan adat or leave it and continue living life likes a human being.

Ramai je yahudi yg Islam. And they became better Muslims than born-Muslims itself. Why? Because they used their heads to think and made the right choice."

So kesimpulannya, bkn semua Yahudi itu kejam and zalim. If we are to dispise and swear them, we SHOULD use the word 'Zionists' and not 'Jews'. Remember, not all the Zionists are Jews, rite?- by penceramah SASIC

That night, terasa mcm malam yg PLG tng. Lega. Puas.

Then, i could go on proceed in learning these without any feeling of regret and guilt.

Thank you SENSEIs~


Ya Allah, payungilah org2 awam, kanak2, dan wanita di Palestin dgn payung kesejahteraan dan keselamatanMu.
Ya, Allah, berilah kemenangan kpd tentera2 Jihad di Palestin seperti mana kau beri kejayaan kpd tentera2 BADAR.
Ya Allah, hancurkanlah tentera2 Kafirin dan Zionis seperti mana kau hancurkan tentera2 Abrahah dgn burung AbabilMu. AMIN.

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