Monday, December 14, 2009

The signs


So maybe somtimes our faith went up and down..

the biggest greatest present one can get, hidayah, nurr, petunjuk, whatever you wanna call it, has always been there..

we just have to search.

sometimes we hope if we reach certain level of faithfulness, we often ask Allah for the big signs of his wondrous creations.. just, maybe a dash of miracle could happen to ourselves..

but cant we just see that everything (i mean everything) around us is a miracle of His creation. from the teeny little microorganisms to the biggest universe out there laid the signs we're looking for.

this video right here, is a MUST WATCH one. watch it until it's end, youll see what i was talking about..

p/s : please stop the background music first..

i love this video, i love this man, i wish i was him!

"still, cant you see HIS miracles?"


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