Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I forgot how to blog. Forgive me, monsieur.

(Don't bother reading if u have other things to be bothered for)

So, everyone?
How's it going?
Everything, i mean. Life, school, faith....

As usual, forgive me for not posting for dead long.
And yes, thank u everyone for the comments, the mails, the when-are-u-ever-going-to-compose messages.
I'm sorry.
If u can ever find out a way to spell SBP in the simplest way possible, contact me.
We'll get seriously hooked in no time.

Life is getting more hectic than ever.
Exams passed-thank God.
The result...
Hang on, a sec.
This blog is so not suppose to be about me.
Forgive me, monsieur,
I, FaithHana, a form 5 to be student, have absoloutely forgotten all the path possible leading the way to blog.
Camne nak start nih...

Look, I have a lot of updates,,
I'm just so blurr now.
What does it take to transfer all these thoughts into words???

okay, i'll deal with that later.
This must be because of the wather or something..
I'm usually........not like this.

lets start off with some rather light.
Not as heavy..
Since my mind is..u know..cuckoo..cuckoo.
Waiting for the gears to come back to its original position, screw ups, tightens...

back in business.

hye there, everyone.
Now, how do i jump into the subject?
Do i just jump or..
oh, sod it.

Being in a boarding school has all the PROS and CONS that it can give. One of the big CONS is that u are so dead separated with the real world issues out there. Yeah. true, we have the newspapers, the TV, the internet acess bla bla bla, but we don't have time. NIL:
And when we do, storing up our little brain with all of the world#s ingoing agenda is just not the way some of us would prefer to do.
Unless of course, when u#re forced to do so.
Like ie, if u're a 'debater'
But then again,
it' odd isn#t it.
How things have started to silenced down a little.
I remembered last year.
The TABLOIDS full talking about Israel-Palestine war
I remembered my Dad being so busy attending invitations for talks and all that..
and i remembered how easily i cried, just by reading a title from the new freshly printed newspapers.
And today, right at this very hour, as I#m typing and as u're...well of course, u're reading...
I can#t help but to question myself over and over again.
That have I---
fell into their game??

Imagine, for instance. You#re in a 5KM marathon competittion and U knew for sure that the first prize winner will be given a gold-plated trophy.
At 1 KM, u'd be making ur move. Started to fast pace.
And then at 2 km, u'd go to speed.
At 3 km, u would start roaring until the world started paying attention to you.
and at 4 KM, logically...
would u slow down...and silence it all---
for u have no longer interest for the gold-plated trophy.
or would ya....strike??

For decades they've been waiting..
And now the whole world is looking at them as BAD; BAD; country
But gold-trophy is still gold-trophy.
I mean, would ya stop??

So, even though it#s a silence now. No roars from the world....
It's still roaring there in that land.
In fact, even worse.
Coz noew, they're not just speeding.
They're striking their way...
Far MORE CRUEL than they have ever been.
Everyday they took away one chance
of life
And everyday, they make it look as though
it's over.
N there's nothing to worry for.

People started believing.
People started ignoring..
McDonalds back on trays..
Timberland back on wardrobes...
No one can resist..
their symbol of tranquility..
The game plan is not just about to begin..
It's ending
For the gold trophy
is getting nearer
as time passing and the clock ticks..


But that's...the reality.
I question again, what can we do?
If even boycotting becomes a trouble for us?
If resisting is even that hard, can we actually dream of the war to end?
So what, the whole world is looking at them as BAD; BAD country.
They still get the long-ongoing economical support by every soul in this world.
Even us...
And we said we cared..



If one soldier comes over to ur father and shoot him in the face, what would you feel??
Or have u no feeling at all?

by: FaithHana.
Ashamed of myself. Silencing down as they are too. Following their game.
Not yet Mate.
For I'm still going to fight. Move your Queen, Mr.
The spirit will not die..
Not tonight.

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