Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back again...for God knows how long x b'blog.

Salam, everyone.

*cracking knuckles*
How to start, huh?
Been long since my last time bkk this blog. I mean, mmg la slalu bkk kat KSK, but not to post anything up coz there wasn't much time n plus, on duty so..
In like one minute scrolling, tbe2 someone would come over minx scan pendrive la, print kan tu nie la, nak bayar harge printer, coloured paper bla bla bla, so...
yeah, it's been a while.

And then, came back home to spend time with family ie, no internet.
And just as everything's so perfect having a week off without any exams waiting on the line as soon as we get back, BUM!!
Rmh lak xde line coz the tmnet has things to do bla bla bla.

Follow my sister to her Institute today so we could both go Mid Valley for some MPH fun afterwards n ha-ha, there's internet. So, ape lg. Though I don't bring along the book with all my notes in, lets just say, I'm dying to write up something in here.

Not that there are tonnes of people waiting for our next post..(i know), but just you know....
my friend used to tell me something that until now, just hung heavily in me heart.

Allah x pandang hasil,
Allah tengok usaha kita.

And insyallah, I believe, that though my writing is not as good as many other big bros and sis out there and those who are expert enough in changing the minds of people who have bad impressions towards us, muslims, I believe that somehow, things can change if I try harder. Maybe today, it's a blog. Maybe tomorrow it's a book.
And maybe someday, it's a speech.
By me.
You never know...
Life, it's full of surprises.



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