Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heroes to be-us?

Salam Alaikum everyone,

This post is specially dedicated for Nana, Anis, Nana's big sis, my own big sis n everysinglefollower out there that has been following and asking me "when on earth are you going to update this blog with a new, fresh, post, huh?."

well-the answer is. Today. Right NOW.

Sure, I have like 9 pages of homework left to do but, sod that. I kept giving excuses these days; I don't even knew why. Well, for one of course, I get tired mentally and physically these few weeks. Whats with weekdays at class (KTM, MONOREL n 15 minutes walking back and forth) and weekends extra driving class, man...my schedule is kind of packed at the moment. And don't even ask about Cokelatchip. She had it worse. If you haven't been in a room filled with more than twenty "eight year-olds", you can't possibly imagine what she has to handle everyday. It's well..., complicated.

So, yeah, some people asked me.."if you have that much time to comment and update your status at facebook, why can't you just write down a few words in your blog. Just for the sake of some new stuff, dude.."

and some other went. "You can never be a celebrity (*laughs* ^^), you dissapoint us; the followers."
which I might say; a little too exaggerating maybe, hah!
But yeah, she has a point (you know who you are. Yeah, go on. smile when you read this).

So, okay. This post might not be the ultimate start of my new blogging momentum; but it could be a push. After all, once the airplane has landed; it took quite some times and most energy to get it back on air, right?

Some people asked me, "what's going on in Palestine now?"
Well-that's tough. I wish I know.
But I don't. At least, not much. I do know for a fact that Benjamin Nentahyu, the DEVIL in disguise, is acting superpower by thinking that no one could take away ISRAEL from them. An that he won't let any "terrorist" so he call it, invade "his land". There was this news I watched...
And there was also some politic matters;........ er..okay, okay, I'll check back on that. And write a new post about it. It was some Fattah, Hamas matter and yeah, it was pretty important but...no, that's not it. something else sort of got me these days.

Something that is very, very big.

Yep, you got that. EGYPT. The falldown of the Egypt President, Hosni Mubarak has somehow opened the eyes of the people not only in Egypt but the whole world. How the power of the people, the voices of the rights, outways the position and authority of an undeniably wealthy and powerful man who had the throne on his head for thirty years. How people was so consumed with anger and hatred that they couldn't care more or less of the present or the past but preferred to choose the future that they believe lies on their own hands.
And they were right.
With riots happening at the Tahrir Square for weeks, and battles among the people with the government, it was a celebrated sucess when Hosni Mubarak finally stepped down and bowed to the single wish of the people of Egypt.

And that marked a history.
Leaving a message; that it is possible. For A change to happen.

What got me was that, well, that's Egypt. One EGYPT. A single Egypt. That fought for a country's future.
And won.
Showing how strong their unity is when it comes to pursuing their needs.

yep, you've read my mind. Palestine.

Scrap the number of Muslim countries. Just, scrap it. Lets focus on the Muslims. Yes, us. Every single one of us. Every soul on earth that bear witness that Allah is the one and only God and Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the messeger of God. Hoho.
The total of Muslims around the world would outnumber the people of Egypt, of course. Logically.
So, if these people unite for a mission to take down let say, another Hosni, wouldn't it be just like, a piece of cake. If people of Egypt, with that small, minute number could do it..then?

Because status quo, what is happening exactly is that we depend on our own ways to make a change. We depended on our own countries to take a step and plunge forward for a bungee springing action. And we let them lead the way.
Which isn't such a bad idea, because at least, it did help. But no, not for a long term effect.

Coz when we depend on the countries; that means we depend on the government. And like it or not, the fact is, like what we see today; depending on different governments to unite for a mission just doesn't work.
It doesn't work when we separate our ways between countries and try to win something using different ways, different methods, relying on different grounds and making different moves. Sure, it might looked as if it was a sucess. But it didn't last long.

Lets take Egypt for example. Let's put it this way.
Lets imagine Hosni Mubarak is still on the throne. And the people of Egypt hated that fact and so, they sat down together and came up with a decision.
They would fight for him to back away from the president's seat.

so, they lay out their plans and began to take actions. This is what they would do.
they chose to do it by making riots like, once every two weeks;.
Or they chose to urge every country on earth to make riots once in a while on the foot door of the embassy of egypt around the world.
Or they chose to boycott egypt's product so the government suffer...

Sure, it would become a havoc for a while.
And Hosni Mubarak might back away,but there is a big possibility that he might NOT.

What the people of Egypt realised beforehand was that, yes, all of those actions I've just mentioned will not work. And no, it's a not a possibility. It's for sure that he will not step down if the people chose to put their hatred that way.

so, They fought hard for a few weeks; they battled, some got hurt, others got killed.
It was moments of fear.
The Egyptians rallied hard; gathering. rioting non-stop. There were gun shots on air, bombs explosions, name it....it was a war in their own country. A war within brothers of different understanding, chosing two sides aiming for one and only seat.
The situation was tough. Every minute lasted slowly. The gunshots stopped at the call of Azan and that was it, after that, it went all over again. Non-stop. For they knew, if they take a rest; if they back down for just a while; it would mean that they gave up.
So they chose to make it happen.
When Hosni Mubarak announced that he would back away on September; the roars got even louder.

So they raised their volumes and.....!!!!!!
Finally, he just had to, it wasn't even a choice; he just had to say it "I'm off."

The Egyptians know that if we they unite, at the same place, at the same time, roaring for the same thing; they'd get it.
They know it's not a matter of money; it's not the matter of actions they want from him or some other promises or negotitians or future manifestos. No, that's not the aim. They pushed him to the limit.
They want him to sit elsewhere. Not the president's seat. That's it.
Regardless of his plans for the future. Regardless of his words...
No. They had enough.

And I've been thinking, and I'm sure, by right, you might have as well, that, well, it worked. Whatever it is that the Egyptian did, it worked.

And Palestine isn't a religious matter only. It's humanity concerns as well. Whatever the Israel is doing on the people of Palestine isn't just concerning Muslims. They are attacking a country under no civil, human rights and they have been violating war rules all along. And from what I saw, the world doesn't like that. They had made it riots. They have, really have speak out and showed their anger towards such actions implemented by the government of Israel.
it wasn't good enough.
It wasn't something that will push Israel to the limit.
It wasn't something that will make a change-an everlasting change.

And I question you and myself and everyone out there. You think raping womens, trampling on small kids, banishing educations,disallowing religious activities such as praying, killing families having picnic or as simple as putting gunshots on babies is anything close to human right? If no; then why can't we unite and show that it's time for them to back down ? Why can't we push them to the edge where they have to kneel and beg for mercy. Why are we being so kind and let they feel powerful when they are such a small country that we, the whole Muslim community can take over in a split second.

How long will this last?

I don't want to die on the day that Palestine is still isn't free.
I want to be one of the heroes. I want to fight for it.
Yet, I'm so small.
But it's this small me and small you and small us that combines to bring down the big them.
They're big because of their influence, their power.
But in terms of number; in terms of quantity, we're far larger.

Yes, quality is what most important.
But I'm not harping on that now.
I believe that they would step down!
And I believe,
there was an Egyptian girl before,
having faith the gloom would be over.
And now, today, she could smile. For her dream came true.

I am a Muslim girl. Believing. Still believing.

by: FaithHana.
(Sorry, my sentences are not as structured. I haven't been blogging for long, remember?)~~^^

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