Monday, December 14, 2009

the world we're living in


school holidays = good = will end soon = not good

but before it ends and spoilt my mood for the whole week, lets talk about sth crazy.

this time, lets talk about prejudism.

not too sure.. does the word prejudice could really fit with -ism at the end, but then, you got the point, right..? so lets move on.

yes, i would say PREJUD-ism is a crazy thing. it's stupid but that's what people do, almost every day, every minute, every second.

(by doing it, i mean staring at people and hate them for the way they look and they way they dress, hating the fact that some people are different with others..)

this video is made to prove how hard and challenging it is to live as a Muslim in the United States. its like a research-thing going on.. social behavior thing..

the woman in tudung, masuk kedai kene hina dgn salesman and observe what reactions do we get from org sekitar tu.. support muslim? ikut hina muslim? or simply do... nothing.?

some people even commented;

"How hard is it for an American to live in a Muslim country???
How hard is it for a christian to live in a muslim country???"


"Can I build a church in Saudi Arabia. Can I go around openly and talk about my Christian,
Hindu or other faith or hand out literature on it???
Can I write in the press what I want??
C'mon...might be paradise for brainless millionaires, but not for a free spirit!"


"u cant build a church .. but there is a church for you here in saudi arabia ..
u cant talk about christianity
and u cant write whatever you want in the press but
you are not tracked by FBI and you dont get treated badly by the government"


this is just one teeny wheeny little part of it. things like this happen everywhere in the world. be it in a non-muslim country or even a muslim country..

"still feel we're in a happy safe world?"


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