Thursday, February 12, 2009

Would ya stop?

Salam, smue.

Sori2. Lame x hntr post. I was buzy n yes, u guessed it right, internet line dpotong. N juz got it back recently. So..happy ^_^

Thanx again, Cokelat Chip. The posts were awesomes...Many things I didn't know n I do now, Alhamdulillah.

N kengkawan smue, thanx 4 all those supports, those comments, those motivations, those feedbacks and suggestions. U guys rocks!
N sbnr-bnrnye..I'm not in the best of mood. Many things happened recently. Don wanna talk about it. Don plan to share my personal, private days with everyone..^_^
But anyway, one of the current events happened recently that made me think in deep thoughts was...

It happened like this.

I was watching the BBC news channel...somewhere dkt2 501 groups kat Astro..dunno, 4got already. But that particurlar day, diorng tgh wat debate and the panels were mostly big leaders from different countries like Britian, Poland and bla bla bla. And the motion was "This House Believes that United Nation is paralysed and an International Democracy Union should be formed"- something like that which means..

Hey, i know u guys pnye english is alright.
Juz adding here 4 satisfaction.

It means...
That PBB dah lumpuh and diorng nak wat Kesatuan Demokrasi smthing2 utk gntikan la...sort of.

N diorng cakap pnye ckp, (in all kinds of annoying accents) and cakap pnye ckp (in all kinds of high vocab, my head nearly explode) and tipu pnye tipu (that was the major part) and sokong pnye sokong (with me..hehe) and bantah pnye bantah (with me crossing my leg, shouting a BOO!!) and at last, the motion goes to the opposition. Pskn pmbngkng ng and that means...

PBB x lumpuh n i dunno what they see in that bloody organization.
PBB as far as I am another ISRAEL's game. No more to said about that.

N note from one of the speakers, a Poland, I think..
he said that he too, didn't see the good of kuasa veto.
I was like "No one does...duh"
But that was one and only sentence that describes his opinion on that matter, and as if there's this barrier or guide line, the argument on kuasa veto was simply cut off.

My mood went worse ever since.

N then, went to school d next day, talked with my friends, chat along, hv some fun...moods refreshing moments and suddenly..
one of my good friend said.

"Iman, tau x. Akak kte bace kat srt khabar yg Mc Donald dpt keuntungan nearly 18 % sejak krajaan warwarkan boikot"

I don wnna believe her but if its the fact, have at it.
mOOD tRaShEd

Went home..watched news. My family told me that somehow sms question kat brite TaD shows that Malaysian people has no concern towards the Palestin issue coz the poll rate said that 70% diasgreed that Israel should be pressuriesed.

I was shocked n perplexed.

N then went to a shopping mall, passed mcD, n some girls pkai tudung was eating-in. I couldn;t help it but bit my tongue and resisted the temptation to grap a speaker and scream out loud at their faces that they're CONTRIBUTING!!!!!!

And many other things went wrong...
Things that melunturkan semangat juang Palestin in me.
So, I'm kinda this "Life is not fair" mood for long until...Allah allowed this one thought appeared in my mind.

Knape kte ske sgt judge things based on what we see and not thinking about it deeply be4 making a conclusion?
Or maybe not kte. Juz me..
Bknke I used to say that Israel controls everything these days..
Then, why didn;t i think about it?
It's a trick.
It's another psycho game, my friends.

Klau x de pown org bli Mc Donald, still, the surat khabar wil kluarkan such article. Increasing rate. Keuntungan. N bla bla bla.
Why? So that people like me, people that are dumb enough like me, will have a look and go "God! There's no use I'm boycotting. They're gaining more. So what does Gaza get will all these effort I'm making. More bombs to fill in their stomach."

N thank u, newspaper, my smngt did went lemah after that article. Wlaupon juz stakat dgr.
But now, thinking back...
I did heard some other news that Mc Donald x de duit nk wat drive-in at one place coz people stopped buying..
N what did I do? I ignored that piece of good news completely when I overlooked it with this Mc Donals 18 % keuntungan one.
I forgot that this is another game to let people see the other side of the picture even if there were no side at all. After all, Israel pnyer konco2 is everywhere..U never know.
Juz imagine...bp juta orng dah bce that article and felt that their boycott effort is useless.

Same goes to the SMS question at the news.
Spe tau exactly how many people voted for the disagreement?
No one.
And so, anybody could have made that figures up.
And anybody could have been voting millions just to raise people's eyebrow and sigh.
Another game.
Another trick.

N the debate..
The so-call debate.
The result was based on the audience votes whether they want pmbngkng or kerajaan to win. And who knows which they chose, but the result was that pmbngkng won. Again. No proof.
And of course, even if it was true, most of the audiences could be Jews. See?

Why do I always judge things just the way I see it?
I can't just believe in these kind of things without proofs.
Duh...Faith, wake up!!

Nothing, I repeat, nothing can stop me from loving PALESTINE, from having this DREAM to die as a MUSYAHIDAH, from writing in this blog to keep people AWARE, from declaring out loud to the WORLD that I don't care what you want to do with your religion, just DON'T TOUCH MINE!!!


Here, let me share u guys a simple story yg korang dah biase2 dgr..
juz to keep us reminded.

Satu Hari di Negara MAHISS diperinth oleh sorg raja yg comel mnjadi kucar-kacir. Hal ini krana, raja yg comel itu tbe2 mnginginkan smue rakyat nyer, besar atau kecik, pendek atau tinggi, gemuk atau kurus, pelik atau normal, wajib utk mgisi perigi atas bukit MAHISS dgn sesudu susu seorang. Tarikh penyertaan adalah dri pagi smpai mlm hari tu je. Kate raje tu, klau perigi tu penuh ngan susu, raja akan bg hadiah kat rkyt MAHISS. TaP syrtnyer, kene lah tulis name kat bkit tuh nnti. Klau x, mne nk tau sape yg dtg ke x. Nk bg hadiah camne nnti....(Taktik yg comel)

Raje yg comel tu bajet2, rakyat die ramai so kompem2 perigi tu akn penuh dgn susu. TaP rkyt x tau yg sbnrnye, raje yg comel tu sje jer nk uji rkyat dier ni dgr ckp ke x.

Dah tgh mlm, ade sorang pak cik tue t'bongkok-bongkok pegi pnjt bukit MAHISS dgn prasaan trujenyer utk tulis name so that bleh redeem hadiah special yg raje tu nk bg nnti. TaP, jeng3, pk cik tu pk2, buek pe die nk tk stu sdu susu dlm prigi tuh. Da lah susu dah mhl since minyak naik. So, pk cik tu ltk sesudu air paip jer n dlm gelap glita tu tulis nme dier kat list yg dsediakan.

Pagi esok tu raje yg comel tu dgn sng hati b'siap-siap n pegi jogging smpai kat atas bukit MAHISS. Die ttp mate ble dah dkt2 dgn prigi tu n then.....die x nk bukak, sbb nervous sgt. Mane la tau x penuh ker...ckup ng anak ayam minum je ker...
Die x nk bkk lg..
Raje yg comel tu mle mgntuk sbb lame pejm mate. Di pon start bebel sorng2, "Nie x leh jaD nie. Kne bkk jgk. One, Two.....Three!! WHAT????!!!!"

Alngkh terkezut nyer raje yg comel tu apble mndapati satu prigi tu penuh ngan air paip. X de susu stitik pon. Air paip 100%.
Raje tu pegi cek list name. Amboi...bkn main pnjg lagi..
Hampa lah raje yg comel tu...
Igtkan rakyat nyer setia, amanah..taP smue msing2 mnghrapkan org lain, masing2 ingat, acting diorng x kn bagi effect pon. Like "ala...sket jer..x kan lah sbb sket nie, MAHISS x dpt hadiah. Please la.."
But of coz, it does effect...

Know what I mean?
Pk pk kan la...

Are we boycotting bcoz everyone else is, bcoz the government asks us to (yeah, rite) or bcoz we know that it is our responsibility and we will be asked about day.
One day..
the final day...
Don't ya think that boycott is useless.
Don't ya think that there isn't hope..
Every second counts.
So does every item. Every profit. Every SINGLE CENT.
Would ya stop? Juz bcoz Israel is playing another psycho game?
Tell u what, Muslims, there is more in this world than just falling into their tricks.
Don't be like what I used to be.
Crashed my hope when all they did was just whisper the lies deep within.

Salam ukhwah.
Tingkatkan Iman, kurangkan Lagho.

by: FaithHana

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