Tuesday, October 22, 2013

observing and experiencing...total silence in action

Salam Alaikum everyone,

Yeah, it have been 10 months actually since I last blogged.

The thing is, I get very bad at writing these days. I tried posting a couple of times but my views are totally knowledge-limited. And whenever I discuss any worldly issue with my family and friends, the world situation is all tangled and messed up that I don't exactly know who's saying the real deal. I can't even eleborate on a newspaper article before one of my relatives started pointing out that it's crap and here's the real story.

I know it sounded like I'm running away from responsibility of finding the truth. It almost sounded too, like I'm giving up.
Yeah, you can say that.
I'm actually quite tired at so many levels of hypocrisy in this world. How some wars that are happening are not actually wars at all. How human aids are not human aids. How just about any issue in this world is being over and overly politicized.
There's nothing that I can write and I'd be happy with the substance. Coz, there's too much lies going on.

So, I decided to lay low. And it wasn't half as bad. Sometimes, you dwell too much in the big picture of the world, trying to change the mindset of the people, trying to guide the muslims, your friends, people around you, you forgot that you are supposed to be guiding yourself too.
And for months that I lay low, I saw a lot of things that I've missed.

Those surahs I've failed to memorize and understand the context; those prayers steps and meaning of each recitation, those sirah of the prophets, the way the human mind works, the issue of human complications, how some of my friends are struggling with their past and present, how education is not everything in some's life but continual survival, how attitude outways whatever principles you believe in.

I found myself back, by laying low and shutting up. I learned that it's not wrong to be me.

I know it sounded ironic, like am I telling the world now to shut up when Syria's in mass-killing and starvation, Iraq in total danger, Palestine is still in blood bath, Egypt politics is crumbling, Malaysia's hedonistic with entertainment, Indonesia's islamic identity is screwed, Turkey's still with belly dancing, Iran is still divided of sunni and syiah ~ am i telling everyone to shut up?!

And Yes.

Shut up sometimes and take a step back. See, how the your life is twisting and then, reflect that on the world.
There's no way the world can be a better one, if we all just keep shouting.
Sometimes, the people who are most in silence, they understands better. They see the bigger picture with a much simpler solution.

Silence is virtue.

Faith Hana
Thanks for reading!
btw, I'm starting on a new blog just for fun. I've been listening to online lectures and I have to say, I found 'em very connecting. So, I'll have the files uploaded and see to it that readers will be able to download them.
Otherwise, I'll just redirect the links to the specific podscats.
here's the link but yeah, it's still under construction so yeah~

http://ilistenlisten.blogspot.com/ enjoy!

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